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Why Remote Security and Video Surveillance Are Worthwhile Investments

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    Commercial premises, construction sites, equipment and storage yards, even trade booths and exhibit shows are often targeted by thieves, trespassers, and vandals. Security threats don’t stop there either. Some of the biggest risks are already inside the organization and working to exploit it.

    Modern video surveillance and remote security are the two most powerful tools businesses can use to deter criminals and stop damage to profits and productivity. 

    This guide will spotlight risk profiles and explain the benefits of remote security cameras.

    Business Models and Their Related Risks

    Theft, trespassing, and vandalism look the same everywhere, but the reason and opportunity vary according to your operational framework. 

    Here are several types of operations that rely on remote security:

    Construction Sites

    Today, construction sites are targets for thieves even in thriving economies. Expensive equipment and valuable items such as lumber, metal, and copper are driving construction crime rates higher than ever. Skyrocketing construction costs have made sites prime targets for thieves who may be employees, visitors, or outside parties.

    Commercial and Retail Premises

    The National Retail Security Survey 2014 saw retail theft reach an all-time high of $61.7 billion. As a result, retailers are locking down more and more goods that used to sit safely on open shelves. They’re also holding employees accountable for theft, especially the rampant employee “shrinkage,” which was $14 billion. 

    Equipment and Storage Yards

    These sites span the spectrum of contents attractive to thieves. Towed vehicles, personal belongings, and industrial/utility equipment are plagued by all the threats listed above.

    Trade Shows and Exhibits

    Booths carry valuable equipment, display items, promotional giveaways, and product prototypes that draw thieves. Businesses can also find their exhibits sabotaged by competitors. These factors, plus the chaotic environment of trade shows and lax screening of floor staff, conspire to make exhibitions a risky venture.

    Modern video surveillance is designed to tackle all these issues. The old image of security cameras offering only passive, after-the-fact protection has been replaced with smart shielding that empowers users and safeguards sites.

    Why Remote Security and Video Surveillance Are Worthwhile Investments

    remote security for businesses

    Competitors may be out to sink you. Criminals regard you as a sitting duck. Your own employees likely see you as an easy target. Video cameras and the expert off-site teams who monitor them are two things that are always on your side.

     The Benefits of Remote 24/7 Security Systems

    • Remote security cameras allow users to check in and engage with their security feed via their digital device around the clock, from any location, in real time.
    • Remote security agents monitor feeds to gauge threat levels, interact directly with intruders, and quickly alert law enforcement.
    • Features such as infrared and thermal imaging follow body heat when light quality isn’t optimal.
    • Advanced analytics can read license plates to better track suspicious individuals.
    • 360-degree views from heights of 20 feet offer unprecedented site coverage.

    Installing video surveillance lets you rest easy knowing the criminals don’t have the upper hand. 

    Improved Safety Against Accidents and Fraud

    Accidents can happen in any workplace. Discovering their true cause – and whether your business has to pay for it – is greatly aided by having reliable security footage.

    • Insurers will appreciate extra evidence.
    • Your accounting department will be relieved that fraudulent worker’s comp claims will be much harder to make.
    • Law enforcement can use clear visual recordings to better identify and prosecute internal or external criminal acts.

    Humans lie and witnesses forget. Cover your premises and protect your reputation by recording and storing footage that can make or break a case.

    Rapid Installation and Flexible Deployment

    Video surveillance can be up and running within minutes, thanks to wireless tech that doesn’t rely on nearby power outlets to dictate its position. Mobile video units can be installed just as quickly on any site, on-demand, for as long as they’re required.

    Big Financial Savings

    Losing money through stolen goods and diminished productivity is no choice to make.

     Video surveillance can be very cost-effective in the following ways:

    • It’s many times cheaper than physical guards.
    • It doesn’t tie you down to long-term contracts or surprise you with unexpected fees.
    • Units can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly and billing is fixed to the original quote unless you add or remove surveillance units.
    • You’ll save by protecting equipment and property.
    • You’re more likely to avoid lawsuits.
    • Investing in video security satisfies insurers who may lower your rates.

    Considering those six financial advantages plus all those other benefits makes clear the ROI of this investment. Don’t let concerns about initial security expenditure cripple your operational capacity down the line.

    Video Surveillance FAQs

    Businesses understandably want to know more before making a financial commitment. Here are the most common queries from our customers about video surveillance:

    Which Camera Models Are Available?

    Sites can choose from NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The first is a digital system using IP cameras to encode video signals for storage. NVRs may be connected via a wireless network or Ethernet. DVR is coaxially wired and converts analog input from camera recordings into digital format. Data received by the DVR is processed and saved to a hard drive or removable storage.

    What if a Power Outage Occurs?

    Mobile video units can be attached to generator battery power sources. They can also run under their own power and can even use solar energy to remain online and operational.

    Can False Alarms Be Prevented?

    Remote viewing by customers and the on-site command center adds human judgment to any alarm. Users and surveillance staff can ascertain the situation and decide to cut the alarm or take the matter further.

    What Are the Monitoring Hours?

    Feeds are monitored live from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily by staff experienced in law enforcement, with optional 24-hour coverage on weekends and holidays.

    There’s more to security than answering the most common questions. Protect what matters most with a thorough site assessment and a tailored security strategy that fits your business model and location.

    Contact the Remote Security Experts With Any Questions

    Many businesses have little choice but to build security solutions into their business model, and remote security options can make the most sense and have the best ROI. Mobile Video Guard’s security pros can apply law enforcement and technical expertise to create customized surveillance solutions that we will design in-house to fit your needs. Contact our team for a free estimate.


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