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Regardless of your specific construction site surveillance requirements, Mobile Video Guard has your needs fully addressed. We are renowned as the leading construction site security company in the state.

Securing Your Construction Site for the Future

Use our Mobile Video Guard for short term and long term remote monitored video surveillance at residential construction sites, commercial construction sites scrap & recycling yards, utility infrastructure sites, equipment yards, and more.  Businesses often use video surveillance to make sure that company property is protected. Video surveillance can help prevent theft and vandalism, provide real-time monitoring of critical areas, provide clear proof of an incident or accident and provide visual evidence of a crime for police investigations.

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Install Security Cameras for your Construction Worksite

Mobile Video Guard is quick and easy to install in any construction site and requires no long term contract.  There are options for units that connect to onsite power supply, a generator battery charged unit, and even solar powered options for those situations where no on site infrastructure is available.

Our systems are recording on motion 24 hours per day, saving footage for 2-4 weeks depending on level of activity on the construction site.  During the most critical hours overnight, from 6pm to 6am our law enforcement experienced surveillance staff is monitoring activity at your site.  They immediately contact local authorities when they observe something suspicious.  Stopping crime before it happens!

Each unit is equipped with red/blue flashing strobe lights for crime deterrence as well as a loud speaker so that our operators can “talk to the site”.  At a fraction of the cost of security guard services our solution provides a more comprehensive security solution at a far lower price.

Click on the tabs to the left to find out more about how are units operate and the many benefits of implementing live monitored video surveillance.

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Remote Monitored Video Surveillance Systems You can Trust

  • 4 camera views per unit
  • Up to a 360° view of your site from 20’+ in the air
  • Live Monitoring from 6pm-6am daily by law enforcement experienced individuals
  • Option to add 24 hour coverage on weekends and holidays
  • Loud speaker to “talk to the site”.  Our video surveillance agents use this to remotely talk down a suspect on site
  • Red/Blue police style strobe lights attached to the unit to deter crime
  • Cameras record on motion 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Analytics in the camera configured to trigger alerts when a person or vehicle crosses the perimeter
  • Time lapse video of your project included at no additional cost
  • Mobile app access so that you can view your cameras at any time
  • No long term contracts
  • Optional thermal cameras can be used for long range intrusion detection and fire detection
  • License plate reader option available
Video commercial Surveillance security

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Mobile Surveillance Trailers For Construction Sites

In the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area we have the option to use one of our mobile surveillance trailers.  These surveillance trailers have all of the above listed features plus the added benefit of being able to be quickly deployed by towing to a site and setting up in 15 minutes.  The trailers are completely self sufficient with solar panels built in to provide a power source.


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Loud Speaker

Our Mobile Video Guard Trailers are equipped with a loud speaker that can play pre-recorded audio clips letting an intruder know their presence has been detected. Additionally, our video surveillance agents have the ability to remotely “talk down” a suspect and speak directly to them through the loud speaker. When a criminal hears someone describing exactly what they are wearing and doing they are much more likely to flee the area before committing a crime.

Hear the Warning Before Vandalism Takes Place

This quick 2 minute video shows some of our units in the field as well as plays the audible warning programmed in each unit.

Hear the Warning Before Vandalism Takes Place

Securing Your Construction Site for the Future

When you hire a security guard company to protect your construction site after hours, in most cases you’re getting one security guard and possibly a patrol car. That car with the yellow flashing lights is a great deterrent to criminal activity, the thief casing your site now knows he’s got a person there to get by if he’s going to be successful. But that guard can only see what’s in front of him at any given time, he can’t see everything that’s happening on the site all at once.

Superior Surveillance

Hear the Warning Before Vandalism Takes Place

This quick 2 minute video shows some of our units in the field as well as plays the audible warning programmed in each unit.

Superior Surveillance

Time Lapse Video to Secure Construction Equipment

At the end of every Mobile Video Guard Trailer or Pole/Wall mount unit deployment we provide you with a full time lapse video of your project.  These are great to pass along to your marketing department for use in future advertising and marketing of your company.

construction site security
construction site security

Optional Equipment

Our mobile video surveillance systems can be equipped with a few optional items for specific site needs.  The most requested optional item is our solar powered system used to power the unit totally off the grid.  We also have thermal detection cameras for long range intrusion detection as well as fire detection.  Lastly, there is an optional add on license plate recognition system.

Solar Powered System

Our solar powered system allows the Mobile Video Guard unit to be mounted on a pole, you supply the pole or we can provide one.  The system has been engineered to provide up to 5 days of power to the surveillance system should there be complete blackout conditions.

Thermal Sensor Cameras

Our Mobile Video Guard systems can be equipped with thermal sensor cameras with thermal radiometry. There are two primary reasons to deploy thermal cameras at your site:

Fire Detection

The sensors can detect even the slightest in temperature changes, down to .05 degrees celsius. When a temperature threshold is crossed the camera sends alerts to our Real Time Operations Center as well as email and text alerts . These are ideal for construction sites, manufacturing facilities, or any other location where the risk of fire is elevated.

Long Range Intrusion Detection

These sensors can also detect perimeter intrusions at long distances, up to 1,200 feet away. Ideal for extremely large sites with long perimeters where intrusion detection is critical.

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Advanced Monitoring Technology

License Plate Detection

Our units can be equipped with license plate detection if needed. The license plate lenses have a special filter that blocks out headlight glare to capture the front and or rear plate of any vehicle passing by it.

While not needed at every site, this can be a valuable add on when there may be a need to go back and find a license plate number to aid in an investigation.

why you need cctv for your construction site

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

You're Secure

As soon as we set up, your security service is ready to go. We monitor your site from the hours of 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. Our remote site security specialists watch your site closely with a trained eye, aided by advanced software that sends alerts anytime the set perimeter is crossed. Additionally, you can receive secure, live video feed from your site on your smartphone or other mobile devices – just download our app! Want a preview of our work? Click here.

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