Is Video Surveillance Really a Good Burglar Deterrent?

We’re all concerned about security for ourselves, loved ones, and our property. Taking steps to upgrade our security wherever we can, gives us peace of mind.

Vandalism and burglary happen. But we don’t need to invite them in. Installing video security surveillance is a way to deter crime, or is it? Well, the answer is yes and no.

While it can be a burglar deterrent, if they really want to get in, they will. However, just knowing the camera is there can help keep the property safer. If the would-be thief doesn’t think it’s worth the risk, they may well just leave it alone.

Let’s take a closer look.

Is Video Survailance a Burglar Deterrent?

While it is hard to know if it is a significant help, it can be. This will depend on a few things, however.

The Location

Statistics show that video surveillance cameras do scare off thieves from certain areas. Not always, but it can be effective.

Parking Garages

Well-lit parking garages are served well with video security. The camera can catch the thieves face, license plate numbers and monitor them coming and going.

Parking lots tend to also have attendants in them, which means that there is security watching the surveillance cameras, as well.

Busy Areas

A business area where there are always a lot of people, cameras can also be a burglar deterrent, as many of the other stores may have cameras, as well. The thief might think twice about showing up on several cameras.

A neighborhood that has cameras on all or a lot of the houses can also be effective, in particular, with signs that remind thieves there is a neighborhood program in effect.

Technology Helps

Video surveillance has come a long way in recent years. That may be the biggest burglar deterrent yet. The cameras can do so more than just record the area; they can interact.

Surveillance systems now have microphones and speakers. You can use the system as an intercom. You can also hear what is happening on the premises.

There is night vision, which is great for places that are in more secluded areas without the benefit of street lights or traffic.

Wireless and wifi capability means the thief can’t disable the system and you can remotely communicate with your system.

The cameras have movement, which you can operate away from home. This allows you to move around and zoom in or out, covering a lot more ground.

Thieves Don’t Care

If someone is determined to break in, they are going to try. The thief doesn’t usually think about the consequences of their actions. Unless they are positive they will be caught and are honestly frightened by being caught; they simply do what they want.

Still Worth Using

Video surveillance is a burglar deterrent, as it is the best way to identify a thief. Waterproof, weatherproof, two-way talk, floodlights, there are so many features that make surveillance cameras appealing.

You have no way of knowing what may be a deterrent to the would-be thief, so it is still worth looking into. Contact us for more information.

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