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How Do I Protect My Construction Site

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    As a construction manager, you can’t afford to lose time or money getting your team back on track after equipment gets stolen or part of the site is damaged.

    Luckily, from hiring a construction site security guard to installing cameras, you can take many steps to protect your construction site and avoid lost productivity or unexpected expenses.

    1. Hire a Security Guard for the Construction Site

    Partner with security guards who have received specific training regarding construction site protection. These professionals know the most common issues affecting construction areas (theft, vandalism, etc.) and will watch for anyone suspicious trying to enter the site.

    You can employ security guards to monitor your construction zone at all hours or just in the evenings when everyone has gone home.

    Having someone there at all times can be helpful because construction sites are busy places, and it’s easy for someone who shouldn’t be there to slip in unnoticed. However, if you’re working on a smaller project, you might decide that hiring security guards for the evening shift is sufficient.

    2. Install Cameras

    The presence of a security guard can certainly deter intruders. However, if you don’t want to hire extra people to protect your construction site, consider installing surveillance cameras instead.How do I protect my construction site

    Construction surveillance cameras provide you with round-the-clock footage of what’s happening on your construction site. They also provide you with recorded evidence. If theft or vandalism does occur, you can provide footage to the police and potentially catch the person responsible.

    Look for cameras that offer a 360-degree view of your site and live monitoring. Loudspeaker features also help you connect with your crew or talk to a suspect who’s entered the construction zone.

    3. Let There Be Light(s)

    Placing lights strategically throughout your construction site also helps to deter thieves and vandals.

    If your site is well-lit, it’s harder for these people (and others who wish to do harm) to move around unseen. You’ll be able to catch them on camera more easily, or your security guards will notice faster if something is wrong.

    Keep in mind that many construction site fires are caused by improperly stalled or poorly maintained lighting systems.

    Ensure you install lights per the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations to avoid this issue. Get the lights inspected by an electrician, too. security camera systems for construction sites

    4. Put Up Signs

    Initially, you might scoff at the idea of posting a sign to protect your construction sign from theft, vandalism, and kids looking to cause trouble.

    In reality, signs are more effective than you think. Signs are particularly beneficial when they include a reminder of the penalties someone faces if they enter your construction zone without permission.

    You might also want to post signs letting people know that you have cameras on site or that your construction area is constantly being recorded. If someone knows that cameras are present, they might be less likely to risk entering the site and getting caught.

    5. Plan Deliveries in Advance

    If materials or packages get delivered when no one is present on the construction site, they are likely to be stolen. After all, you’ve left a bunch of valuable items (remember, the cost of construction materials is rising rapidly) out in the open.

    Plan deliveries in advance and stay in touch with your vendors to know when packages are dropped off. Make sure someone is around to accept and put the items away as soon as they arrive.

    6. Prohibit Smoking

    You don’t only need to protect your construction site from theft and vandalism. You must also keep it safe from fires.

    One of the easiest ways to prevent fires is to prohibit smoking on the job site. If a careless worker tosses a cigarette on the ground, depending on where it lands, it won’t take long before the whole construction zone is up in flames. construction site theft

    Post “No Smoking” signs throughout the site to ensure everyone understands the rules. Establish a designated smoking area, too.

    7. Install Fire Suppression Systems

    To further protect your construction site, install fire suppression systems throughout the area and ensure fire extinguishers are readily available. These simple steps will help your workers to put out fires as soon as they start and prevent the damage from spreading.

    8. Implement a Water Detection and Response Plan

    Floods can also wreak havoc on your construction site, causing expensive damage and slowing down the project for everyone involved.

    To reduce the risk of floods (or at least minimize the damage they cause), you should implement a water detection and response plan (and ensure everyone on your team knows about it.

    The sooner you and your workers can detect leaks or pooling water, the easier it is to contain it and prevent the issue from spreading.

    Let people know they should report water-related issues right away. Make sure you also have equipment on hand to deal with floods or leaks and stop them in their tracks.

    9. Purchase Insurance

    Finally, consider purchasing insurance to protect your construction site. If you invest in builders’ risk insurance or contractors’ equipment insurance, you’ll have coverage for stolen or vandalized materials, equipment, or tools.

    Insurance isn’t a magic tool that eliminates the need for the other strategies on this list. However, it can give you peace of mind and save you from getting stuck paying out of pocket to replace stolen materials or repair damaged equipment.

    Protect Your Construction Site Today

    Appropriately protecting your construction site helps you avoid numerous risks, including theft, fires, vandalism, and floods.

    Follow the guidelines discussed above to avoid extra expenses, keep your projects on track, and ensure everyone stays safe on the job.

    Remember, too, that one of the best steps you can take is installing cameras and ensuring your construction site is regularly monitored.

    Contact us at Mobile Video Guard today to learn about video surveillance for construction sites or get a free quote.


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