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Introducing Wes3

Mobile Video Guard is pleased to now offer smoke and heat detection and monitoring for your construction and renovation projects utilizing the WES3 system.  We are able to sell or lease the system to you for your project and then monitor it during the hours that count most, when nobody is on site.

WES3 is the latest in evacuation and emergency alarm system innovation developed by the wireless alarm experts at Ramtech Electronics. Certified to many international standards, this advanced alarm system has been developed to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in the complex environment of construction sites.

About Wes3

Features of Wes 3

The brand-new features include:
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Medical Alert

Raise a request for medical attention from any call point in the network, which pinpoints the exact location of the alert.

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System Polling

Polling mode provides an integrity test of your WES3 network, confirming any additional or removed units.

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Inspection Delay

Enables site managers to validate an alarm before evacuating site. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process.

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Pre-Alarm Functions

Turn off the alarm sounder on other stations and enable a lower level alert to indicate there is an issue without triggering a full evacuation.

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Full Isolation System Test Mode

Test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire

connected fire alarm system

Designed for Construction

To develop WES3, our team of radio and electronics experts worked in direct collaboration with some leading international construction companies.

Built to Last

Our WES3 units are covered by a full 2 year manufacturer warranty, and have a 3-year battery life under normal conditions and usage.

FCC Approved

Our latest, FCC approved evacuation and emergency alarm system.

Compliant With Key Safety Standards

WES3 can help your project comply with HSG168, the Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice and BS 5839-1.

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