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10 Major Advantages of Mobile Surveillance Security Systems

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    Mobile surveillance security systems are becoming increasingly popular as advances in technology make the units better and more portable. While a fixed surveillance system requires a lot of cabling that anchors to a single location, mobile surveillance systems are easily movable because they don’t require as intensive an installation as fixed units.

    Mobile surveillance systems also typically offer features like Wi-Fi capability and remote operations that allow you to use and monitor the system from places other than its physical location. These features make a mobile surveillance system more powerful than other types of video surveillance

    This article will cover everything you need to know about mobile security systems, especially the advantages of installing one. 

    What Is a Mobile Surveillance Security System?

    A mobile surveillance unit is a security equipment that is self-sustaining and can easily be moved from location to location, depending on your needs. Some locations where you may likely see these units include:

    • Temporary work sites
    • Construction sites
    • Parks
    • Event locations, where traffic patterns can change daily

    The portability of the units means they can be used virtually anywhere, not just in the locales listed above. These systems are often solar-powered or have battery backups, too, making them especially useful in a power failure because they can operate without electricity.

    10 Advantages of Mobile Surveillance 

    Mobile surveillance systems have a number of perks over fixed units. Here are 10 of the biggest advantages they offer.

    1. Reliable Surveillance

    Mobile video units are more reliable than other security options, including guards, because they can monitor your site 24 hours a day. The units are typically mounted 25 to 30 feet above the ground, giving the cameras a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the area. The recorded footage of the monitored location gives authorities actual evidence if a crime occurs. Video surveillance paired with a security guard is the most effective way to prevent potential threats to the premises. 

    2. Cost Savings

    Setting up a permanent surveillance system can be expensive, and the upfront costs involved with the installation may mean it is not as cost-effective when used in temporary locations such as a festival or a construction site. Mobile systems can be moved anywhere, saving you from having to replace the unit when your job changes locations.

    3. Live Monitored Video

    Mobile surveillance means you can have someone monitoring the video in real-time. That has great benefits, including being able to call police and help arrest a suspect if a crime is captured live on camera. 

    4. Self-Sustaining Mobile Security Surveillance System

    As mentioned, a mobile surveillance system is self-sustained and often used outdoors, which allows for no dependency on electricity to operate. Powered by battery and solar power, it’s useful in situations where the electricity goes out or when placed in electricity scarce places. This system continues recording even when there is no internet running to the unit, too.

    5. Flexible and Fast Setup

    Mobile surveillance security systems are perfect for temporary use on job sites. Skip the long and extensive installation process of conventional surveillance, which requires cabling, tools, and extra steps. Without any infrastructure requirements, mobile units can be up and running much quicker than traditional fixed units, giving you the security protection you need in a timely manner.

    6. Versatility

    Mobile surveillance units can be used in a variety of locations and situations because they are easy to relocate and install. Whether you need it in a parking lot, a carnival, or even at an apartment complex, the versatility of mobile units make them an ideal security solution for virtually any need.

    7. Evidence for Police and Insurance

    In the event a crime happens, a mobile surveillance unit gives you tangible evidence of what transpired. You can provide proof of the crime to members of law enforcement and any insurance claims you have to make, potentially saving you money down the road.

    8. A Deterrent for Criminals

    Just having the security unit on the site can be a deterrent in itself, aside from all the other benefits. Potential criminals see cameras as a high risk for their intruding plans. Knowing that video technology is one of the biggest obstacles for committing an undetected crime, criminals may change their hearts of entering the area. 

    9. Additional Security 

    While video footage is the main selling point of the mobile surveillance systems, there are additional solutions that go beyond this feature. Strobe lights, sirens, and alarms are complementary deterrents that can veer off criminals who don’t want to draw attention.

    10. Video Technology Is Always Improving

    Video surveillance is of higher quality than ever because of the perpetual improvements to video technology. Today’s cameras are in high definition, providing crisp, detailed videos. Modern cameras also have night vision, allowing you to keep an eye on the site in the dark, and technology like Wi-Fi capability adds value to mobile security systems.

    Mobile surveillance is a security solution ideal for many areas, including construction or special events. If you need site security, mobile surveillance units are a cost-effective measure that can let you monitor the site in real-time with high-definition live video feeds and footage recorded at all times. Wireless connectivity allows you to keep an eye on the location from anywhere, and you can also use an app to track your site from your mobile device. 

    Considering Mobile Surveillance Security Systems?

    Mobile surveillance security systems are more convenient than conventional surveillance cameras, especially when they are created by teams of time- and experience-tested experts. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to learn more about how you can provide your site with the best security measures. Our professionals can’t wait to speak with you about mobile surveillance or other security questions you might have.


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