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Unlocking Hidden Cost Savings by Outsourcing Your Video Surveillance

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    Using the services of an outsourced expert can lower your video surveillance costs upfront and long-term

    outsourcing your video surveillance

    Video surveillance can be a vital part of your security strategy because it ensures you have eyes on your construction yard, job site, or business at all times. The cameras you install also act as a deterrent, scaring off potential thieves before they have the chance to steal anything.

    You have a couple of different options when installing a video surveillance package, as you can purchase all the equipment yourself or outsource the job to an industry expert. The choice you make will likely come down to personal preferences, but you can experience cost savings and added flexibility when outsourcing the job.

    Here’s a look at some differences in cost between handling this project yourself and outsourcing your video surveillance.

    Video surveillance costs

    Before all else, it’s advisable to look at the cost of purchasing and installing video cameras around your construction site. Keep in mind that the exact price will depend on the size of your yard, how many cameras you need, where you install them, and the quality of video you require. 

    Purchasing components

    You’ll start the process by researching and purchasing video cameras for your business. The price varies depending on quality, but if you want each device to have license plate capture technology, it’ll run you somewhere in the $500 range per camera. 

    In addition, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, which your security team can remotely control when there’s an intruder, often cost $700 or more per device. A security expert can help you determine how many of them you need around the job site.

    Installation and maintenance

    Next, you’ll need to install the cameras in strategic locations around your job site. While you can handle this job yourself, particularly if you’re using wireless cameras that don’t require as much labor, there’s a lot of trial and error when getting them into the correct positions

    As a result, it’s usually recommended that you hire a professional to handle this job, which could run you somewhere in the $2,000 range. Of course, it could be more if you have dozens of cameras to install on a large site.

    There might be maintenance involved, too, as your devices could need software updates, lens cleanings, wire replacements, recalibrations, and repairs. When installing these cameras temporarily, such as at a construction site, you’ll also have to go through the trouble of taking them all down and reinstalling them at the following location.

    Hiring security staff

    Sure, you could monitor your video surveillance system yourself, but you wouldn’t get any sleep. Instead, you’d likely hire a security team to watch your feed overnight and intervene if someone enters the construction site. 

    The cost of this service will vary, but it’ll be similar to hiring a full-time employee to watch your construction site throughout the night, and that worker will need adequate training to handle any risks that come along.

    Overall, you can see how expensive installing a surveillance system yourself can get, particularly if you have a large construction yard or numerous sites to monitor.

    The benefits of outsourcing

    When devising a strategy for monitoring your construction sites, the other option you’ll have is outsourcing the job to an expert security team. The service provider you select will handle every aspect of your video surveillance plan, ensuring it’s successful. Going this route can also save you money. Some of the main benefits include:

    No purchase necessary

    In many cases, you won’t have to purchase any cameras or other security devices when hiring a security team to assist with your construction site security. Outsourcing your video surveillance allows you to get the optimal setup for every location without having to buy more equipment or significantly increase your costs. 

    If you find that your current setup isn’t working, the team is there to make adjustments, preventing you from having to buy new equipment.

    Includes installation

    Outsourcing your video surveillance also ensures cameras and equipment receive professional installation and end up in ideal spots around the construction yard. You can be confident the installation team has placed these cameras in the best possible areas, helping them monitor your valuables when you can’t be there.

    Having installation included also ensures subsequent construction sites are monitored after completion of your current job. This feature is always popular because you don’t have to worry about a service interruption when starting a new project.

    The option of a security team

    When you outsource your video security, trained surveillance agents will monitor your cameras during off hours. You won’t have to hire this employee yourself, so it’s one less thing to worry about when doing payroll and providing benefits. There’s also cost certainty when going this route because you’ll pay for the entire service.

    The price of outsourcing your video surveillance will depend on various factors, including the size of the job site and other security measures you have on-site. Still, it’s sure to provide the flexibility and cost savings you desire as you keep your construction sites safe from theft and vandalism.

    Get expert help that delivers cost certainty with optimum security

    Using an outsourced expert to handle your video surveillance brings multiple benefits because you can avoid the upfront cost of purchasing security equipment and could save you money in the long run on maintenance and employee wages. You’ll also have more cost certainty because you won’t have to purchase more cameras for larger sites, pay for new installation when starting a new project, or hire additional employees.

    Mobile Video Guard offers monitored video surveillance services for construction sites, scrap yards, and other sites. We provide custom solutions on a case-by-case basis, so we can develop a plan that suits every job site you operate. Contact Mobile Video Guard today for a free quote.


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