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6 Reasons You Need a Security Camera on Your Farm

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    Investing in a surveillance system keeps your property safer from thieves, vandals, and wildlife


    reasons you need a security camera on your farm


    Running a farm is a lot of work, especially if you have an expansive property with numerous animals. You’re responsible for keeping those animals safe and maintaining the rest of the business’s operations, which can sometimes be an overwhelming job.

    Of course, you have all sorts of equipment on the farm to make your life easier, including tractors, bailers, trucks, and mowers, all of which serve a specific purpose. A surveillance system is another useful tool you might want to invest in, as it ensures that you can watch even the most remote parts of your property without physically being there.

    Today’s security systems have many great features to help protect your animals, your employees, and your property. Here are six reasons why you need a security camera on your farm.

    1) Keep your tools and equipment safe

    Farms are full of expensive tools and equipment you’ll want to keep safe from thieves. Tractors, trucks, trailers, power tools, and ATVs could all be targets for thieves if they’re unsecured.

    And locking your equipment up in a barn or shed might not keep it safe, especially if the building is at the far end of your farm and out of earshot – experienced thieves only need a little time to break into a barn. But installing surveillance cameras in the area can prevent them from even trying.

    Losing equipment to theft can harm your operation and lead to lost productivity and revenue, especially if it’s too expensive to replace while you’re waiting for an insurance payout. Monitored video surveillance minimizes the chance of this happening, ensuring your farm can continue functioning. 

    2) Watch livestock in real time

    Another benefit of security cameras is that they allow you to watch your animals in real time. While this isn’t always necessary, there are times when it really comes in handy. For example, you can keep watch on animals that are about to give birth and intervene immediately if necessary. 

    It’s also a good idea to keep tabs on any sick animals you have on the farm, and a surveillance system can help with that. These cameras prevent you from having to head out to check on the animals frequently throughout the night, making them an incredibly valuable service in the winter.

    The relative isolation of many farms also makes them prone to wildfires, which can spread for hours before anyone notices. Investing in farm security cameras, particularly ones with heat sensors, allows you to see the fire from its early stages and call for help before the situation gets worse.

    3) Prevent animal theft

    Watching your animals around the clock also helps prevent livestock theft. You can equip your security cameras with motion detectors, so you’ll know when an unauthorized person enters the property. From there, you can monitor the situation and call the police if it looks like they’re up to no good.

    Animal theft isn’t necessarily common, but it does happen from time to time. Taking the necessary precautions will make your farm a less-inviting target and provide the tools to intervene if a trespasser enters your property. 

    4) Identify predators

    If you have animals on your farm, you’re sure to encounter predators. Coyotes, wolves, cougars, foxes, bears, badgers, and even domestic dogs could enter your farm and kill your livestock. But installing surveillance cameras allows you to see the culprit and develop a solution. With a little luck, you might spot a predator lurking before it attacks your livestock and put a stop to the trouble before it starts.

    How you keep predators away from your animals will depend on what you see on the camera. Coyotes, foxes, and dogs are more likely to go after small animals like chickens, so ensuring your coop is completely secure is a good start. Bears, wolves, and cougars are a more significant concern because they can easily take down cows and sheep, so if you see these predators lurking around, you might want to begin locking your animals in a barn at night to prevent attacks.

    5) Deter trespassers

    Depending on the size of your farm, trespassers could be an issue. These individuals aren’t necessarily damaging your property or stealing from you, but they could be camping out or hunting on your land. 

    Installing surveillance cameras is an excellent deterrent because these trespassers won’t want anyone watching them. You can also post warning signs to let people know that the farm is private property and you’re observing them through your surveillance cameras. That should make them think twice before crossing your boundaries.

    6) Protect farmworkers

    Security cameras also offer protection for the people working on your farm. These cameras ensure that you can view the far ends of the property, so you can immediately intervene in case of injury. 

    Security cameras also ensure you can see when farmworkers aren’t using equipment properly or are behaving dangerously, so you can instruct them on the necessary adjustments. The result is a safer farm with fewer accidents on the job site. 

    Get the surveillance system you need

    Farmers are increasingly investing in monitored video surveillance, which involves having a trained off-site security guard watch the video feed at night. If thieves frequently target your farm, this service could be just what you need to end the cycle of theft and vandalism on your property.

    Mobile Video Guard can assist by recommending the ideal security solution for your farm. We’ll make sure that you have cameras in all the right spots to identify trespassers and curb theft, creating a safer environment on your property. Contact Mobile Video Guard to learn more about the reasons you need a security camera on your farm or get a quote.


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