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6 Tips for Maintaining Construction Site Security

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Around a billion dollars are lost every year around the country to construction site theft. Construction site security is not

4 Tips for Mastering Utilities Infrastructure Security Solutions (and Why it’s Important)

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Everyone in the developed world depends on a range of utilities in their everyday lives. With new risks causing disruptions,

Why Remote Video Security is a Worthwhile Investment

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With workplace crime costing companies $50 billion a year in the US, the need for increased security is essential. Because

The 5 Most Common Types of Theft at Construction Sites

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Less than 25 percent of equipment stolen from a construction site is recovered. That's a major concern for business owners.

7 Tips for Avoiding Graffiti Tagging at Your Construction Site

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  The fact that graffiti tagging is illegal seems to have no impact on those who deface buildings at