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Working with Surveillance Planning Experts Can Save Construction Companies Money

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    The added security and savings of using an industry professional can be significant and long-lasting

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    Many construction company owners and managers know the value of on-site security in preventing theft, fraud, and vandalism and decide to install a surveillance system. Some of them consider installing security cameras themselves to save a bit of money. But doing so could lead to greater expenses in the future — unless you have industry experience, you’re likely to make mistakes. And even minor errors could create targets for thieves, costing time and money.

    Fortunately, qualified surveillance planning professionals can assist as you develop a plan and implement it. The result is a more secure property that is far less attractive to criminals. Here’s a look at how a surveillance expert can provide better security — and long-term savings — for your construction business:

    They help identify and use deterrents

    Working with a surveillance planning expert provides insight into deterrents that can be implemented around your construction yard or other commercial property. 

    For example, you probably have a fence installed, providing one layer of protection. But adding lighting, signs, and surveillance cameras in key, visible locations adds more layers and reduces the chances of being victimized. Even a simple step like putting up signs around the perimeter letting people know the property is under video surveillance encourages potential thieves to find an easier target. Keeping the entire yard well-lit when no one is there is another step to consider.

    Other deterrents may include motion sensors, alarms, mirrors, intercoms, and other communication systems, all of which can discourage theft by making the property less accessible. 

    Proper planning

    Planning a surveillance system well is essential because cameras should provide a view of as much of the property as possible. Achieving that goal might not be feasible, though, depending on the size of a construction yard. So placing cameras in strategic spots around the property becomes critical. 

    For example, you might want cameras keeping tabs on your most expensive equipment, the areas where you store tools, entrances to any buildings on the property, or the fence line where thieves could sneak in. The compound’s main gate also needs monitoring that clearly identifies everyone entering.

    Getting these cameras just right to provide clear sightlines of strategic locations around your yard is challenging — but a professional knows how to get it done. 

    You’ll also want to consider employee theft when developing a plan. A 2022 study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that 86% of all fraud cases affecting American businesses involve asset misappropriation. Among other things, the term “asset misappropriation” includes internal theft of assets or cash, with the median loss sitting at about $100,000.

    In short, it pays to keep an eye on what employees and other authorized visitors to your construction sites and yards are doing — the threat goes beyond burglars. 

    Setting ideal camera counts

    How many cameras do you think you’ll need around your construction site or yard to keep it secure? There’s a good chance your answer is too low, leaving vulnerable areas around a property unsecured.

    A surveillance planning expert examines a site and develops a custom solution based on the size and layout of the yard. No two sites are the same, as there are always nooks and crannies that could leave them vulnerable to theft. These small, hidden locations are particularly troublesome if you store valuable tools and equipment there and employees know about them. 

    A surveillance expert can achieve clear security savings when installing these cameras by ensuring the optimal number is only placed in ideal locations.

    Identifying problem areas

    If you’ve been in business long enough, there’s a good chance you’ve been victimized.

    But how did the thieves enter your property? 

    Is there a weak spot somewhere?

    Was theft an inside job?

    A video surveillance expert helps answer those questions by identifying problem areas around your construction site, followed by providing solutions. For example, adding cameras to places that look vulnerable or investing in monitored security at night can reduce losses by making them more secure.

    Unless you run your business from a fortress, there will be vulnerabilities. However, a planning expert ensures those areas are always locked down by surveillance and other measures.

    Fewer losses for your business

    Theft and vandalism cause significant losses for construction companies, with industry experts estimating that over $1 billion in equipment, tools, and materials go missing annually. 

    Although you have insurance to cover these losses, you’re likely responsible for deductibles, and failing to have the necessary equipment can cause project delays and overruns. Adequate surveillance planning can reduce the impact construction site theft has on your business by making your company a harder target and helping to identify any thieves after the fact. 

    The security savings you’ll realize by working with a surveillance system pro can be immense and could help keep your budget on track.

    Mobile Video Guard provides surveillance planning assistance and installation at construction zones, lumber yards, and trade shows. We have the experience necessary to efficiently secure your site, reducing theft and other issues your business might encounter. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to get a quote.


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