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Do You Have a Construction Site or Trade Show That Needs Security and Video Monitoring?

Which Service Are You Interested In?

Construction & Facilities Mobile Video Guard

Mobile Video Guard is ideally suited for sites that are temporary in nature or remotely located. Although we protect numerous permanent sites with our solution.

We Protect Your:

Construction Sites
Scrap Yards
Recycling Centers
Utility Infrastructure Sites

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Commercial Building Security Surveillance System

Protect your employees, customers, and assets with the latest commercial building security solutions from Mobile Video Guard.

We Protect Your:

Construction Sites
Access Points Surveillance
Employee Safety
Site Monitoring From Our HQ’s in Maryland

Commercial Building Security Surveillance System

Car Dealership Security Surveillance System

Improve Car Dealership Security, Reduce Auto Theft, and Deter Vandalism

We Protect Your:

Theft and Vandalism Prevention
Keeping your Team Safe
Reduce Insurance Premiums
Site Monitoring From Our HQ’s in Maryland
Reduce Security Costs
Lower Customer Claims and Liability

Car Dealership Security Surveillance System

Trade Show & Exhibit Video Guard

Our exhibit and trade show security option provides live video surveillance at trade shows and exhibits during the overnight hours when it counts.

We Protect Your:

Trade Shows
Special Events

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Apartment Security Surveillance System

Are you looking for the right apartment security surveillance system to improve your apartment complex? Mobile Video Guard is here for you.

Common Apartment Security Surveillance

Theft and Burglary

Apartment Security Surveillance

Warehouse Security Surveillance System

Protect Your Warehouse Investments with Mobile Video Guard Warehouse Security Systems

What Warehouse Security Options are Available for you?

Limited Access to Inventories
Warehouse Security Surveillance Installation
Monitored Warehouse Security Systems
Motion Sensors
Employee Safety
Monitor POS Transactions
Track your Inventory
Employee Supervision

Warehouse Security Surveillance System

What Our Clients Have To Say

Locally in the Washington, D.C area we also provide security agents to select clients.  Here is what a few have said about working with us.

Excellent service with proven performance. As the superintendent of a 230K SF facility, I rest assured Mobile Video Guard is on watch. They have proven critical in apprehending security breaches and curtailing suspicious activity. Installation was seamless, professional, and timely. I highly recommend the service.
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Joaquin A.
Construction General Contractor

happy client review

Trusted Partners

Our Channel Partners across the country allow us to provide the Mobile Video Guard service nationwide.  We are grateful for their partnership.


**Contact information of Channel Partners coming soon!**

Securing An Industry, One Project At A Time

Our goal is to provide mobile video protection for 10,000 sites by the end of 2025. Will you be one?

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