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Why Using Legacy Cameras Instead of Modern Surveillance Methods Is Losing You Money

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    Don’t let technology phobia and expense fears give criminals a blank check for your business. Here’s why it’s time to upgrade to modern surveillance methods.

    modern surveillance methods

    Even the most pro-security people can understand why some work sites (especially large ones) are wary of the mobile surveillance process and reluctant to upgrade legacy systems to newer video cameras. Technology moves so fast that a new setup can feel like yesterday’s model overnight, leaving buyers wondering what the point of upgrading to modern surveillance methods was.

    There are two more reasons commonly given to avoid a security upgrade: the perceived expense and potential site disruption. This guide will focus on why hanging on to legacy hardware and software puts a business at risk of losing money, not saving it. We’ll also explain why adding the oldest security tool of all – the human eye – can help keep modern surveillance methods on the cutting edge.

    What qualifies a system for the “legacy” label?

    Knowing you’ve got a legacy system is the first step to revitalizing it. The rapidly evolving state of technology means there’s no definitive past purchase date that can be pinned on security hardware or software to mark it as “legacy,” however. Sites can look for some of these signs instead:

    • You’re still using analog and videotape instead of IP cameras.
    • Your current surveillance hardware is either no longer manufactured or no longer receives customer support.
    • Decreased performance and breakdowns are more frequent.
    • Some or all replacement parts have been discontinued.
    • Modern software like web browsers or file saving formats aren’t compatible with your system.
    • Software updates arrive rarely or not at all.

    Now let’s look at legacy systems from the financial and security points of view. Hardware that’s getting older fast is more likely to break down, which leaves a site physically vulnerable to costly attacks by thieves, trespassers, and vandals. It also means spending money repeatedly on repairs and maintenance while paying more for second-hand replacement components since new ones aren’t an option.

    Outdated security software is also a breeding ground for viruses, malware, and hackers, all of which regularly cost businesses a fortune. Legacy surveillance systems can thus open the door to serious financial losses and give criminals – in the real world and cyberspace – free rein to steal equipment, materials, and data or simply deface and destroy for kicks.

    How digital surveillance leaves legacy systems behind

    Take some time to review the many benefits of modern video cameras from Mobile Video Guard and your site won’t want to look back. The most cost-effective of these are:

    • Remote controlled multi-angled viewing 

      Today’s models offer multiple angles and dynamic zooming which can deliver a wider, 360-degree field of view. This makes it harder for criminals to hide and easier for sites to prevent harm and save money.

    • Live monitoring and 24/7 user access 

      Trained security personnel add a human touch to the latest surveillance technology by keeping an eye on your site alongside the cameras during the high crime hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Our team can assess any potential security threat, interact with offenders onsite, and quickly alert law enforcement and other first responders like fire and medical personnel.

      Modern cameras can also be connected to the customer’s personal digital device. This allows site managers and business owners to check in on their security feeds whenever they wish. This provides another boost to security response time which can make a big financial difference.

    • Ease of assembly 

      Mobile Video Guard’s cameras can be set up quickly, regardless of how remote or temporary your site is. This makes them ideal solutions for the construction industry. We can also have a commercial building or apartment building security system ready within a day, and cover many more site types including warehouses, car dealerships, equipment yards, and dispensaries. 

    • Camera analytics 

      Our cameras allow users to create custom perimeters that are closely studied and trigger alerts via built-in motion sensors whenever someone crosses an assigned security zone.

    Legacy cameras are a financial liability on all of these bullet points since they take time to repair (if that’s even possible) and they’re locked into fixed or limited angles. They are also frequently passive witnesses at best recording but not preventing any crimes on your site and with no real-time capabilities. If this describes your system, it may be time to consider upgrading to modern surveillance methods. 

    More legacy limitations, more modern advantages

    Any footage captured by legacy cameras can be of poor quality with low frame rates and resolutions. This leads to often useless footage that lets criminals off the hook but puts businesses firmly on it to cover the costs of loss and damage. It can also leave sites liable to further financial loss due to liability weaknesses or unconvinced insurers who can’t use sub-standard footage to authorize a payout.

    There are even more benefits of modern surveillance methods. Consider the landlord who can assure potential tenants that the premises are under careful watch, or the construction manager who can guarantee the best 24/7 security during a project. They’re far more likely to bring in new business and profits than competitors who can’t say the same!

    Mobile video surveillance is a lot more affordable than some may think, too, because with Mobile Video Guard there are no long-term contracts to sign. Daily, weekly, and monthly options are available that provide security only for as long as you need it. 

    Speak to the surveillance experts with any questions

    At Mobile Video Guard, we understand that upgrading a legacy system can seem financially intimidating and physically disruptive. Our expert team makes new hardware, software, and associated costs transparent, so you fully understand everything that’s involved.

    We’ll also provide a personalized site plan that will position cameras for maximum security impact. All our solutions can be tailored to your needs and budget, with our customers enjoying security savings of between 60 and 90%. 

    Contact Mobile Video Guard today and supercharge your security!


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