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Is Video Surveillance Really the Best Burglar Deterrent?

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    Security is a concern for everybody, whether for personal or professional reasons. If the risk of burglary often worries your mind, implementing a good burglar deterrent should be at the top of your priorities. Owners of commercial businesses, in particular, should take caution of being a victim of burglaries since there is not always someone around to protect your property, especially if you don’t run a 24-hour operation.

    One of the best burglar deterrent systems is using video surveillance. Security cameras can be your eyes when you’re not around, as well as regulate the workplace behavior of your employees. If your business gets burglarized, it can be costly for you. The burglar will likely take money, steal other possessions, and possibly even cause property damage.

    Video Surveillance for burglar deterrent

    Just seeing cameras on the property can be a deterrent itself, making potential bad guys think twice about entering your business. 

    This guide will explain and answer why video surveillance is one of the best burglar deterrents. 

    What Is a Burglar Deterrent?

    A burglar deterrent is a security measure that business owners or homeowners can take to protect their people, valuables, and property from potential criminals. These deterrents are great investments, particularly for commercial institutions, and there are many from which to choose from. Some of the most popular options include:

    Most businesses have goods susceptible to stealing, not to mention the cash in the registers or safe boxes. Investing capital in a burglar deterrent pays off in the long run by preventing intruders from breaking into your building. 

    7 Pros and Cons of Video Surveillance as a Burglar Deterrent

    As with anything in life, there are both pros and cons of using video surveillance as a burglar deterrent, which you should take into account when deciding on what kind of security measures to take with your business.

    Burglar Deterrent

    5 Pros of Video Surveillance

    With advances in technology, video surveillance is better than it has ever been in the past. Burglars are aware of the new updated features, which increases their fear of committing illegal activities. These are some of the biggest advantages to using video surveillance:

    A professional security team can help walk you through the best options for your operations and create the most effective system for your situation.

    2 Cons of Video Surveillance

    There are some drawbacks of video surveillance that users may experience. The upfront costs of video surveillance may not be the most appealing to businesses tight on capital. Other disadvantages may include:


    Video surveillance is a burglar deterrent, as it is the best way to identify a thief. Waterproof, weatherproof, two-way talk, floodlights, and many other features make surveillance cameras one of the best security tools. Nothing is foolproof when it comes to security because some thieves just don’t care how you protect your valuables. If you’re worried enough that you’re looking into burglar deterrents, video surveillance is likely your best option and worth the investment. 

    Get More Information on Video Surveillance

    If you are a business owner, you should at least explore your options when it comes to video surveillance. With the technology in modern systems, they can serve purposes other than being a burglar deterrent. From the two-way communication to night vision capability, a good surveillance system is the best way to keep an eye on your property and valuables when you’re not around. 

    Video Surveillance camera

    Installing surveillance cameras in strategic places may show the best results. Some businesses may have poorly planned the placements or installed the wrong type of camera. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to speak with an expert about how you can use surveillance cameras to their fullest potential or any other burglar deterrent questions you might have.


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