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The Benefits of Installing Monitored Cameras at Your Business

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    Video surveillance cameras monitored by security professionals protect your company in many ways

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    Theft is a significant issue for businesses around the country, and it can quickly sink a company that isn’t on top of the problem. Burt Flickinger, the managing director of retail consultancy Strategic Resource Group, reports that for “every $330 worth of products stolen, a retailer has to sell an incremental $300,000 worth of goods to break even.” 

    In addition, internal theft costs American businesses $50 billion annually, making it another criminal aspect company owners must always keep in mind.

    The effects of these crimes can be astronomical, so taking the necessary precautions to curb theft from your business may preserve your livelihood. And it can also keep your workers safe and productive while protecting the company from legal claims.

    A video surveillance system is an excellent security option, especially if you have a security professional monitoring the feed. This service makes stealing from your company far more challenging while making the property a far safer place.

    Here’s a look at how monitored cameras can help reduce internal and external theft, plus fraud, protecting your business and its customers and employees.

    1. Reduce theft

    The most obvious way monitored cameras can protect your business is by reducing theft. Potential thieves are less likely to take anything if they know someone’s watching, especially when a trained security professional is viewing the monitor. 

    Real-time monitoring allows communication with potential thieves who break into a business after-hours via a loudspeaker and alarms, letting them know someone is watching and the authorities are on the way. Panicked thieves often leave empty-handed as they try to escape.

    In addition, you can turn over recorded video of criminals entering your commercial property to the authorities. This footage can then be used for identification purposes and as evidence, hopefully putting the criminals who stole or attempted to steal from in jail. 

    2. Resolve disputes and lawsuits

    Surveillance cameras clearly indicate what happens on a job site when someone is hurt. As a result, lawyers and law enforcement can use the footage as part of a lawsuit or other resolution of a dispute, ensuring every party sees the truth. 

    Small businesses often struggle to withstand the cost of a significant lawsuit, so having cameras record what’s happening on a commercial property can offer considerable protection.

    Real-time monitoring can also allow business owners to watch and communicate with employees or customers who behave unsafely before they are injured. You’ll have to check your mobile app to take advantage of this benefit, but it can be very useful.

    3. Improve productivity

    A business is only as productive as its employees, and time theft is a significant problem when someone receives compensation for time they did not work. Issues like taking extended breaks, working on other jobs, modifying a timesheet, and conducting personal activities while on the clock are examples of time theft that can significantly hinder a small business. 

    Managers can install surveillance cameras to monitor employee productivity and help determine job performance. This monitoring allows them to make suggestions when a worker isn’t using their time efficiently or is taking advantage of a lack of in-person supervision. 

    A monitored system ensures you can make real-time corrections to employee behavior, keeping the company running efficiently when you can’t be on-site. 

    4. Deter crime

    Monitored cameras can deter crime in many ways, depending on the type of business you’re running. 

    If you have a large construction yard that requires monitoring, these cameras ensure no one enters or leaves the property without appearing on the video feed. They can also watch fenced areas away from the main entrance, preventing vandalism and theft.

    Office buildings and retail storefronts can benefit by installing monitored cameras at the main entrances and parking areas. This security protects your staff when they leave, especially when staying late into the evening. 

    Criminals don’t want anyone to see them, so installing strategically-placed cameras that act as a set of eyes can encourage them to move on to an easier target.

    Other pros of monitored cameras

    A monitored security system is beneficial for businesses of all sizes because of how efficiently it keeps tabs on a commercial property and every individual who enters it. 

    These systems are also highly convenient, as they require little maintenance, and you don’t have to monitor them — though you can if you wish. Once the cameras are up and running, a professional security team will be in charge of protecting your property, providing you with peace of mind. 

    You can expect insurance discounts once you have a monitored security system, too. Insurance companies love monitored cameras because they curb theft and can reduce the number of claims and lawsuits their policyholders deal with. 

    Monitored systems can create a faster response than other security systems because trained security guards are ready to react to any incidents. The result is a safer environment with real-time intervention when threats arise. 

    Investing in monitored surveillance

    Installing a monitored surveillance system is an excellent way to keep your company and its valuable equipment and merchandise safe. It provides a robust, additional layer of protection. And a qualified security professional will install cameras in strategic locations around your property to ensure very little goes unnoticed. 

    Mobile Video Guard offers professional monitoring as part of our security and surveillance packages. Contact us today for a quote.


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