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Commercial Building Security Surveillance System

Protect your employees, customers, and assets with the latest commercial building security solutions from Mobile Video Guard.

Empower your commercial building with the strength of Mobile Video Guard’s security systems. Embrace the future of protection and deterrence, securing your assets, employees, and reputation. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Enhance the Security of Your Commercial Building: Transforming Vulnerability into Strength


Elevate the protection of your commercial building by fortifying it with our cutting-edge, hassle-free security system solutions. Mobile Video Guard, your partner in safeguarding establishments, presents a range of advanced systems tailored to diverse needs – from construction sites to sprawling corporations. Our commitment is to empower you with top-tier security, effectively deterring intruders and significantly curbing criminal activity.

Turn your commercial building into a fortress with easy to install, affordable security system solutions. From construction sites to large corporations and everything in between, Mobile Video Guard offers the best systems for recognizing intruders and reducing crime.

Stop Crime and Vandalism 24/7/365 with Mobile Video Guard

commercial building security surveillance system

No Long-Term Contracts

commercial building security surveillance system

No Hidden Fee’s

commercial building security surveillance system

No Surprise Charges

commercial building security surveillance system

New Site Setup within 24hrs

commercial building security surveillance system

After hours Monitoring 6:00 P.M to 6:00 A.M

commercial building security surveillance system

Video Request Same Day

commercial building security surveillance system

Site Monitoring From Our HQ’s in Maryland

commercial building security surveillance system

75% Less Than Security Guards

commercial building security surveillance system

Audible warning to alert the intruder

commercial building security surveillance system

Ability to Monitor your current Security System after hours

What is a Commercial Building Security System and Why Do You Need It?

The National Equipment Register estimates that $400 million worth of large equipment is stolen from construction sites each year, not including the theft of materials or smaller equipment!

Burglary can be very costly to a business. A break-in can result in loss of employee working and even customer service costs depending on the level of damage. It could also cost you customer loyalty if you do not take steps to enhance your security.

Security systems can save a business from burglary by detecting unwanted intruders through the surveillance equipment that is placed around the premises. With such highstatistics on burglary, the need for a 24-hour surveillance system for every commercial property is simply not debatable.

Commercial building

That is where commercial building security systems come in…

A commercial building security system is an integrated system of surveillance equipment, emergency notification devices, and alarm systems, which all work together to protect the people and property of a business location. This can range from office buildings to retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, distribution centers, and various facilities.

An effective commercial building security system requires not just the capture of information, but also remote monitoring by a central station or local dispatcher. This allows for prompt action in case of an emergency. As a commercial building owner, finding the perfect solution designed primarily with your security needs in mind is essential.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Building Security Systems!

A lot is at stake. Crime is evolving and so must your security systems. A night guard and a guard dog will not cut it anymore, and the unreliability of analog video systems recorded to VHS tapes will put all your investments at high risk.

Burglars and thieves have grown increasingly brazen and creative in their tactics, operating with such increased awareness and skill that challenges the security of your commercial buildings. Therefore, think of your business as an important asset, and security systems as the insurance you buy to protect it. A security system is not just a piece of equipment that you can install, turn on, and forget about. It’s a tool for preventing unauthorized entry and theft, monitoring who enters and leaves your property, providing a sense of safety to your employees and customers, and deterring criminal activity on your premises.

It’s time to upgrade your security systems to one that is more effective, reliable, and provides absolute protection to your property.

The Best Commercial Building Security Solutions for your Business Needs

Completely committed to protecting your commercial spaces, Mobile Video Guard provides security systems for commercial properties of any size. With top-of-the-line equipment and easy-to-use features, you can rest assured that your building is safeguarded from vandalism and theft. From full system design to installation, Mobile Video Guard works with you every step of the way.

With our specialized equipment and 24-hour security solutions, we keep an eye on all your commercial properties so you don’t have to.

Our Commercial Building Security Systems Include:

1. Access Points Surveillance

Monitoring access to certain areas of commercial premises is an integral part of any secure building. Mobile Video Guard takes it a notch higher, surveilling all your building’s entrances and exits with high-resolution security equipment with full coverage.

2. Employee Safety

Are your employees safe within your commercial building? Employees are perhaps a business’s biggest resource, and ensuring their safety and peace of mind is key to the success of your company.

Mobile Video Guard works to ensure that all your employees and contractors are safe from any attackers, burglars, or potential criminals at any given time. We also provide efficient fire safety systems that prioritize the safety of your employees in the event of a fire.

3. Security Cameras

Security cameras are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for every commercial building. A commercial surveillance system acts as a reliable eye in areas where it would be difficult to keep a constant watch. Criminals can easily see through fake security cameras, videotapes, and analog cameras.

If you want to keep your premises crime-free, you need newer technologies that provide non-stop surveillance with no blind spots. Mobile Video Guard upgrades your security system with the following features:

commercial building security surveillance
security camera

Multiple Cameras

We install multiple high-resolution cameras of up to 4 cameras per unit, strategically placed to cover your entire property.

Remote Monitoring

We offer a dedicated team of security surveillance experts to monitor your commercial building remotely during your off-hours from 6 pm to 6 am, and optionally for 24 hours on weekends and holidays, triggering an immediate response in case of a break-in.

Recording and Motion Detection

Our security system has motion-detection capabilities and allows you to record real-time activity in case of any vandalism or theft.

Mobile App

A lot can happen during your off-hours. Having a Mobile App that allows you to see your camera views from your phone will grant you peace of mind wherever you are.

So, Why Should You Partner with Mobile Video Guard?
  • Efficiency: Mobile Video Guard gets the work done. With a 360o view and 24/7 surveillance, commercial building security has never been easier! Our advanced mobile technology ensures the security of your premises wherever you are.
  • Affordability: This exceptional security system is offered at a pocket-friendly price that beats your current analog security costs. You can now protect your equipment, materials, and employees with a reliable system at accessible costs.

Contact us today for specialized security packages customized just for you. We guarantee first-class customer service and outstanding quality.

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