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Remote Construction Site Security Cameras

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    You’ve put up a fence, you’ve installed motion-activated lights, and maybe you’ve even added GPS devices to your construction equipment. What more can you possibly do to keep the site safe when you’re not around?

    If you haven’t already installed surveillance cameras, you’ve left a massive gap in your site protection plan.

    This guide explains why you need remote construction site security cameras. You’ll also find some tips on how to choose the best ones.

    Why Do You Need Remote Construction Site Security Cameras?

    Remote construction site security cameras offer various benefits to construction managers and other professionals. Here are some of the top reasons to install cameras throughout your construction zone:

    Easily Accessible Video Footage

    One of the most significant benefits of remote construction site security cameras is that you can access footage of your site from anywhere. Even if you can’t be physically present, you can still check in with your crew. You can also view the site after hours to ensure no one is there who shouldn’t be.Remote Construction Site Security Cameras

    Communicate from Anywhere

    Remote security cameras don’t just let you see what’s happening on your construction site. They also allow you to communicate with those who are present. Cameras with built-in loudspeakers let you talk to your crew from afar. You can also communicate with trespassers who have broken into your site and let them know you can see them. security camera systems for construction sites

    Address Problems in Real-Time

    If you notice an issue on the site while reviewing your security footage, you can use remote construction site cameras to address problems in real time. You’re a busy professional with a lot on your plate. You can’t always be present on the site, but with the help of cameras, you can still resolve issues and prevent them from escalating.

    Professional Monitoring

    The best remote security cameras allow you to monitor your construction site remotely. They also provide you access to professional security personnel who can monitor the place for you. This professional monitoring gives you additional peace of mind and ensures the police will be alerted right away if something goes wrong. construction site security guard

    Save Money

    Some construction managers hesitate to buy security cameras for their construction sites because the cost throws them off.

    Remember, though, that security cameras cost far less than paying a security guard an hourly rate to patrol your site. They’re also more affordable than replacing stolen equipment or repairing damage caused by vandals.

    How to Choose a Construction Site Security Camera

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of remote construction site security cameras, you must first choose the best video surveillance service. security camera systems for construction sites

    Evaluate cameras based on the following factors. They’ll help you make the right decision for you, your business, and your team:

    Easy Installation

    Some security cameras require an engineering degree to install and use. Look for a system that is easy to set up so you can start monitoring your site immediately.

    Power Sources

    Ideally, your cameras work with multiple power sources.

    For example, some cameras connect to your on-site power supply, and others rely on a generator battery-charged unit. You can also buy solar-powered cameras that function even without any on-site infrastructure.

    Look for versatile cameras so you can transfer them from site to site as needed. Regardless of the situation, you can feel confident they’ll help protect the area.

    Monitoring Time

    Choose cameras that will monitor your site 24 hours per day.

    All-day and all-night surveillance are especially important for construction managers who want to keep an eye on their crew during working hours and protect their site from theft or vandalism when the sun goes down.


    The best security cameras will store footage for between two and four weeks.

    This amount of storage ensures you can look back on recent events. Then, if someone trespasses on your site, you can turn the footage over to the authorities.

    You can also look back on the footage if an accident occurs on the site, then use the footage for insurance purposes.

    Professional Surveillance

    Look for cameras that security professionals monitor during peak hours.

    Using professionally monitored cameras saves you from constantly having to check in at your site. You also know that they will contact the authorities so you can stop crime before it happens.


    The mere presence of cameras is often sufficient to keep thieves, vandals, and other trespassers away from your construction site. If you need an additional barrier, though, consider using cameras equipped with red and blue flashing lights.

    These lights (conveniently the same color as police lights) also deter crime and let those who have entered your site illegally know they’ve been spotted.


    If you want the convenience of speaking to your construction crew or someone who has entered the site after hours, buy cameras with built-in speakers. These speakers allow those monitoring the area to talk to people remotely and communicate without physically being in the construction zone.

    Thermal Camera

    Some security camera providers offer thermal cameras. These tools help with long-range intrusion detection and pick up on fires faster.

    If you’re concerned about arson or just want to have the greatest amount of protection possible, thermal cameras are a worthwhile feature.

    License Plate Reader

    A license plate reader also comes in handy when it comes to catching intruders. The license plate reader can capture their getaway car and help the police track them down faster.

    Mobile App

    Ideally, your remote construction site security cameras will come with a convenient mobile app. The app makes it easy for you to check in on the site at any time and communicate with people in the construction zone.


    Some security camera providers have confusing pricing structures that change often and nonsensically. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality camera equipment and professional, dependable monitoring. Look for a provider that offers straightforward, affordable pricing and no hidden fees.

    Contract Length

    In addition to charging obscene prices, some security camera providers trap their customers in long-term, confusing contracts that are almost impossible to break. Be wary of a security company that requires a long-term contract. If their services are really as impressive as they say, they shouldn’t have to trap you with a sneaky contract.

    Save yourself a headache and choose a provider with short-term contracts or month-to-month services instead.

    Get Security Cameras for Your Construction Site Today

    Regardless of the size of your construction zone or the scope of your current project, you need to invest in a security camera for construction site security. Remote construction site security cameras provide an affordable way for you to check in on your site regularly, communicate with others when you’re not there, and address issues in real time.

    Are you ready to experience the benefits of remote security cameras? Keep the tips discussed above in mind so you can choose devices that help you manage your site from anywhere and give you peace of mind.

    If you’re looking for cameras that offer maximum security at an affordable price, we can help at Mobile Video Guard. We provide a simple pricing model, so you always know what you’re paying.

    Contact us today to learn more about our cameras or get a free quote.


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