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Are you looking for the right apartment security surveillance system to improve your apartment complex? Mobile Video Guard is here for you.

Stop Crime and Vandalism 24/7/365 with Mobile Video Guard

Apartment Security

No Long-Term Contracts

Apartment Security

No Hidden Fee’s

Apartment Security

No Surprise Charges

Apartment Security

New Site Setup within 24hrs

Apartment Security

After hours Monitoring 6:00 P.M to 6:00 A.M

Apartment Security

Video Request Same Day

Apartment Security

Site Monitoring From Our HQ’s in Maryland

Apartment Security

75% Less Than Security Guards

Apartment Security

Audible warning to alert the intruder

Apartment Security

Ability to Monitor your current Security System after hours

Why You Need Apartment Security?

Over 1 Million Burglaries occur annually in the United States, with 55.7 percent of burglaries being as a result of forcible entry, 37.8 percent caused by unlawful entries, and 6.5 percent accounting for attempted forcible entry. This is projected to cost nearly $3 Billion in property losses, computing averagely to a $2,661 loss per burglary. As of 2019, 62.8 percent of the annual burglary offenses were attributed to residential properties.

Therefore, it is no surprise that apartment security features as a top consideration for tenants when selecting an apartment. It is perhaps the most crucial role of a property manager, if they were ever to maximize the return on investment on the property.

There is no compromise when it comes to apartment security. Any vandalism, recurrent break-ins,  and you might just lose all your tenants. Having a security system like Mobile Video Guard installed in your apartment is not just good for keeping burglars away from your building. It is also a remarkable way to make your tenants feel more secure in their homes and apartments. Therefore, you should invest in top-notch security, always being on the lookout for new ways to improve your apartment security surveillance.

Apartment Security Surveillance

5 Common Apartment Security Surveillance Risks

There are tons of security risks associated with the occupancy of an apartment complex. Mobile Video Guard provides solutions to the following property security risks:

Theft and Burglary

Theft and burglary are the most common security risks in apartment buildings. They may be caused by external intruders or by other tenants within the same complex. All in all, making every tenant feel assured that their property is secure within and around their apartments will go a long way in their retention and equally increase your property value.


Having after hours surveillance of your apartment premises will reduce cases of battery, physical assault, robbery, and rape in your complex. Continuous monitoring will ensure prompt action in case of any intruders.



Deter vandals and make your apartment building a vandalism-free zone by installing security surveillance systems. Potential offenders who draw graffiti, break windows and deface property will stay out of the way when they risk getting caught.


Any unauthorized access to your apartment premises is a potential security risk to your tenants and property. Put your tenants’ minds at ease by limiting access to authorized persons and tenants only.

Apartment security


Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person who is not on the lease gains access to the building through a tenant.Tailgating can be unintended when a tenant is followed by a hiding intruder who enters the building once the access opens. However, it can also be intentional, with tenants giving keycards, security codes, or keys to unauthorized guests or contractors for access to the building. This can pose security risks to the other tenants in the building.

Wondering how to combat these apartment security risks in your complexes? We’ve got all the right suggestions for you!

Mobile Video Guard Apartment Security Surveillance Solutions

Mobile Video Guard is your first line of defense for apartment security – offering convenience and affordability, allowing you and your tenant to enjoy maximum security in your premises. Our goal is to provide the highest quality security monitoring at a cost-effective price that is accessible to all. No complicated contracts or hidden fees. Mobile Video Guard only does custom installation in the following states VA/MD/DC. Our apartment security units work best for mounting on a light pole overlooking your parking area and your apartment complex. 

Here are our top solutions for your apartment security risks: Installation of Security Cameras

lighting strategies

Installation of Security Cameras

Mobile Video Guard provides an efficient after hours mointoring mobile security solution for apartment complexes. Our cameras are easy to install and operate, allowing your security to move with the modern times. We can have your apartment complex set up in as little as 24 hours.

Apartment Security

After Hour Live Monitoring

We will keep an eye on every corner of your property during your off-hours, monitoring your premises from our operations center and alerting authorities in case of a break-in or any suspicious activity. You can rest assured of our proactive approach to preventing crime. Our monitoring services run from 6 pm to 6 am daily, with 24-hour optional coverage for the weekends and holidays. We will also provide any footage on request, within 24 hours.

Apartment Security

Provision of Warning Signs

We provide warning signs all over your property, allowing any potential intruder to know that they are under active surveillance. This will deter any criminals from breaking into your property.

Apartment Security

Incorporation of an Alarm System

Mobile Video Guard incorporates alarm systems in a bid to secure your apartment building. Alarm systems not only alert you when a door is opened, but they also scare away intruders. A good alarm system will also send automatic signals to the company monitoring centers.

Installation of Fire Safety Protocols

Fire safety is such an essential part of the security system of an apartment building that it cannot simply be overlooked. From heat detectors to smoke detectors and fire alarm systems, sometimes that is not enough and having Mobile Video Guard live monitoring of your apartment after hours can give you the extra safety measures needed for your tenants. We will alert authorities if any flames or smoke is detected during the after-hour monitoring. Giving your apartment residence the extra apartment security, they should have. 

Why Mobile Video Guard Apartment Security Surveillance?

Apartment Security Surveillance has never been this efficient! With a team of security experts ready to offer your property nothing less than the best security solutions, you need not look any further. From preliminary site visits to customized design solutions, we offer unparalleled customer service that extends beyond the installation.

Our team provides an all-in-one security solution, which maximizes your investment and builds confidence in your property. We improve the effectiveness of your existing resources by eliminating the need for high staffing costs, bringing you exceptional security solutions at affordable rates.

Contact us to secure your property today.

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