7 Key Advantages of a Remote Video Surveillance System

How secure is your construction site?

Depending on the project, theft and vandalism can cost construction sites upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

70% of victims don’t have adequate security measures in place.

And only 25% of the stolen goods are recovered. Most cases of vandalism lead to lots of wasted time and huge losses.

Sites without security measures in place suffer the most, hence the need for remote video surveillance.

Unfortunately, most construction site security measures are outdated. Construction site security cameras can make all the difference.

The type of CCTV surveillance that you install, however, matters a great deal.   

The Case for CCTV Surveillance – NVR vs. DVR Video Surveillance Systems

Most construction sites still rely heavily on on-site security guards and DVR analog video surveillance.

Smart site managers, however, are shifting to a more modern NVR remote video surveillance system.


NVR stands for Network Video Recorder while DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.

Both of these systems record videos, but there is a fundamental difference between them when it comes to how data is processed and transmitted.

DVR systems are more simplistic, they process video data at the recorder where it can then be stored to view later on or in real time when you want it.

NVR systems, on the other hand, process the video at the camera before transferring it to the recorder to be viewed later on.

There is also one more major difference between these two systems.

NVR systems allow for remote surveillance which means you don’t have to be on-site to see whatever is going on at your construction site.

Sound nice?

The future is bold, and comes at a great convenience, promising a wide range of benefits for you and your construction site.

Benefits of Remote CCTV Video Surveillance

Are you wondering: what is the benefit of CCTV surveillance?

If so, now is probably the time for you to reconsider your security measures.

Even the earliest CCTV technology was a game-changer for security.

And now the more modern monitored remote video surveillance system technology comes with benefits beyond what we used to imagine possible.

Here are some of the benefits to look forward to if you choose to install remote video security surveillance systems.

1. Reduce Losses from Theft and Vandalism

The ultimate goal of video security surveillance is to reduce the cases of theft and vandalism.  

While vandals and thieves may seem bold, most of them will not risk being caught and charged.

This is why the very presence of CCTV surveillance cameras will deter them from coming anywhere close to the construction site.

In cases where these criminals are bold enough to show their faces, the more advanced NVR systems will increase your chances of bringing them to justice.

The quality of their video feed and security pictures is excellent. You can easily identify and pursue them to get your property back and press charges.

In either case you’ll find that cases of theft and vandalism will reduce drastically and you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money replacing stolen equipment while rectifying damages in the process.

2. Reduce Security Operating Costs

A good remote video surveillance system will save you money on security operations costs in more ways than one.

How many guards do you currently house in your guards booth?

Whatever the number is, you can reduce it to one or two if you have a good security video surveillance system.

You can also do without a guard booth and outsource the work to a remote security surveillance firm.

Yup, that’s an option.

Your CCTV system will provide oversight on a wider area without necessitating more patrols.

It will do all the work while your guards sit back, watch, and alert the authorities in case of thefts or vandalism – and they don’t even have to be on-site.  

Remote surveillance systems are also cheaper to operate and maintain compared to the analog type.

This is because they use fewer equipment and physical infrastructure to get the work done – in most cases they are wireless and they transmit all the data online.

Oh the possibilities of the wide web.

3. Improve Scalability

Construction sites start small and grow big as they take shape.

This goes hand-in-hand with the amount of equipment you have to secure from thieves and vandals, and with the size of your security measures and costs.

Scaling your security operation is easy and cheap. When using an NVR system as all you need is to add more cameras to your CCTV network.

Compare this to hiring more guards and you’ll have a big cost margin to consider.

Do you know NVR systems are better for improving scalability compared to DVR systems? As mentioned, they operate on a wireless network and are easy to install.

Also, they make it possible to monitor several sites simultaneously from one portal.

Did someone say magic?

4. Increase Your Oversight

How much do you know about whatever goes on at your construction site at any given moment?

It is convenient to stay on top of things considering how much construction sites lose to theft and vandalism.

The laxity and inefficiency of incompetent workers is discovered through this system.

Security guards can be compromised, but you have your best interest at heart. A remote video surveillance system enables you to monitor the site with video view mobile from anywhere in the world.


All you need is a mobile gadget or computer with a good internet connection.

You’ll use it to monitor work progress  at the site and provide live video feeds to other stakeholders and investors when needed.

You’ll essentially have eyes and ears on the ground at all times.

5. Reduce Your Insurance Costs

How much does your insurance plan cost you?

Do you know that there are ways to reduce the cost of your premiums without compromising coverage?

In construction, several risks are encountered. They include the all-too-common risk of theft and vandalism of construction equipment.

Insurers know this and thus set high premium costs.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce premium costs, and boosting your site security is one great way to do it.

Your coverage firm will have more confidence in your site knowing that you’re doing everything possible to minimize risks.

Thus resulting in discounts on your premiums and more money for your investments and savings.

6. Access and Utilize Distributed Intelligence Software

The key advantage of CCTV security cameras is that they don’t miss a beat.

All the footage is recorded and stored for future review.

Remote video surveillance systems store countless hours of surveillance, and enable the use of distributed intelligence software.

It’s cumbersome to watch every minute of surveillance and this is where distributed intelligence software comes in handy.

DIS programs are designed to recognize certain events and activities by analyzing behavioral and movement patterns.

It thus becomes easier to catch thieves, vandals, and other criminal elements in the act without wasting too much time.

The system alerts you when strange movement is present and allows for fast response, which is crucial for recovery.

Digital intelligence software programs perform much better than the average security guard.

In fact, they’re so good that you can do without a team of on-site guards and save more money.

With a good DIS system you can go beyond catching thieves and vandals in the act and improve efficiency at the site by reducing laxity among workers.

This is yet another key advantage as time is of the essence in the construction industry.

7. Increase and Meet Your Bottom Line

The construction and real estate industries are lucrative.

It is, however, often difficult to meet the bottom line considering all the costs involved. But with the adoption of remote video surveillance system for construction site security, this is changing.

As outlined, remote CCTV surveillance systems can save you time and money on multiple fronts.

You’ll not need a vast security team and your insurance policies will reduce considerably.

Theft and vandalism will be reduced to a minimum (or eliminated entirely), and your teams efficiency will increase.

Combined, all these factors will help you reach and surpass the bottom line.

This will leave you with more money and also help win the confidence of investors and other crucial stakeholders.

Mobile Video Guard – The Go-To Video Surveillance Security Solutions Provider

The benefits of a remote video surveillance system are too significant to ignore.

However, it takes more than just CCTV cameras to get you covered.

You need a competent solutions provider to back you.

Mobile Video Guard is one of the leading CCTV solutions providers with a flawless track-record and years of experience. 

The company deals with the latest remote site security systems to enhance the safety of your construction equipment.

They also partner with experienced law enforcement agents. They monitor clients’ sites and act at a moment’s notice in case anything goes wrong.  

Bottom Line

Until your construction project is complete, the site will be a target for vandals and thieves.

You’ll need good security measures to keep them at bay, and CCTV surveillance is your best option.

It is affordable, effective, and comes with more benefits than just ensuring the site’s security.

Are you in need of a good remote video surveillance system?

We can hook you up.

Our CCTV surveillance systems are the best, and we’ll include a team of experienced law enforcement agents in the package.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and ensure the best security for your site. 


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