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What the Pros Wish You Knew About Catching Floods and Fires With Video Surveillance

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    Accidents and lack of vigilance go hand in hand. Here’s how video cameras can reduce serious on-site risks.

    worksite accident prevention

    You can’t always be at your worksite, yet potential hazards are a 24/7 threat. Environmental conditions, pure chance, and lax on-site practices can strike at any time to cause significant physical and financial harm. Your sector may even be at greater risk than others, depending on the service you provide and how you deliver it.

    A monitored surveillance system has your back, providing cost-effective scrutiny on hard-to-see corners of your site. This guide will cover how mobile video cameras can help detect accidents, including fires, floods, and other issues that can create huge problems if not quickly noticed or prevented entirely.

    What makes some site locations hard to monitor visually?

    Accidents and other security incidents stem in large part from a lack of clear sightlines. Your site may have difficult surveillance areas or outright blind spots caused by one or more of the following factors:

    • Low-light conditions like early morning, evening, or overcast weather
    • Minimal-visibility conditions during nighttime hours
    • Obstructions like tool sheds, equipment storage, or other structures getting in the way of the camera’s visual field
    • Unusual site layouts with twists and turns
    • Extended, narrow site areas that make it difficult to monitor activity at the far end

    These high-risk, hard-to-see places are natural targets for vandals and thieves, and they’re also literal hotspots for fires and other accidents. Rooting out these surveillance weaknesses is the first step in creating an effective security plan for your site. The second is reviewing how your business stores and positions some inherently volatile components.

    How storage habits can make or break your site

    Look at your site if you’re currently using generators. Is the generator close to anything flammable? Materials like lumber and fuel canisters should be stored away from generators that might overheat, spark, or catch fire, potentially taking any nearby flammable items with them.

    Employees do make mistakes, even if they’ve been drilled with a fire safety plan. An absent-minded moment could lead a worker or delivery person to overlook best practices for your site and leave something where it shouldn’t be.

    This can result in significant financial and physical costs. It isn’t hard to compensate for human error and ensure a safe zone when you have monitored video surveillance from Mobile Video Guard in place. Our app lets site managers check their security feeds on-site or remotely from anywhere in the world 24/7 via their electronic device. Either way, managers and supervisors can act quickly to rectify risky behavior.

    Off-site surveillance agents are on duty when the job site is closed, using the height advantage of our mobile units (watching your site from 20-plus feet in the air) to study site locations that lower-hung cameras would be blind to.

    Flooding risks for construction sites and other facilities

    Digging, repositioning, and filling are everyday tasks before and during a construction project. Shifting the soil and surface structure of an area in this way can make it prone to pooling water during rainfall or releasing and retaining deposits from nearby bodies of water. Workers can even damage pipelines and start subtly flooding a site.

    These saturated areas, however small, can become slip-and-fall hazards for people and potential skid zones for vehicles. Waterlogged conditions can also compromise electrical systems, which may result in shortages and site fires.

    Monitored surveillance can provide a 360-degree, eagle-eye view of a worksite to reveal where gathered water may be posing a threat. Video cameras are a smart move for construction managers, given that FEMA lists their industry as a noted cause of flooding and not just a potential victim of it. 

    Dedicated fire prevention through WES3 technology

    The biggest worksite blazes typically start small. Mobile Video Guard offers a temporary smoke detection system designed specifically for construction. Working with our monitored video surveillance cameras, they are a great combination to spot and monitor potential intruders, as well as a powerful way to spot and monitor potential intruders in low-light conditions and at great distances. Our technology alerts our monitoring team as well as site managers via text and email alerts whenever the system detects smoke.

    The WES3 system is designed by industry specialists at Ramtech and is certified to meet multiple international standards for its ability to detect smoke and heat. It’s an excellent complement to video surveillance and the initiative of our off-site agents. The pros who staff our Real Time Operations Center are also alerted to survey the site and alert fire responders if necessary. 

    The WES3 system can help prevent fire-related incidents and facilitate swift, reliable medical responses if any injuries occur. Site managers can set alarm drills and validate actual alarm scenarios to decide if evacuation is necessary. The wireless units operate without external power sources, and we can customize the system to install any number of sensors around a site to provide maximum fire prevention power.

    Contact our experts for guidance on fire and flood prevention

    The team at Mobile Video Guard is here to answer any security surveillance questions you have. We can study your worksite and your specific industry to see where you’re most vulnerable to accidents of any kind. 

    You can count on reliable security surveillance from our team without being tied down to long-term contracts. Just contact us to learn more about protection for your business when and where you need it.


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