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Securing Trade Shows/Exhibits With Video Surveillance Coast-to-Coast

Use our “Trade Show Video Guard” to protect all of your valuable equipment and supplies in trade show and exhibit booths. Businesses often use video surveillance to make sure that their company headquarters and property are protected. With our portable, easy-to-set-up system you can now do the same when you’re on the road. Video surveillance can help prevent theft and vandalism, provide real-time monitoring of critical areas, provide clear proof of an incident or accident, and provide visual evidence of a crime for police investigations.
Trade Show Security
Trade Show Video Guard sets up in 5 minutes and requires no long-term contract. Our systems record on motion 24 hours per day, and the 180-degree camera on the front of the unit is creating a time-lapse video of your entire trade show experience. This is great for use by your marketing teams after the show.
During the most critical hours overnight, from 5 pm to 8 am our experienced surveillance staff is monitoring activity at your booth. They immediately contact the venue’s security, local authorities, and you when they observe something suspicious. Stopping crime before it happens!
Each unit is equipped with red/blue flashing strobe lights for crime deterrence as well as a speaker so that our operators can “talk to the booth”. At a fraction of the cost of security guard services our solution provides a more comprehensive security solution at a far lower price.
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Trade Show Video Security Features

Each of our Trade Video Guard remote monitored video surveillance systems comes with the following:
3 camera views per unit (2 for perimeter detection and 1 to create the time lapse video) Up to a 180° view of your site from 9’ in the air Live Monitoring from 5pm-8am daily by experienced surveillance agents A time lapse video created of your entire multi day show experience Speaker to “talk to the booth”.  Our video surveillance agents use this to remotely talk down a suspect on site Red/Blue police style strobe lights attached to the unit to deter crime Cameras record on motion 24 hours per day 7 days per week Analytics in the camera configured to trigger alerts when a person crosses the perimeter of your booth Mobile app access so that you can view your cameras at any time No long term contracts

**Coming Soon –

  • Daily “Heat Map” of your booth sent by email to help make sales adjustments each day
  • People Counting – how many visitors did your booth get today?
trade show

Speaker Provides Sound and Visual Protection


Time Lapse Video

Trade Show Video Guard Applications & Setup

Trade Show Video Guard units can be deployed to virtually any type of indoor event.
We provide services to trade shows, conferences, exhibits, and events of all types. Typically a location with a defined perimeter that has set hours each night where nobody should be present is the best fit.

Benefits of Trade Show Video Guard More Eyes on Site

When you hire a security guard company to protect your booth after hours, in most cases you’re getting one security guard.  But that guard can only see what’s in front of him or her at any given time.  What happens when that guard needs to take a break and go to the restroom?
With Trade Show Video Guard you are installing one or more of our units at strategic locations around the exhibit booth, each of those units has “eyes” that look in 3 different directions, capturing a 180º view of the entire exhibit.  Our typical customer uses one or two units, that’s 3-6 different fields of view all watching at one time, sending analytic alerts to our operations center whenever there is movement.
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Cameras Don’t Sleep

A common complaint from customers that have used guard services is that they would show up in the morning and find the security guard passed out sleeping in their booth.  It’s understandable, most guards work this as a part time job and have a full time job during the daytime hours.  But let’s face it, you’re paying a lot of money to have that person on site, you deserve to have them awake and alert.
Our Trade Show Video Guard cameras never sleep!  They are constantly sending information back to our operations center throughout the monitoring times and are watching and recording 24 hours per day.  And in the rare occasion when one does “fall asleep” or more technically speaking goes offline, we are notified immediately and typically have it back up and running within minutes.
Construction site security guard

Evidence and Quality Control

Another great benefit to having Trade Show Video Guard in your booth is that with the 24 hour per day recording we can go back and pull footage from an incident to use for evidentiary purposes.  This is not only valuable when a crime occurs but also to refute false injury or worker’s compensation claims.

Cost Savings

As mentioned above, hiring a guard service can be expensive.  On average for a guard to be in your booth from 5pm to 8am it will cost $27 per hour, or $405 per night.   Trade Show Video Guard customers on average save 25% off of those costs! Typical cost for a 24 hour period is $300 per unit, that includes the 15 hours of overnight live monitoring, the time lapse video of your entire show experience, and the daily heat map showing the “hot spots” in your booth.

Securing An Industry, One Project At A Time

Our goal is to provide protection for 10,000 sites by the end of 2025.  Will you be one?

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