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How a Mobile Surveillance App Will Make Your Business More Secure

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    This method is a potent add-on to a video security system to help ensure your property has protection from theft and vandalism

    mobile surveillance app

    It’s impossible to keep an eye on your construction sites and other properties at all times. After all, you won’t be spending 24 hours a day in these locations, and you’ll need to sleep at some point.

    Business owners use various methods of protecting their sites when they can’t be there, including hiring a security company to station someone on the premises or installing security cameras in strategic locations around the yard. One of the newer security methods involves installing cameras and linking them to an app on your cellphone or tablet. 

    These mobile surveillance apps ensure you can continually monitor your construction sites, even when you can’t physically be there. The result is a more secure business because there’s never a time you won’t have access to the video feed. 

    Here’s a look at everything you should know about mobile surveillance apps and what they can bring to your business.

    How mobile video surveillance apps work

    If you’ve ever streamed a video on your cellphone, you already have a pretty good idea of how a mobile surveillance app works. 

    The gist is that you’ll have an expert install CCTV security cameras around your construction site, trade show, scrap metal yard, or other vulnerable location. These cameras will monitor the site for intruders, particularly at night when no one else is on the premises. You can also have a remote security guard monitor your video feed and intervene if they notice anything out of the ordinary.

    A mobile surveillance app takes this concept a step further by allowing you to stream this video feed from anywhere in the world. All you’ll do is log into the system, and you can see what the cameras are seeing at any time of the day or night. 

    Depending on the camera setup you choose, you can even go back and watch a recorded video feed on your app. That way, if you notice something is missing, you can pull up the video to see the exact time it disappeared.

    In addition to the cameras, your security app can include other functions that help keep your company safe. For example, it’s possible to control smart locks from the app and integrate motion detectors. Two-way voice communication through these cameras is another valuable tool because you can inform trespassers that you’re watching them, hopefully scaring them away before they steal from you.

    A mobile surveillance app is yet another tool at your disposal as you attempt to limit theft and vandalism in your yard and protect your businesses from costly damage.

    Ways you can use mobile surveillance apps

    The obvious way you can use a mobile surveillance app to protect your construction site is through the live video feed you can access on your smartphone. You’ll see when someone enters your property, providing the opportunity to call the authorities to intervene.

    Depending on the setup you choose, you can sometimes let the intruders know the police are on the way, which hopefully forces them to run before they can take anything of value. Sometimes that’s enough to limit the effect a break-in has on your business.

    This technology also has other uses, as you can use it to monitor your employees throughout the day. Being able to glance at your smartphone to ensure your workers comply with safety regulations can reduce the number of workplace incidents you encounter, which is good news for your business. 

    Rewatching a video feed through the app after noticing some tools or other items missing also makes it easier to spot employee theft. You hope it doesn’t come to this, but having proof through your phone app is a positive.

    Your app can also be integrated with your access control system. This feature allows you to restrict access to certain parts of your construction site or other business through the app by controlling the locks on the doors and gates. You can even provide certain employees with app access, so you know exactly who can get into these controlled areas.

    The more thoroughly you monitor your business, the safer it becomes. A mobile surveillance app is an additional layer of protection that provides you with more control over the property, helping you take security into your own hands.

    A custom video security solution

    The great thing about using a mobile surveillance app in conjunction with your video security system is that it’s completely customizable. The contractor you use will look at your site, make recommendations on where to place cameras, and handle the installation.

    Using a customizable security solution ensures that the cameras are in locations where intruders are likely to pass, maximizing their efficiency. Such systems are also excellent for temporary situations, such as construction sites or trade shows. Monitoring these sites through a mobile app ensures you can finish the job or trade show without a hitch, saving the costly losses that hit many such businesses.

    Speak with experts about the perfect add-on for your security package

    If you already have a security system at your construction site, trade show, or other business, you might feel completely protected. Alarms, motion sensors, and other methods work great and limit theft and vandalism.

    However, a mobile surveillance app takes this idea further by putting significant power in your hands. You won’t have to rely on a third party to monitor your video feeds because you’ll have access through the smartphone, which you probably have readily accessible.

    Mobile Video Guard can assist by installing cameras and helping you set up an app that allows continuous monitoring of your property. Our services ensure you can watch your sites at any time, even in the middle of the night. Contact our team today for a free quote.


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