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What is Remote Monitored Video Surveillance?

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    Understanding Video Surveillance System Options

    Remote video surveillance is a critical component of nearly every industry. Whether you’re using it to optimize your workflow or protect your construction site from theft and vandalism, it’s important to be equipped with the right video technology.

    First Things First: Remote Video Surveillance Basics

    What is Remote Video Surveillance?

    Since we’re talking definitions: You probably already know, but in case you don’t, video surveillance refers to any camera or systems of cameras used to watch your indoor or outdoor location to detect or record criminal or suspicious activity. With cameras, you can choose to go with analog (CCTV) cameras or digital (IP)

    Note: While digital Internet Protocol (IP) camera systems are sometimes still referred to as “CCTV” due to common usage, digital cameras are the most common choice on the market today, thanks to the wide range of capabilities the technology offers.

    Why Use a Remote Video Surveillance System?

    Video surveillance is widely used to advantage across a number of commercial and residential applications for many reasons, including:

    • Maintaining the security of perimeters
    • observing on-site behaviors
    • monitoring and managing the flow of human or vehicle traffic
    • obtain a record of events
    • preventing loss due to theft and vandalism

    Which Remote Security System is Best For Me?

    Fortunately, you have a lot of options when it comes to video surveillance these days. If you’re shopping around for a new system, you’ve probably heard of hosted video surveillance. Your two options there are typically fully hosted and hybrid hosted

    Fully Hosted Video Surveillance

    When a third-party company streams your video to an off-site location for storage and management. They handle every aspect of your surveillance system from the physical cameras and video management software to the storage and server maintenance.. Also known as Video Surveillance as a Service -VSaaS – or “cloud video surveillance.”

    Hybrid Hosted Solutions

    When video recording and storage both occur at your business, typically without streaming. A third-party “managed video service” handles the server and day-to-day management of your security camera system. 

    You’ve probably also heard of remote monitored surveillance and mobile video surveillance.

    What Is Remote Monitored Video Surveillance?

    Remote monitored video surveillance, sometimes referred to as “network video surveillance” is a term used to describe the technology of monitoring a physical location from another location. This can be done with audio and video feeds from one or more fixed location cameras to a single central console.

    The Setup

    In practical application, you have a camera, or multiple cameras, set up at your job sites, outdoor event, warehouse, or lot. Those cameras use a wireless internet connection to deliver video to a real-time video monitoring center, where it is constantly watched by trained security professionals for any suspicious or unusual activity.

    There are many options available for the types of cameras you can implement, with capabilities ranging from crime-deterrent strobe lights to license plate detection and thermal sensors. You can see additional surveillance camera features here.

    Some cameras will record continuous video and some record time-lapse footage on detected movement with motion sensors. The system you choose will depend on your site’s needs and your budget. 

    The remote aspect simply means that someone is watching your footage from afar.

    The Service

    As far as the monitoring, that means that the professionals tasked with viewing your site’s live feed are doing more than viewing.

    Monitored surveillance means that a trained security professional is watching your site for any number of unusual activities, whether it’s suspicious activity from an employee, unauthorized persons on-site, or damage caused to equipment by a natural event.

    Professional site monitors will log daily activity to have a written record of your events on-site. They will also be prepared to use the technology at their disposal to address the site and deter intruders or criminals and know when to dispatch law enforcement or local security to your site.

    If you have any more questions about what remote monitoring could mean for you, check out this overview of how Mobile Video Guard clients benefit from remote surveillance.

    Are Remote Monitored and Mobile Video Surveillance the Same?

    Maybe you’ve also seen “mobile video surveillance” tossed around and assumed it was the same thing as “remote monitored” – they both imply “from a distance,” after all. 

    The simple answer is “no,” but the long answer is this:

    Mobile video surveillance is not the same thing as remote monitored surveillance, but it does depend on remote monitoring. 

    What is Mobile Video Surveillance?

    Mobile Video Surveillance is a practical application of remote monitored surveillance designed to meet the needs of more challenging environments. This option works by outfitting rugged, wheeled trailer units with a pole attachment that hoists your cameras into the air for a birds-eye view of your site.

    A security professional with the proper equipment can use mobile video surveillance for a variety of purposes, including:

    • Checking on a second building that is otherwise out of arm’s reach
    • Remotely patrolling an area that would be too expensive to monitor with full-time security guards
    • Watching activity at an entrance booth or gate

    The challenges mobile surveillance trailers are designed to meet include:

    • Ill-defined site boundaries
    • Remote locations
    • Locations without power or internet
    • Harsh weather conditions

    These mobile units were designed with construction sites in mind, and work well to protect many kinds of sites, from parking lots and fairgrounds to warehouses and cell towers.

    Deploying an independently-operated mobile video surveillance trailer to your site is a convenient way to achieve improved security for a short-term project or event – or even for the long-term as a solution to places inhospitable to a standard surveillance solution.

    Proactive Security with Remote Video Surveillance

    Mobile video surveillance is a monitored site surveillance solution with several benefits for your business. The mobile trailer records the video and the built-in wifi sends the footage to the same real-time operations center that other permanent or VSaaS solutions use.

    This means you get the same high level of professional security solutions for your site, without needing to hire security guards or monitor your site yourself. 

    Personal Peace of Mind

    While you can rest easy knowing professionals are guarding your site, you do have the option to monitor your site yourself if you choose! Mobile Video Guard’s remote video surveillance system allows you to download an app on your mobile phone so that you can view your site yourself from anywhere, at any time. 


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