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5 Best Mobile Security Cameras for Surveillance

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    Strange as it might seem, the world is getting safer.

    Indeed, between 1993 and 2018, rates of property and violent crime dropped by 54% and 51% respectively.

    Interestingly, though, according to the same source, the public feel like the opposite is true:

    People believe rates of crime to be higher than they actually are. The world clearly seems like a dangerous place, even if reality tells a slightly different story.

    When feelings of unsafety prevail, it’s natural to look for means of protection and reassurance.

    In that endeavor, mobile security cameras can make a mighty difference.

    After all, these modern pieces of tech allow quick and easy surveillance of any place you put them. You have a system in place to deter wrong-doing, and a means of recording any issues that do occur.  

    With masses to choose from, though, it isn’t easy to know which camera system is right for you.

    We want to help! Looking to purchase new security cameras for your property? Read on to discover 5 of the best.

    1. Arlo Pro

    Wireless security camera systems don’t come much better than the Arlo Pro.

    This minuscule camera packs one almighty punch in terms of quality.

    One of its greatest features is the versatility it provides. The Arlo can be put to work in all conditions, inside or outside. That’s a major bonus if you’re looking to survey your entire property and access points. Expect the same picture quality regardless of weather or lighting.

    Moreover, the Arlo camera is the epitome of mobile! Powered by rechargeable batteries, you can expect (and enjoy) a complete absence of wires.

    Nicely, the Arlo links in with most smart home assistants. Use voice commands to view your video streams and control elements of its functionality.

    The only potential downside might be the price. The need for a base station for the cameras pushes the cost up of the overall system.

    Nonetheless, the quality you get for the cost is arguably worthwhile.

    2. Wyze Cam HD 1080p

    Okay, let’s turn to a budget alternative to the high-priced Arlo.

    Mobile security systems don’t come much cheaper than the Wyze Cam 1080p! A little goes a long way, though. This camera comes with a host of functionality that makes it great value for money.

    Top of the list is its motion and sound detection. Highly sensitive, the Wyze Cam will record 12 seconds of footage whenever it detects movement or noise in the vicinity. The video will then be saved to the cloud, which you can access at any time.

    Of course, you can also record continuously. However, that requires a sim card that’s sold separately. Further features of note include its night vision capabilities and two-way audio via the app (listen and talk to people in the house!).

    For the price-point, you can’t expect the same quality as other cameras on this list. Nonetheless, if money’s tight, then this is a great bet.

    3. Ring Video Doorbell

    Want to see who’s at the door?

    Well, you’ll love the Ring Video Doorbell camera. Easy to install, you’ll be able to see and speak with whoever rings your doorbell from now on.

    Functionality is the top focus here. The Ring Video links to your WiFi; footage is viewed through your smartphone, and everything can be controlled via a smart assistant. The camera kicks into action whenever it detects someone at the door.

    The ability to speak with them is a major boon. Even better, you don’t have to be at home to talk to visitors. You could be on the other side of the world and tell the postman where to leave your package (here’s more info on remote surveillance)!

    There’s a wide-angle lens and night vision capabilities, helping you see everything that happens, no matter the time of day.

    One downside is the need for a paid subscription to record the footage. You’ll know when someone’s there for free. To record them, though, you’ll need the subscription.

    4. Netatmo Welcome

    Ready for another winning security system?

    The Netatmo welcome ticks almost all the right boxes:

    You’ll enjoy the easy setup, high-quality HD footage, a free microSD card for storing video, functionality with smart assistants, notifications to your phone whenever it detects something and starts recording…and more!

    Even better, the Netatmo has clever built-in face detection technology. That means it literally knows who it’s recording! It’s by no means fool-proof, but you can program your face into the camera; it’ll only record people it doesn’t recognize.

    With the face-recognition in place, the Netatmo will recognize who enters your house. The notifications to your phone will tell you who arrived!

    Knowing exactly who’s in your house should help you stay feeling safe and secure.

    5. Canary Flex HD

    Here’s another option if you’re looking for both interior and exterior camera use.

    The Canary Flex is a stylish system that won’t let you down! Resistant to all forms of inclement weather, you can remain certain of footage when you need it most.

    It can also be used in both a wireless or wired form, offering great versatility and extended periods of use. Operating wirelessly, you’ll receive a notification to your smartphone when it needs to be charged again.

    Like most of the other options on this list, expect easy installation, high definition footage, and night-vision capabilities. Alas, there’s a subscription requirement for the Canary as well.

    You’ll need to pay per month for two-way talk and the ability to watch the footage for 30 days post-recording.

    Aside from that, the Canary is another mid-range camera with a host of positive qualities.

    Time to Choose Your Mobile Security Cameras

    The world can feel like a dangerous place sometimes.

    It’s no wonder that many people look for methods of making themselves feel safer and more secure.

    To that end, mobile security cameras serve a vital purpose.

    After all, the right camera can make a mighty difference in deterring potential problems. Moreover, with a newfound eye on proceedings, these surveillance systems are a practical and effective means of catching anybody in the act!

    Hopefully, this post will help you find the best camera system for your needs.

    Are you looking for support securing your property? Contact us today to see how can be of service.


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