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Video Surveillance for Cannabis Dispensaries

Reliable Marijuana Dispensary Security

There is a marijuana renaissance happening across America. It is once again becoming decriminalized to produce, possess, and consume cannabis in many places. In fact, according to the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL), “A total of 36 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have approved comprehensive, publicly available medical marijuana/cannabis programs.” Of these 36 states that allow the medical use of marijuana, 18 states have now legalized its consumption for recreational use. According to Mary Magazine, “…the number of dispensaries has reached an astounding 7,490 across the United States.” This number is growing exponentially.

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The Growing Need for Dispensary Security Surveillance

Due to this rapid marijuana industry growth, the need for dispensary security surveillance has grown, as well. Dispensaries can hold tens of thousands of dollars worth of products. Sometimes, hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even in the millions, depending on the state and location of the dispensary. The profitability of marijuana dispensaries means a lot is at stake. According to Flowhub, cannabis sales reached more than $18 billion in 2020 alone. This is why security and surveillance are now more important than ever. However, reliability is an issue. There are numerous options for added security on the table but choosing the right one can mean the difference between a secure facility and safe stock or losing enough that staff gets laid off or doors close for good.

Why Insurance Isn’t Always Enough

Many dispensary owners aren’t as worried as they should be about break-ins and theft. This is because a successful dispensary must have adequate insurance coverage. And while insurance is important when it comes to theft, it isn’t always enough. There are three primary reasons why your insurance policy may not be enough. For one, if sufficient security measures are not taken, some insurance policies will not cover break-ins or theft. Some insurance adjusters make the claim that not taking every reasonable precaution to prevent theft amounts to owner negligence, and therefore, the insurance company is not liable for coverage of the losses incurred at the dispensary. The second reason is that not every loss is covered by insurance in full. Gaps are oftentimes left between coverage and what’s left out of pocket. So, while some dispensary owners are confident in their policies, insurance companies, and insurance adjusters particularly, look for ways to underpay or not pay at all. Some people need to secure a lawyer to begin negotiating with the insurance company to attempt to secure payment, which can lead to issue number three. The third reason for not depending entirely on insurance is the possible wait times and the possibility that they may not pay at all by claiming owner negligence for not taking every precaution to prevent theft in the first place. Some companies end up waiting months or even years for a check to come.

What Dispensary Security Measures Should Be Taken?

Well, typically a marijuana dispensary will need to take several measures to adhere to efficient security protocols. These include:

Video surveillance systems.

Alarm and notification systems

Security personnel/security guards

Building access control systems

Network systems

You may also want to look into fences, signage, and adequate lighting outdoors.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Security Surveillance System

The main reason for choosing the right cannabis facility security systems, other than insurance, is for compliance. In order to pass inspection, effective and reliable security must be in effect. Another reason to secure your premises from outside intruders and inside jobs. The allure of hundreds of pounds of marijuana is a lot for some. Third, a highly-effective security system gives customers better peace of mind, growing your consumer base while allowing your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Why Mobile Video Guard is the Right Choice for Your Dispensary

Who is Mobile Video Guard? Mobile Video Guard can help you to secure your dispensary quickly, effectively, and at an affordable cost. We understand the needs of marijuana dispensaries. We know the value of your products and understand the risk you incur. You need state-of-the-art technology for your dispensary and that is what we deliver. We know the regulations surrounding cannabis dispensaries and adhere to them fully, giving you better peace of mind knowing that your high-end security systems will pass your next inspection. Finally, we know the types of threats you face and offer real-world solutions to protect yourself from those threats.


Remote Video Monitoring

The high-tech cannabis surveillance security systems we offer can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your facility security efforts. In fact, they can mean the difference between a great experience for customers or an attraction for those that can clearly see that your security measures are sorely lacking.

Remote Video Monitoring

Mobile Video Guard offers remote video monitoring, which enables you to see your entire facility both indoors and out, to ensure your dispensary is secure around the clock.

Our mounted surveillance units offer:

Live feeds

With a live feed, you can see your premises in real-time. By eliminating delays in video feeds, you can react quicker, stopping threats dead in their tracks.

Multiple camera angles

With multiple camera angles, you can see the entirety of your premises, both indoors and out, assessing possible threats anywhere and at any time.

Red & blue strobe lights

By activating the red & blue strobe lights, you will let would-be attackers know that they have been caught red-handed. The “police” effect is sure to make any burglars scatter immediately.

Voice speakers

Voice speakers allow you to “speak” to those you may notice prowling around at night, perhaps needing some “guidance” in finding their way off of your premises.

cellular modems, and more.
Other Reasons for Adequate Video Surveillance

There are many reasons other than theft for a dispensary surveillance surety system. A sudden fire can lead to irreparable damage. Flooding due to rain or pipes bursting can also cause damage to your building, as well as your stock.

There are many reasons why a video monitoring surveillance system is needed for your cannabis dispensary. Don’t leave it to chance. Secure your facility now with a reliable and trustworthy remote video monitoring system today.

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