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How Managed Cloud Video Surveillance Can Reduce Security Expenses

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    Working with a vendor offering cloud video storage with remote surveillance can save money while providing a better experience

    cloud video surveillance

    Installing a surveillance system at a business is a necessity in many cases because there’s so much that can go wrong. After all, not only do owners and managers have to worry about thieves targeting valuable tools and equipment or vandals damaging property, but internal theft and legal liability are also concerns. 

    However, entirely onsite, in-house video surveillance solutions present their own challenges and take significant resources. You’d not only need updated cameras and perhaps recorders, but hard drives to store the massive amount of data cameras collect. 

    These storage concerns are significant because a 60GB storage system only has space to store continuous video from a single standard definition camera for a week or two. In contrast, 600GB of storage holds about a month’s worth of video from a 1080p camera. A surveillance system will also have numerous cameras, forcing you to invest in a multi-terabyte storage solution.

    A better approach involves cloud video storage, a scalable option that eliminates the need for an onsite storage system’s most expensive elements. Here’s a look at how cloud video surveillance can save your company some money on security expenses.

    Off-site monitoring

    The first way a cloud video surveillance system can save money is by combining it with an off-site monitoring service. Remote security professionals will monitor your video feeds, identifying potential threats or abnormalities and notifying you and the authorities when necessary.

    This security team can also intervene when there’s an imminent threat, such as a situation where thieves enter the business at night and attempt to steal items. With alarms and onsite speakers, they can often warn off intruders and avoid theft or damage.

    Off-site monitoring can reduce costs because it is typically less expensive than paying onsite security guards to patrol and guard a property.

    Fewer IT resources needed

    Video surveillance often needs on-call IT staff to fix any problems, but you don’t need dedicated personnel to handle that job with a cloud solution. The result is less burden on your IT staff (if you have any!) because they won’t need to sustain this equipment, including storage devices. Buying and maintaining servers alone is a significant expense for in-house solutions.

    In contrast, a monitored cloud security service provider will take care of the installation of your security cameras, their day-to-day operations, software updates, equipment problems, monitoring the feed, and storing the videos — saving you time and hassle every step of the way. 

    In-house IT support isn’t financially viable for smaller businesses, including construction and roofing companies that don’t have the consistent need or resources. Monitored video surveillance allows them to invest in a high-end security system without hiring IT staff or purchasing expensive equipment.

    Automatic software updates

    Your security cameras use software to record video and communicate with the rest of your system, and, much like any other computerized device, they’ll need regular updates. And in-house surveillance solutions require IT staff to keep these programs and hardware current and secure. 

    While handling these updates isn’t a big deal for an IT professional, it adds more to their already busy schedule. And if you don’t have designated IT staff at all, this job becomes even more challenging and crucial.

    Cloud-managed devices can be updated remotely by your full-service provider, giving you one less thing to worry about while keeping your commercial property secure.

    Scalable services


    A final way cloud video surveillance can save money is through its scalability. For instance, if your scrap metal yard acquires the lot next door and expands, your security needs will change. You will require more cameras and data storage space to monitor that area, forcing you to upgrade your surveillance system.

    A cloud-based system doesn’t rely on physical storage drives, as everything is stored virtually. Therefore, upgrading your system is as simple as letting your service provider know your data needs have changed. The security company you choose can also update your expanded location with more security cameras, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your new acquisition unattended.

    Investing in cloud video surveillance

    Next-generation cloud storage makes it far easier to run a state-of-the-art surveillance system with high-end cameras because storage space is no longer a concern. And having these cameras professionally monitored adds to the convenience because it limits the chances of vital footage slipping through the cracks or your team prematurely deleting it. 

    Mobile Video Guard is your all-in-one video surveillance provider. We can assist by installing cameras in strategic locations around your business, creating the ideal solution to meet your company’s needs. We also have trained security guards to monitor your feed. Contact Mobile Video Guard today for a free quote or to learn more about cloud video surveillance.


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