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Introducing Ramtech Wes3

Mobile Video Guard is pleased to now offer smoke and heat detection and monitoring for your construction and renovation projects utilizing the WES3 system.  We are able to sell or lease the system to you for your project and then monitor it during the hours that count most, when nobody is on site.

WES3 is the latest in evacuation and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the wireless alarm experts at Ramtech Electronics. Certified to many international standards, this advanced alarm system has been developed to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environment of construction sites.

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About the Best Fire Prevention Technology:
Wes3 Protection

Features of Wes 3

The brand-new features include:
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Medical Alert

Raise a request for medical attention from any call point in the network, which pinpoints the exact location of the alert.

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System Polling

Polling mode provides an integrity test of your WES3 network, confirming any additional or removed units.

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Inspection Delay

Enables site managers to validate an alarm before evacuating site. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process.

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Pre-Alarm Functions

Turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level alert to indicate there is an issue without triggering a full evacuation.

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Full Isolation System Test Mode

Test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire

Wireless Alarm Systems

Commercial and construction sites are prime targets for thieves and trespassers. Thousands of items such as appliances, tools, and vehicles are stolen yearly, causing financial loss and project delays. 

Mobile Video Guard delivers the latest innovations in wireless security systems to commercial and construction sites in the greater Maryland area, helping them tackle these issues. Contact us for a free quote.

The Need for Wireless Alarm Systems

Traditional wired alarm systems have vulnerabilities that don’t affect wireless designs. Consider these potential risks and setbacks:

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Thieves and Trespassers

Intruders can easily cut and disarm hard-wired technology, allowing them to vandalize or loot your site at will.

Productivity Delays

Wiring installation and repair presents productivity delays that can negatively impact profits and day-to-day operations.

Location-Locked Alarms

Wires need sockets, which means wired alarm systems can’t be placed anywhere without an electrical outlet. This severely limits options when creating a security perimeter. Battery-powered and wireless alarms offer deployment flexibility and work in areas without electrical inputs, while units can be scaled to meet project needs. Contact Mobile Video Guard to learn more.

The Mobile Video Guard Wireless Solution

Establishing effective site security means handling more than trespassers and thieves. Construction sites have the potential to be highly combustible environments. Addressing both issues is made possible by the Ramtech WES3 alarm system, which provides:

Flexible & Customizable Security

Establishing effective site security means handling more than trespassers and thieves. Construction sites have the potential to be highly combustible environments. Addressing both issues is made possible by the Ramtech WES3 alarm system, which provides:

Increased Site Safety

The Ramtech provides immediate alerts for heat, fire, smoke, and medical emergencies and supplies quick connections to emergency response teams like fire, EMS, or police.

Greater Alarm Controls

Multiple alarm settings and validations prevent unnecessary site evacuations, while safety drills help keep everyone sharp

Quality & Long Life

The WES3 is certified to multiple international standards with a two-year warranty and up to three years of battery life.

The WES3 requires no external power source and is designed for construction and commercial sites. It can be leased or purchased to provide security when and where needed. Contact Mobile Video Guard to learn more.

Features & Applications of the Wireless System

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Designed for Construction

To develop WES3, our team of radio and electronics experts worked in direct collaboration with some leading international construction companies.

Built to Last

Our WES3 units are covered by a full 2 year manufacturer warranty, and have a 3-year battery life under normal conditions and usage.

FCC Approved

Our latest, FCC approved evacuation and emergency alarm system.

Compliant With Key Safety Standards

WES3 can help your project comply with HSG168, the Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice and BS 5839-1.

Wireless Alarm FAQs

Taking care of security raises a lot of questions, especially where new technology is involved. Every site is unique, but all share some core concerns. These are some we hear often:

These are some of the most common questions, but the professionals are here to answer any site-specific concerns you may have. Contact Mobile Video Guard for more about how wireless alarms make your site safer, more productive, and more cost-effective.

Mobile Video Guard Is Your Go-To for Wireless Security

Commercial properties and construction sites can’t afford to be vulnerable to crime, accidents, and the weaknesses of wired security systems. Our expert technicians can deliver technology and insight to protect people, property, and possessions.
Mobile Video Guard today for more information.

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