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7 Financial Video Surveillance Benefits for Your Business

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    While there is an upfront cost, installing a video surveillance system can save you money in the long run

    video surveillance benefits

    It’s a simple truth that prompts many companies to invest in video surveillance systems: You can’t be at your job sites at all times. After all, there’s a good chance you have more than one location, and even if you don’t, you have to eat, sleep, and handle other elements of the business that are sure to take you away from monitoring it.

    Even if you could do the impossible and spend 24 hours per day watching a construction site, you would miss things because many are too large for an individual to track alone. 

    There is a solution, though, through a mobile video system. Once you install surveillance cameras around your job site, it’s like constantly having eyes on the entire yard, so you don’t miss anything that happens. The result is a safer work site with less theft and an improved bottom line.

    Here’s a look at seven financial video surveillance benefits for you to take advantage of on your job site.

    1. Protect against employee theft

    Roughly 66% of all small businesses in the United States are victimized by employee theft. Construction sites and yards, for example, are relatively easy targets because of the valuable equipment and tools that sit there unattended.

    Think for a second about how much a construction company spends on tools and equipment every year. If even a fraction of those items goes missing, you’ll have to replace them, and you could see your insurance premiums increase too. 

    Installing video surveillance benefits you by providing a visual of your job sites and yards around the clock, so you or your professional security staff can see if employees are walking away with items you’ve purchased.

    2. Safeguard against fraud

    Employee fraud is another significant issue for small businesses, as workers can obtain unearned money from the organization in various ways. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ Report to the Nations estimates that companies lose 5% of revenue from fraud every year. 

    About 86% of these incidents involve asset misappropriation, where workers use company resources for personal reasons, while 10% of cases include some form of financial statement fraud.

    Having video surveillance on the job site ensures your workers always have eyes on them, making it less likely they can commit fraud that siphons money from the organization. 

    3. Reduce on-site accidents

    On-site accidents can harm your business in various ways. For starters, you might have to shut the entire site down if someone is hurt, leading to lost hours when working on a project. You could also develop a reputation as a company promoting unsafe practices, losing business in the process.

    Many workplace accidents occur when employees don’t follow the safety protocols in place, but video surveillance can help by giving you eyes on high-risk areas around the property at all times. Since you can see when employees aren’t using equipment properly, you can quickly point it out and make changes before anyone is hurt.

    4. Improve employee productivity

    You probably don’t want to feel like you’re spying on your employees, but a comprehensive video surveillance system helps you keep tabs on them, ensuring they’re using their time wisely. Workers who know there’s a possibility you’re watching them through the on-site surveillance system are less likely to waste time, so you aren’t misusing company resources.

    Having cameras installed around the job site can cut time spent socializing and make sure workers only take breaks when permitted. The result is a more productive environment that’s good news for your clients and your bottom line.

    5. Monitor the site at night

    Bad things can happen at night on construction sites, as this is when break-ins, thefts, and vandalism tend to occur. A video surveillance system gives you and your security provider eyes on the location throughout the night, so you can address these issues as they arise.

    If you have an armed security guard monitoring your video feeds, you won’t have to worry about much because that individual will act as an additional deterrent. In most cases, knowing that the site is monitored encourages potential thieves or vandals to move onto an easier target. The result is fewer items going missing and less vandalism, which saves you on repair and replacement costs and could keep your insurance premiums lower.

    6. Record suspicious activity

    Even if you don’t notice anything missing from your job site, your surveillance cameras can help you spot suspicious activity that could mean an employee, visitor, or unwanted trespasser is planning something for the future. By recording or monitoring this activity, you can notify law enforcement and prevent theft or vandalism from becoming issues.

    Using your video surveillance system to reduce problems proactively keeps the job site up and running, saving you significant money.

    7. Minimize lawsuits

    Lawsuits can be a significant concern for companies, particularly if a visitor or employee is injured on a job site. Surveillance cameras provide an additional layer of protection because they can act as evidence when these situations arise.

    Providing this video evidence makes it possible to immediately shut down frivolous lawsuits because you can show what really happened. Avoiding crippling legal fees and payouts is a worthwhile goal for any company.

    Video surveillance is a smart and safe way to monitor your business premises. If you’re unsure where to start, seeking expert guidance is a great first step to making your company safer.

    Improve your finances with video surveillance

    For a company to make money, it needs to be able to do business efficiently and safely with as few interruptions as possible. A video surveillance system can help you achieve this goal by monitoring for potential issues and allowing you to address them before they take a toll on your business. Installing cameras can also help you recover stolen property, prevent injuries, and monitor your employees.

    Mobile Video Guard offers remote 24/7 security systems that keep eyes on your job sites constantly. We’ll develop a custom solution for your business, helping you save money in the long run. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to learn more or receive a free quote.


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