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9 Benefits of 24/7 Tow Lot Video Surveillance

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    Owning a tow lot means valuable vehicles and equipment are sitting in full view of potential thieves and vandals. Car lots of any type are a magnet for these kinds of criminals, making it essential for owners to take extra protective measures to watch over their investments and keep business moving.

    Video surveillance is a cost-effective and powerful criminal deterrent that not only monitors vandals and thieves but can stop them in their tracks. This guide will highlight the benefits of 24/7 video surveillance and who to call for cutting-edge solutions.

    Video Surveillance Camera Systems Are The Best Way To Monitor Your Tow Lot

    Those businesses that depend on an open-air space like tow lots, construction sites, or docks have some of the most challenging security challenges of all. They can’t hide what they’re carrying, which makes them effectively open invitations to anyone who wants to peek in, or worse, sneak in.

    There are two types of interested parties whom tow lots should be cautious of:

    Criminals Looking for a Quick Buck

    Car thieves are brazen individuals happy to try their luck at stealing cars from any location, be it a parking lot, tow lot, or even police impound yards. There is a high street value for stolen vehicles and parts, with around $6.4 billion lost to vehicle theft in 2019.

    Wanton Vandals

    Vandalism, by comparison, is simply about the thrill of trespassing and causing costly damage that someone else has to pay for.

    Wreckless Vehicle Owners

    Sometimes it’s not the vandals or thieves committing crimes on your tow lot but the vehicle owners themselves. It isn’t uncommon for disgruntled drivers to resent the fact they were towed (and the attached fees), so they take matters into their own hands by simply walking in and driving their car away for free.

    Either one of these possibilities is bad for business. Well-placed security surveillance never fails to catch the eye of potential wrongdoers and can be enough to make them rethink visiting your lot for personal gain.

    9 Benefits of 24/7 Tow Lot Video Surveillance

    Deterrence is one of the major positives of video surveillance, but it’s not a foolproof guarantee. The ability to remotely watch over your entire tow lot helps prepare you for the possibility that cameras won’t deter vandals and thieves.

    Here’s why it’s a solid security approach anyway:

    Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Customers want to know they’re involved with a trustworthy operation, and if they are, then they’re willing to share positive reviews. Almost 95% of customers read reviews before using a service, meaning that a single instance of vandalism or theft on your tow lot can quickly do severe damage to your reputation.

    Increased On-Site Surveillance Efficiency

    Modern security cameras allow tow lots to survey every corner of their premises more efficiently. Even the most high-tech solutions can be easily integrated into any existing security system to ensure you see all events from every important angle. Owners can also access surveillance feeds remotely so they can effectively be on-site at any time, day or night.

    Financial Savings in Four Important Ways

    Video surveillance helps prevent vandalism, thus saving you the cost of resprays and repair parts. It also aids in stopping the outright theft of vehicles and the hefty expense of replacement. Surveillance is a robust criminal deterrent, making for a safer lot, a better reputation, and more business. You will also save by having one person remotely monitor the entire lot instead of multiple on-foot personnel.

    Reduced Liability

    High-tech surveillance can assist in avoiding potential lawsuit scenarios that can arise when lots are left unguarded. Video surveillance also helps reduce fraudulent accident claims while resolving legitimate ones by providing valuable visual evidence, even as remote agents contact emergency responders.

    Identifying Prohibited Exits

    It isn’t uncommon for a vehicle or two to slip out of a lot without being noticed, and this is more likely with larger lots. Installing video cameras gives you the ability to read license plates and keep a close eye on which vehicles enter and exit your premises. Recording these details can help you take action against any individuals attempting or succeeding at illegal removal.

    Catching Criminals and Prosecuting Them Successfully

    Video surveillance footage can be instrumental in identifying and prosecuting thieves and vandals. Monitored feeds mean remote operators can interact with intruders while immediately notifying the authorities. Cameras also stay calm in any security situation, plus they never forget a face – two qualities that physical guards can’t always be relied on for.

    Video Cameras Can Teach YOU Who to Trust

    Instilling trust in those you serve is great, but being able to rely on those who serve you is equally important. Video surveillance helps tow lot owners protect themselves against the shocking figures resulting from employee theft, which causes 30% of business bankruptcies and 90% of all significant theft losses. There is no getting around the need to keep your employees under scrutiny.

    Better Fire Protection

    Tow lots can be highly combustible environments if a fire breaks out. Remote operators can use video surveillance in conjunction with the WES3 system. This wireless fire and smoke detection technology delivers advanced emergency and evacuation alarms to better prevent physical and vehicular damage, and it can even assist in requesting medical attention. Thermal imaging is also an option for 360-degree surveillance of potential fire sources and human body heat.

    It Enhances Your Insurance Profile

    Insurance providers hate to get claims from tow lots or any other policyholder when the claimant has taken zero measures to protect themselves. A tow lot with video surveillance in place sends a clear message to insurers, customers, and criminals that they take their role seriously. Quality security can minimize claims, keep insurers happy, and lower your premiums.

    With so many benefits from a single installation, it’s clear that video surveillance is a smart decision for tow lot owners. Take control away from criminals by arranging a consultation to discuss which design would fit the unique configuration of your site.

    Contact Our Site Security Experts With Any Questions

    Mobile Video Guard fully appreciates how vulnerable tow lots are to crime. We specialize in remotely monitored video surveillance to ensure there’s always a state-of-the-art solution looking out for everyone and everything on your premises. Contact Mobile Video Guard and speak to an expert today about your remote video surveillance needs.


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