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How Remote Surveillance Access Can Benefit Your Business

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    Adding this layer of protection shields your assets while providing peace of mind.

    remote surveillance access

    In past generations, a business’s security was simply reliant on the quality of the locks installed on the doors and windows. Then, alarms and other security devices became more common, providing greater peace of mind for company owners.

    But as thieves reached new levels of sophistication, even more security was necessary. And video surveillance allowed businesses to record happenings inside and outside their properties, hopefully identifying criminals and recovering their stolen goods while deterring some intruders altogether.

    Today, we’re at the point where a basic video feed is no longer adequate. By the time companies notice something is amiss, it’s too late to do anything about it. Remote surveillance addresses this issue by ensuring that either the business owner or an off-site agent is watching these video feeds when no one is present. These solutions also provide remote notifications of potential intruders before they make off with stolen goods.

    Remote surveillance access systems allow you to pull up your video feeds from an app whenever you wish, providing continuous visibility of your business. 

    Here’s a look at some other benefits that remote surveillance access provides for business owners.

    Remote surveillance access lets you monitor threats around the clock

    You can’t be at your worksites 24 hours per day, and it’s challenging to watch the entire property at once remotely.

    Remote surveillance addresses these issues by ensuring cameras are placed in strategic locations throughout a site. When combined with remote access, these cameras allow you to see the most crucial areas whenever you wish, so you don’t have to leave anything to chance. And software can even alert you of a potential intruder.

    The best security involves having a trained security agent observe camera feeds 24/7. The result is around-the-clock monitoring that serves as a strong deterrent to vandalism or theft

    Keep tabs on your employees

    About two-thirds of businesses in the United States are victims of internal theft, and the average cost per dishonest employee is over $1,100. That monetary value is far more significant for some companies, though, particularly those with high-value goods left in the open. 

    In addition, employees who actively look for ways to rip you off only commit about 10% of these crimes. Eighty percent of workplace thefts occur simply because an opportunity arises, allowing workers to rationalize their actions. 

    It may make sense to keep an eye on employees during the workday to prevent these thefts from taking place. Remote surveillance access acts as a deterrent because workers know they may be watched through cameras. The mere presence of monitored cameras may be enough in many situations because staff won’t think the reward is worth the risk. But when it’s not, surveillance can spot and record theft, fraud, and even worker safety incidents, enabling owners to take appropriate action.

    Fewer false alarms with remote surveillance access

    Anyone who has or considers security alarms knows that false alarms can be an issue. Animals could set them off in some situations, for example, bringing security or the police to your location when it isn’t necessary. 

    But quality remote surveillance systems alert a business owner or a security agent whenever an intruder triggers an alarm on the worksite. Then, the operator can select the proper course of action based on what they see on the video feed. Having the ability to orchestrate the best possible reaction to an alarm in real-time is a significant advantage of monitored surveillance.

    Lower insurance costs

    An under-the-radar benefit of a remote surveillance system is that it makes insurance companies happy. You can let these agencies know you have remote surveillance access when seeking business insurance quotes, and you could end up with lower premiums.

    The primary reason is that criminals are less likely to target a company when monitored cameras are installed, and they’re less likely to get away with it if they do break into your property. Be sure to inform your insurance provider when you upgrade your video surveillance system to explore this benefit.

    Watch multiple locations at once

    Business operations often extend to numerous locations. For example, a home builder might have three or four jobs on the go at once, in addition to a permanent yard storing tools, materials, and equipment. 

    Fortunately, remote surveillance systems can be installed in each location, allowing an owner to watch multiple job sites, yards, or storefronts. The result is an entirely secure company with much less to worry about when it comes to theft, break-ins, vandalism, and other threats. 

    As a bonus, business owners can use their remote surveillance systems to lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm alarms, and schedule emergency notifications without being on-site. Having complete control of job site security from the comfort of your home or office is a huge benefit.

    Enjoy greater peace of mind with Mobile Video Guard

    The flexibility remote surveillance access provides is often reason enough to implement one of these systems. You can spend less time at a location, ensuring everything is going smoothly because you can see every site your team is working at from your phone. These systems also provide an incredible amount of protection from theft and vandalism — there’s always someone watching and ready to take the appropriate action.

    Mobile Video Guard can set you up with quality remote surveillance access. Our professional team will install cameras in strategic locations around your property, so you aren’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to security. And we also provide professional remote monitoring services utilizing trained security pros. 

    Contact Mobile Video Guard today to get a free quote.


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