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Mobile Video Guard is a leading provider of warehouse security and asset protection equipment services. Our expertly trained technicians are equipped with the latest security technology to help protect your company’s warehouses.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing your Warehouse Security Surveillance System

There are a lot of warehouse security solutions available, but how can you find one that perfectly fits your security needs? The following are aspects you must take into account before investing in a comprehensive warehouse security system.

Visual Deterrence versus Discretion

While square cameras are conspicuously placed to alert people that they are being observed, dome cameras are more discreet. As a result, we can install box cameras in and around your warehouse to warn any potential offenders that they are being monitored and hence deter them. We only do custom installations in Maryland, D.C, and Virginia. You might however need to encase and safeguard your camera to protect it from risks of vandalism if it is noticeably placed in the open.

Warehouse Security Surveillance System

Indoor versus Outdoor Cameras

In most cases, you will need surveillance cameras in and outside your warehouse premises to ensure all-round security. However, weather considerations must be made, in addition to mounting and casing selections, when working with outdoor cameras. For extremely cold areas, we opt for an outdoor camera that comes with a built-in heater to maintain its operational efficiency.

Size of the Viewing Area

Surveillance systems are designed with different capabilities according to the size of the viewing area. PTZ cameras, for instance, offer a wider range of views as well as zooming capabilities that are perfect for larger areas. In terms of the network, larger networks benefit from a Wide Area Network (WAN) as compared to the Local Area Network (LAN).

Level of Image Clarity Required

High-resolution cameras are more powerful, offering clearer images even on zooming. On the other hand, if you are surveilling a smaller area and will not need to occasionally zoom in, lower resolution cameras will suffice.

Lighting Levels Available

Your security cameras should be able to generate clear images regardless of the lighting levels on your premises and the weather conditions. Invest in IR filters, artificial illuminators, and other light filtering technology to control the light reaching your sensors.


Are you planning to expand your business? Invest in a security system that connects to wireless networks to easily scale up your installations as needed.


At Mobile Video Guard, we can design your warehouse security solutions according to your budget. From the surveillance cameras to the security equipment and the video storage mode, we will bring the best solutions within your reach.

Why are Warehouse Security Systems Necessary?

Cargo theft costs businesses in the United States between $15-30 Billion Dollars’ worth of goods every year, with over 90% of significant losses coming from employees. This may be as a result of internal factors such as financial stress by employees and poor management of stock, or external factors such as break-ins, robberies, and burglaries.

You can lose up to 5% of your annual revenue from fraud cases in your business. However, with proper internal control, you can easily reduce the number of cases by a third. Taking matters into your own hands and ensuring that your warehouse security is reliable and efficient will save you tons on inventory losses.


What Warehouse Security Options are Available for you?

Mobile Video Guard has system solutions designed to keep your warehouse safe from any internal or external cargo theft. We can maximize the security of your warehouse, minimizing your inventory losses, all at accommodative rates. The solutions we provide include:

warehouse security
warehouse security

Limited Access to Inventories

Inculcate accountability on the members of your team by limiting access to high-risk areas, granting access to only a select few. We secure all your entry and exit points with access control technologies, preventing any potential criminals or unauthorized personnel from accessing your valuable stock.

Warehouse Security Surveillance

Warehouse Security Surveillance Installation

Inculcate accountability on the members of your team by limiting access to high-risk areas, granting access to only a select few. We secure all your entry and exit points with access control technologies, preventing any potential criminals or unauthorized personnel from accessing your valuable stock.

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Monitored Warehouse Security Systems

A typical case of fraud lasts nearly 14 months before it is uncovered. Not anymore! At Mobile Video Guard, we are committed to providing you with peace of mind, by addressing your unique security needs with live monitoring after hours. We know that a video security system is only as helpful as the people monitoring it, and we dedicate our team of experts to monitor your live footage for any suspicious activity. With this service, we will be able to catch any criminals on the act, so you won’t have to wait to recover your property.

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Motion Sensors

Incorporating motion sensors is an incredible way to automate your security system. Our security cameras are equipped with motion sensors that will trigger an alarm or send an alert if any motion is detected in your warehouse after your closing hours. This will help you to prevent targeted theft from burglars and employees by getting ahead of the incident. We will dial for dispatch, having the authorities arrive just in time.

Construction Security

Employee Safety

Warehouse security not only serves to protect your property, but also enhances the safety of your employees in the workplace. Occupational health and safety is the responsibility of every employer, aimed at providing safe spaces for every worker in the warehouse premises. Mobile Video Guard provides security surveillance solutions to protect your employees from any lurking potential attackers. Additionally, our fire safety packages, including fire alarm systems, heat & smoke sensors, emergency control units, mobile alerts, strobe lights, and siren call points will have your warehouse all set up in case of any fire emergencies.

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Monitor POS Transactions

Does your warehouse handle large amounts of money at the POS terminals? We provide POS transaction surveillance to protect your warehouse from any employee cash theft or potential robberies. This will further prevent employee misconduct with warehouse cashiers allowing friends and relatives to walk out with unauthorized discounts and unpaid goods.

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Track your Inventory

To be able to detect inventory shrinkage in time, you can integrate our surveillance systems with your inventory management system, allowing you to keep track of your stock in every stage of the supply chain. Being able to monitor your inventory will allow you to quantify your losses and prevent internal and external thefts as well vendor fraud and errors. We provide adequate surveillance for all your loading docks, storage areas, and customer distribution points.

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Employee Supervision

Transition to a more hands-off approach of management by simply installing surveillance that allows you to monitor your team from any remote location. Remote employee supervision consequently increases their productivity, reducing the length of untimely breaks and idle hours at work.

Protect Your Warehouse Investments with Mobile Video Guard Warehouse Security Systems

Improve your business environment, reduce your insurance premiums, and save tons on warehouse thefts with our cutting-edge warehouse security surveillance systems.

Contact us today to get you started on your warehouse protection with Mobile Video Guard.

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