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Here’s How Video Surveillance Can Help Your Project Financially

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    A clearer view of how on-site cameras can help companies create cost-effective security

    video surveillance savings

    At first glance, the benefits of mobile video surveillance might seem too good to be true. Cost-effective security can seem like a contradiction for managers and accounting teams who can’t see beyond the perceived cost of buying and constantly upgrading hardware and paying for its installation.

    The reality is that state-of-the-art site security is available on demand, without expensive installation fees, and with none of the weaknesses and limitations presented by common physical security agents. Here’s why every business should take another look at how video surveillance savings can improve their bottom line.

    Greater prevention and prosecution of theft and vandalism

    One of the most compelling reasons mobile video surveillance delivers such cost-effective security is that it enables a visually verified response from off-site agents. This confirmation that something unusual or negative is occurring on-site gives law enforcement and fire or medical teams the proof they need to act.

    Video footage authenticates that something is wrong and that this isn’t just another of many false alarms that waste their time and resources. Mobile surveillance thus puts your site at the top of their response list, making it easier and more likely to catch thieves, trespassers, and vandals like graffiti taggers in the act.

    Recent academic studies demonstrate that verified responses can decrease false alarm time loss by up to 87% and improve the partnership between private entities and first responders. This quick corroboration and improved response time can save both sides a lot of money, create safer sites and faster police, and make criminals think twice.

    A more stable legal and insurance position

    Cameras can provide highly reliable visual testimony free of human frailties like poor recall and conflicting accounts. Law enforcement, legal teams, and insurance companies can all use footage to confirm how trouble started, who may have been involved, and what items were lost through being stolen or damaged.

    This dramatically increases the chances of recouping these losses by having items located and returned or replaced by a successful insurance claim. Professionally installed cameras can also help sites stay in compliance with trespassing laws.

    Limit the severity and impact of accidents

    Big trouble on-site often starts small and can lead to damaged property or injured staff if things get out of hand. Mobile video surveillance can nip potential disasters in the bud and limit potential damage from hazards such as fires and floods or criminally sabotaged equipment.

    These and other forms of accidents could result in employers losing valuable productivity hours due to injured workers or the high cost of a lawsuit. You can limit your liability by installing cameras to better avoid legal proceedings that might cost $200,000 on average.

    Look out for exploitative employees

    It’s a sad fact that some of the biggest financial losses for employers come from their own team. Your staff may be stealing company property or slacking off on business time. They may even be orchestrating “accidents” to fake an injury and have you foot the bill for medical or legal costs. Cameras can catch these schemers in the act and remove all doubt that a company isn’t to blame for losses or physical harm.

    Save big compared with on-site guards

    The cost of paying physical personnel is the first obvious expense that video surveillance mitigates. Our solutions can save customers up to 60% compared with paying on-site guards. (And cameras don’t ask for overtime or holiday bonuses or call in sick; they’re on the job 24/7.)

    Mobile Video Guard’s remote surveillance team uses multiple camera angles that security pros can access and cross-reference in an instant. This provides a greater and more immediate field of view than physical guards, who are limited to what their eyes can directly see and the time constraints of covering a site on foot.

    Our mobile video surveillance agents assess whole or partial site situations and waste no time in taking the appropriate action, whether that’s communicating directly with the site via microphone and warning lights or immediately contacting first responders. They’re also immune from criminal intimidation and the potential for physical harm, which are two more potentially costly vulnerabilities that can incapacitate on-site guards or make them too stressed to perform effectively.

    Physical and financial flexibility

    The construction sector in particular is a perfect match for our units because each one can follow a contractor wherever they go. No more time-consuming and costly installation of site-locked security that must be installed and removed on every job. Mobile units simply move to the new site and get to work immediately.

    Sometimes there’s no telling exactly how long a job will last or how short-notice commencement may be. This is why we offer cost-effective security that you can rent daily, weekly, or monthly as needs dictate. No long-term contracts and the flexibility to start or end surveillance as you see fit equals video surveillance savings you can count on.

    Reliable performance in adverse conditions

    Adverse weather can impede the performance of security cameras, while electrical short-outs can disable them entirely. Our units offer solar-powered performance that can make the best of even averse weather and perform reliably no matter how overcast the area is.

    This makes them tools you can count on when grid and generator systems fail (and leave you open to all of the above costs). These units can also use pole-mounted cameras that raise them out of reach of criminal interference.

    Contact Mobile Video Guard’s experts for video surveillance savings

    Mobile Video Guard delivers custom surveillance advice and solutions to customers across multiple sectors. From construction and commercial properties to residential, trade shows, and dealerships, we can help you create a surveillance strategy that fits. Contact Mobile Video Guard today and speak with an expert to learn more.


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