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Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

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    Imagine arriving at your office building, one without an access control system, or facility one morning and discovering that thieves had broken in. What would you be most devastated to lose? Could your business continue to operate normally with important equipment or other assets missing?

    Or consider what would happen if a disgruntled former employee or vendor with a weapon entered your facility during peak hours. Who would be at risk? What kind of stress and disruption would this cause your employees and your business, even if it was resolved without anyone getting hurt?

    Access control can help reduce the threats to your employees and your property, no matter how large or small your company is. The right system eliminates the possibility of having keys misplaced or stolen, leading to a break-in, or having unauthorized and possibly threatening individuals from easily entering your workplace. Adding access control to your business security can also help you track who is entering and exiting, as well as when and where they access or egress the building or campus.

    What Is an Access Control System? 

    Before you can make informed decisions about the right access control for your company, you need to know exactly what constitutes a typical system and how that can benefit your business. 

    A simple electronic access control system includes a control panel, a reader and a credential. The control panel, which is mounted in a secure interior location, processes any inputs to the reader from an authorized credential, which could be a keycard, a biometric identifier like a fingerprint scan or a password. Such a system may also incorporate a magnetic door lock that is released when an authorized credential is presented.

    In addition to being a permanent or semi-permanent addition to a physical business location, access control may also be set up at more temporary areas. For example, access control could be installed for a construction site to prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas or at a trade show set-up to keep equipment protected within an exhibit and to permit secured areas of a booth for meetings and employee spaces.

    Access control is a logical addition to a video security system that protects your employees and assets, whether in a regular office building or an ever-changing construction site. It can also ensure that key data or records are only accessible to authorized personnel.

    What Benefits Does Your Business Gain From an Access Control System?

    You may think that your company is too small for access control, but the flexibility of such a system means it can be adapted for all sizes of businesses, in a range of different facilities. Here are just a few of the benefits you can see from a professional access control system.

    • Eliminate keys and the risks they hold. When you give a physical key to an employee, you lose control of security. Keys can be copied as well as lost or stolen, allowing almost anyone to get inside your business. In contrast, electronic access can be more tightly controlled.
    • Provide separate access privileges for each employee or authorized visitor. Allow employees access only to the areas where they need to be. Make a keycard or create a record with biometric or password access for a new employee without waiting for a key to be made. Or, take away access instantly when an employee leaves. You can even give vendor access through one specific entrance to, for instance, make deliveries more efficiently without sacrificing security.
    • Restrict access to some areas or during some times. You may want your employees to only enter immediately prior to and during their shift hours, for example. Or you may wish to limit access to labs, development areas or even some offices to select employees. If you have important data, you can keep the area where it is accessed open to only a few key employees.
    • Keep employees safe. We’ve all heard about workplace violence, whether from a former employee or a family member engaged in a domestic dispute. Access control prevents non-essential individuals from getting inside, where they could pose a threat to authorized personnel.
    • Create a record of who comes and goes from your facility. Your control system can show you which employees are coming through which entrances, and track what times they go in or exit. 
    • Be flexible. You can quickly add authorized users or remove them, depending on your needs. If you bring on a new group of employees — permanent or temporary — you can give them instant access. When they finish their assignments, you can ensure they no longer have access. This is especially important when it comes to temporary sites for construction, trade shows and other short-term settings that require top-notch security for both equipment and employees.

    How Do You Find the Best Access Control System? 

    Mobile Video Guard: Access Control System For Your Business
    Close up shot of a hand touching fingerprint recognition scanner.

    The best access control system not only provides you as a business owner or manager with the security you need, but it is also user friendly and makes your employees’ lives easier. You can offer key cards that are integrated with an employee badge, or use biometric or password access, so that no one is stuck without a key to gain entrance. Your system should also be easy for managers to use when adding new users or changing access permissions, especially on construction sites and other temporary sites.

    The right system for you is one that fits your budget. Many access control options are affordable as well as being effective. By working with a professional security expert, you can identify and install a system that’s right for your needs at a price that makes sense. 

    Finally, you need a system that can work in conjunction with your other security. If you use a video security system, your access control should pair with it so you can visually see and track employees at the same time as the access data records their entrances and exits. 


    To get professional expertise on what makes the best access control system for your business, contact the security experts at Mobile Video Guard today. We’re happy to answer your questions and create a system that works for you.


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