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Guide to Finding a Reputable Security Camera Installation Company

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    Protecting your home and business is essential these days. A good security camera can watch over your belongings when you’re not there, as well as potentially saving your life. But there are tons of security camera installation companies on the market today. Thus, choosing the right one may seem daunting. You can always do it yourself, of course, but knowing that it’s installed right the first time might be worth the extra money.

    It’s important to choose a company that has quality cameras, and is willing to work with you. Anyone can slap up a camera, but there’s more to it than that. It’s important to find the right location, choosing the perfect camera system for you, and having a company that listens to your needs. Here are four tips to help you select a reputable security camera installation company.

    Check the Ratings

    One of the great things about the internet is that everyone has a voice now. This opens doors to check out a company before you ever contact them. Anyone can toot their own horn, but whether they’re being truthful or not is another story. 

    Clients are more open to telling the truth in reviews. They have nothing to gain from lying, so you can trust what they have to say.

    When you are checking out reviews online, don’t just look at how many stars a company has. This can be a little misleading, especially if a company is new and doesn’t have many reviews yet. One bad review could bring their rating down, when all the other reviews are positive.

    Take the time to read some of the reviews left. A few sentences written by a previous client can be very telling. 

    While reading the reviews, ask yourself: 

    • Were they happy with the company? 
    • Do their cameras work well? 
    • What happens if they have a problem? 
    • Is the customer service department helpful or do they give the client the run around? 
    • Do they feel like they paid too much? 
    • Did one employee give them a hard time? 
    • How happy are they overall with the service they received? 
    • Would they recommend this company or use it again?

    All these questions are very important. Try to figure out if the majority of the reviews are mostly positive, or if they’re mainly negative. This can go a long ways towards helping you make a decision.

    Also, check out the Better Business Bureau site. It doesn’t list all businesses, but if there is a company that is known to get a lot of lawsuits, then it will pop up here. 

    Ask Friends and Family

    If you have any friends or family who run a business, ask them which security camera companies they use or have had dealings with in the past. They might have a lot of first hand insight that can save you a lot of trouble. 

    They’ll know if a company is the real deal or not. It’s especially helpful if they have a business similar to yours. This will enable them to tell you the problems they have had, and offer advice to help you avoid this. You can learn from someone else’s problems rather than having to go through it yourself.

    When asking around, make sure you find out how long they’ve been using this particular system. If they haven’t updated their security cameras in years, their advice might be well meaning but outdated. 

    Make sure you ask how long they’ve used this company. If they’ve been with the same company for years, that’s a good sign. If they’ve only been with the company two days, then they’ll still be able to help, but they’re still learning themselves.

    Also, ask multiple people. One person may have had a bad experience, while many of your other friends were thrilled. By checking with as many people as you can, you gain more information that can be used when making a decision.

    Check Out Their Security Systems

    Any reputable security camera system should be open about what type of systems they use. When you contact them for information, a rep should be able to give your specific details about what they have to offer.

    If the rep seems confused, this might mean they’re new, and still learning the ropes. Don’t hesitate to ask to speak to another representative. If they refuse to let you speak to someone else, or the manager doesn’t seem any more knowledgeable, this is a huge red flag.

    Another red flag is a company that won’t provide you with details until you commit to installing one of their systems. They should be open and up front about what they offer, their prices, and installation fees. If they don’t, this might be a clue that they’re interested in your business, but not actually working with you.

    Guide to Finding a Reputable Security Camera Installation Company

    A reputable company will be upfront and honest with you, even if you haven’t committed to working with them yet. They’ll need to know more information about your business, such as if it is indoor or outdoor, if you need motion detectors or night vision cameras, or if you need a camera for a single room or a large area. To do this, they should provide a security risk assessment and evaluation. This will enable them to give you specifics about what you need and why.

    Each of these questions may not seem that important, but it’s crucial when picking the right company for you. A reputable company will be able to narrow down your needs, and not try to upsell you to something more expensive than you can afford.

    Do They Work With Other Clients in Your Industry

    Some companies might focus on a specific industry, such as large venues. That’s not a bad thing, but if you have a small company, then they’re not going to be able to meet your specific needs.

    For example, a security company that exclusively installs home networks isn’t going to be able to help you protect your marina. They’ll be able to offer some helpful tips, but lack the experience needed to set it up.


    By choosing a reputable company that has worked in your field before, you know that they’re aware of the dangers facing your company. 

    Here at Mobile Video Guard, we work with a variety of businesses and are ready to help you. Contact us today for more information on how we can make your business safer.


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