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Protect Utility Infrastructure with Remote Surveillance

Looking to secure utility infrastructures like cell phone towers and energy generation and distribution? Savvy facilities and operations managers choose video surveillance optimized for cell phone tower and utility use from Mobile Video Guard.

Protect Utility Infrastructure

Keep Your Public Utility Infrastructure Safe and Sound

Protecting public utility infrastructures is a challenge not to be taken lightly. So many people depend on these systems for daily life, making a security breach potentially devastating.

Not every security company is equipped to handle the challenges that come with such sensitive infrastructure. Mobile Video Guard is an exception – our leading professional security solutions service your most complex and vulnerable utilities, including:

  • Cell Towers
  • Water Supplies
  • Gas and Electric
  • Telephone and Television
  • Sewer and Drainage

Remote Monitored Video Surveillance for Cell Tower Security

Out of all utility infrastructures, cell phone towers are among the most vulnerable. These structures are usually unmanned and in remote locations, making them easy to access. And their components, including aluminum and copper components and powerful batteries make them valuable targets for thieves.

Video commercial Surveillance security

Mobile Video Guard delivers top-of-the-line cell tower surveillance.

Our 24/7 security solution is designed to protect your budget, your business and your peace of mind.

Cell Tower Surveillance Systems You Can Trust

1. Get a real-time view of your site on your mobile phone 

Our indoor/outdoor security units use wireless modems to send secure video to your mobile devices. Simply download our smartphone app and you’ll be able to see your site any time, anywhere.

2. Prevention – not just surveillance – with crime deterrent technologies

The Mobile Video Guard system is proactive, not just reactive. Our video management software sends us alerts when activity is detected and can be adjusted to optimize your surveillance. Each unit also has powerful preventive features including strobe lights and a speaker.

3. Fast and effective response in a security breach

Our trained Remote Security Specialists watch your site at all times for suspicious activity. Motion-sensing cameras alert our guards to any breach of the perimeter. As soon as suspicious activity is noted, we’ll notify your local police department or another responder.

See it in action:

caught on mobile video guard security camera

See it in action:

caught on mobile video guard security camera

Guard Electrical Utilities With Remote
Video Surveillance

and thieves at bay with surveillance that protects your grid’s function and finances

Improve Security

Secure video monitoring makes your site and your business safer. Surveillance cameras reduce illegal or unsavory activity in employees and trespassers. If a security breach does happen, our cameras record and store footage, so you have proof for any lawsuits or investigations.

Monitor Infrastructure

Utility infrastructure surveillance can also reduce the time and money spent on maintenance. Off-site personnel can see your site and note the impact of weather events or equipment failures. This means you can catch damage when it happens, helping stop further damage and reducing the cost of worsened conditions.

Why Choose Mobile Video Guard For Utility Infrastructure Security?

Cell tower security and utility infrastructure surveillance require the strictest standards. Mobile Video Guard has the expertise, the technology and the commitment to service to deliver the highest quality work in the area.

Mobile monitoring Systems

Systems Configured for Sensitive Locations

Video monitoring is crucial for site security. Our surveillance cameras are designed for places that are sensitive, remote, outdoors, or otherwise difficult.

  • Solar-powered or generator charged units
  • Uses wi fi or your own internet connection
  • Cameras record on motion and store footage up to 4 weeks
  • Analytics set to alert if perimeter is breached
  • 60-90% savings over traditional guard services
  • Specialists have law enforcement and military experience
Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage
New Construction site surveillance

Mobile Video Guard Cameras

Surveillance Systems With
Extensive Training

Every specialist at Mobile Video Guard comes from an experienced background. We require every hire to have at least five years of prior law enforcement, public safety, or military experience. 

Your mobile surveillance guard will be able to: 

  • Identify suspicious activity when watching video streams
  • Efficiently use our Video Management Software for best performance
  • Remain calm and speak clearly when calling for support
  • Follow all protocols (from noting minor events in a daily log to calling 911 as needed.)

Remote security systems

Advanced Cameras and Equipment

Standard equipment won’t cut it for tough security needs like utility infrastructure. 

If you’re an operations manager wondering which cameras and features are best for your site’s needs, we can help. We use the highest quality security camera systems and have a variety of upgrades available.

Base model camera specs:

  • 36x Optical Zoom
  • 60 FPS Frame Rate
  • 120 DB True WDR
  • Smart Tracking
  • Smart Detection
  • 656.1’ Infrared Distance (night vision)

Upgrades are available for higher camera resolutions and added functions. Just give our specialists a call to discuss your needs and our monitoring service features.

thermal video camera
why you need cctv for your construction site

CCTV Monitoring systems

Respected, Experienced Leadership

Mobile Video Guard is led by founder and CEO Shawn Scarlata. He’s also the founder and CEO of our parent company SMART Security Pros. Scarlata brings over two decades of law enforcement agency and security experience to Mobile Video Guard. His work is highly respected in Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and the surrounding areas.

Top-of-the-Line Video Surveillance

Better security for less money than standard security solutions. Mobile Video Guard stops crime before it happens with special security features.

Security guards are often expensive and limited in terms of scope of surveillance and response. Combining trained security guards and high-tech equipment delivers a new standard of security. And for 60% – 90% less than security guards.

Our innovative remote video surveillance is designed to alert intruders and prevent crime. 

  • Red and blue strobe lights alert criminals to camera presence
  • Speaker units let us speak to the site
  • Motion detect cameras capture every incident

You can see these systems in action by clicking here.

Video commercial Surveillance security

Ready for a New Solution?

Mobile Video Guard protects utility infrastructures with simple, effective video security systems. We serve utilities and other sites in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and beyond. Our surveillance devices are designed to meet your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today or submit a request form online. Your security is our goal.

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