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Optimizing Construction Security with Mobile Video Surveillance

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    Nearly everything on a construction site is temporary, so an adaptable mobile security solution fits right in.

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    A construction site is essentially a temporary workplace in service of a permanent structure. A construction company sets everything up, completes the project, and moves its gear elsewhere for the next job. Since the site is temporary, some construction firms overlook adequate security. After all, the equipment will only be there for a little while, so what’s the worst that can happen?

    According to the National Equipment Register, a lot can happen, as between $300 million and $1 billion worth of equipment goes missing from construction sites every year in the United States. Those figures don’t include stolen materials or tools, either. Construction companies only recover about 25% of this equipment, and the resulting project delays add to even more expenses.

    Theft is a significant problem in the industry, making a construction site security plan an essential part of running these businesses.

    Here’s a look at some solutions, including information on how mobile video surveillance can provide you with the best possible security for your construction site.

    Assessing your risk

    Before developing a construction site security plan, you’ll want to closely evaluate a site’s specific risk. Not every situation is the same, and determining how likely thieves are to target your site — and where and what — can assist as you create a solution.

    For instance, the project’s location influences risk. There are greater chances of theft or vandalism in areas with socio-economic unrest than in places with better economic and social conditions. So, specific construction sites in higher-crime, less stable areas have added security challenges.

    The project type can also affect risk. For example, it can be easier to protect the equipment used on a vertical project because the gear will be up off the ground. A horizontal project, by comparison, could be more spread out and provide additional points of access for thieves.

    Finally, the project’s public support can impact the site’s safety. The public is usually indifferent to construction jobs, but projects that inconvenience people or generate local discontent are more likely to experience vandalism.

    While it’s crucial to take security precautions on every construction site, assessing the overall and site-specific risks can help you determine if extra steps are necessary.

    Why thieves target construction sites

    The reason criminals steal from construction sites is simple: the equipment, materials, and tools are valuable. The mechanical equipment you purchase for your construction company is expensive, and there’s always a market for thieves who steal materials when they attempt to resell them. 

    Construction sites are also easier targets due to their transient nature. Many don’t have permanent, hardened storage facilities because it doesn’t make any sense to construct one for a limited time. The result is more equipment left out in the open or, at the very least, minimally secured at night while no one else is there.

    Other risks you might encounter include fuel theft from vehicles, arson, vandalism, and breaches into partially completed parts of the project. Some trespassers might even enter a partially finished building to discover details of the structure so they can break in after completion.

    Criminals can target a construction site in countless ways, so it’s best to do everything in your power to keep them off the grounds at all times.

    Possible security solutions

    Of course, keeping thieves off your construction site means implementing effective security solutions. But temporary sites have numerous variables, so you’ll want to think about a strategy carefully before implementing one.

    One of the most straightforward security precautions is installing a fence around the site. This measure is pretty standard in the industry. It isn’t foolproof, but it does create a barrier that many otherwise trespassers won’t bother trying to breach. Audio alarms also work well as a deterrent; loud noise is often enough to scare intruders away from a property. The alarm may also alert an on-site or off-site security guard who can alert the authorities or intervene.

    Lighting is essential on construction sites because thieves are far less likely to enter a well-lit property. Ensuring that bright lights are always on your most expensive equipment can also make them less inviting for thieves. At the same time, motion-actuated lighting adds a security layer by indicating that active security (and potentially personnel) is on the premises.

    Of course, mobile video surveillance provides an even better construction site security solution by allowing a security team to keep eyes on the property all night while utilizing other measures. The mere presence of cameras can make theft far less likely. But cameras constantly monitored by security professionals who can call the police while warning off intruders with alarms and loudspeakers take things to an entirely new level.

    Upgrading to mobile video surveillance

    When installing surveillance cameras on your construction site, you’ll have two options: monitored and passive. Professionally monitored video is preferable because it means a well-trained guard watches the feed and can intervene if an intruder enters the property. In addition, threat identification software can also spot potential intruders and bring them to a guard’s attention. In contrast, passive monitoring only records the video for viewing later.

    Using an experienced mobile video surveillance provider ensures you end up with cameras in strategic locations, providing off-site surveillance agents with a 360-degree view of the site. This strategy minimizes the chances of theft and vandalism on your construction site, resulting in fewer financial losses.

    Mobile security installation

    Going with a reputable mobile surveillance team provides your construction site with maximum security when no one is on-site at night. But it’s also reliable under any conditions and acts as a visible deterrent when potential thieves approach their target.

    Mobile Video Guard offers residential and commercial construction site security with easy installation, professional assessments and support, and dedicated monitoring. We can develop a temporary security solution for your site, making it far less likely criminals will target a project. We’ll then customize a new set-up at your next site upon completion.

    Contact Mobile Video Guard today to learn more about our mobile video surveillance offerings or get a quote on your construction site security needs.


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