NVR vs DVR: Which System Is Right For Your Storage Lot?


Owning a storage lot is one of the best investments you can make. The storage industry is growing, to the point that it is become a nearly $40 billion industry.

People need to set aside their belongings for a number of reasons, and storage offers the best option in that regard. However, as the owner of a storage lot, it’s critical that you learn to minimize losses and liabilities.

To do this, you should consider investing in a quality security camera system that’ll serve you.

The two main options you have to choose between include Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) cameras. In this guide, you will get a chance to learn the ins and outs of NVR vs DVR, so you can decide on which type of cameras you want to buy.

A Breakdown of NVR vs DVR

The type of cameras that you decide to purchase depends on what sort of storage lot business you’re running. Each system is worthwhile, but they have different nuances and specifications that you’ll need to know about.

The first major difference lies in the types of cameras that these systems use. NVR systems use IP based cameras, while DVR cameras use analog and coax based cameras. In terms of cables, NVR systems use Ethernet cables, while DVR systems use coax cables.

NVR cameras receive better recording quality. The quality of NVR cameras spans between 2 MP and 12 MP, reaching picture quality as high as 4K. With DVR cameras, the quality and resolution cap out at 2 MP.

This makes NVR cameras better if sharp resolution is an absolute must. With this level of picture quality, you’re able to pick up details during an incident, such as license plate numbers, clothing, and characteristics of suspects and more.

With an NVR system, you’re also able to get an easier setup and configuration as well.

Figure Out Your Budget and Needs

Make sure that you determine what needs you have while shopping for a great surveillance system.

One of these systems will generally cost you about $2,000 or so, but they could easily reach more than $4,000. Talk to a number of different surveillance professionals so that they can give you some estimates for any equipment that you need.

Take heed to the estimates that different professionals offer and you’ll be able to stick to your budget without having to spend more money than you’re willing to.

Turn to the Smart Security Pros

Now that you see the difference between NVR vs DVR, you’ll be able to shop around for the system that makes sense to you.

When you want to buy a great piece of surveillance equipment, we’re happy to assist you. At Smart Security Pros, you’re guaranteed to get the best customer service, professionalism, and expertise that you could ask for.

We know that your storage lot is an investment, and want to help you protect that investment by selling you the system that’ll be best. To learn more, contact us for information.

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