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How to Mitigate Liabilities With Night Vision Cameras

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    Investing in surveillance cameras that provide nighttime visibility makes your commercial property safer

    how to mitigate liabilities with night vision cameras

    Keeping your business safe around the clock is a priority. It’s impossible to predict what will happen on your jobsite on any given day, but taking steps to reduce your risks can protect your company as a whole.

    For example, cleaning up materials that could trip someone and implementing employee safety rules can reduce injuries. Likewise, adding proper lighting to your parking garage makes it a less dangerous place to walk at night.

    Night vision cameras are another safety-related addition you can make to the workplace. These cameras make many areas of your commercial property visible at night, helping reduce instances of theft, vandalism, assault, and accidents that could leave you liable.

    You can add a surveillance monitoring service to your package, too, providing even greater protection. Here’s some information on how to mitigate liabilities with night vision cameras at your commercial property. 

    Reduce legal liabilities

    The first way night vision cameras can aid your business is by reducing legal liabilities. If someone is assaulted or injured on your property, you could be held responsible if you don’t have the necessary safety measures in place.

    Night vision cameras in strategic locations help you identify what happened on the property at night, potentially reducing your legal exposure because you can see whether the injured party is at fault. These cameras can also help the authorities identify criminal acts that take place on the property without your consent. 

    When you have customers on the property after nightfall, night vision cameras can help with the investigation of a slip-and-fall accident. For example, if a customer is running and trips over their own feet in the parking lot, you shouldn’t be held liable.

    Another area where these cameras provide protection is when you’re facing a case of premises liability, where an employee files a civil suit because of a poorly-secured or dangerous workplace. Night vision cameras will help you identify any damage to the property that could make it unsafe, reducing your liability. 

    You can even identify cases of workers’ compensation or insurance fraud through your night vision cameras. Seeing exactly how an employee was injured at night and the severity of the situation could help you avoid circumstances that drain company funds.

    Having reliable evidence available if you need to present a legal defense is incredibly valuable. Installing night vision surveillance cameras ensures that you have a clear video at your disposal when you need it the most.

    Deter theft

    Another way night vision cameras can assist you is by deterring theft. Thieves are less likely to breach your equipment yard or office building if they know a camera could be recording their movements before they even set foot on the property. 

    Employees will pay attention to the presence of night vision cameras, too, making them less likely to steal items after hours. Your workers will also avoid other criminal behavior like illicit trade involvement on company property if they know surveillance cameras are present.

    By reducing theft, you can potentially secure lower insurance rates because you’re decreasing your chance of filing a claim. And if someone does break into your commercial property, you’ll have evidence to present in court, so the individual sees justice.

    Limit vandalism

    Vandalism is an issue for many businesses, particularly in their parking areas. Your employees and customers will appreciate the presence of night vision cameras as a method of deterring vandalism and identifying those responsible for it. 

    Although you probably won’t be liable for vandalism that occurs in your parking garage, securing the area with a video surveillance system will keep vehicles and company property safer. Businesses with a vehicle fleet will also want to keep their parking areas as secure as possible because vandalism could hinder day-to-day operations.

    Prevent harassment and assaults

    You never want your employees or customers to feel alone while walking through a dark part of your commercial property. Once again, parking lots and garages can leave people feeling vulnerable because they’re often away from the building and poorly lit. In fact, parking garages are the third most common site of homicides, assaults, and abductions in the country. You can make these areas feel safer by upgrading the lighting, but night vision cameras ensure that there’s evidence of harassment or assault that victims can use when seeking further action.

    These cameras can also act as a deterrent because criminals will be less likely to attack if they know you’re recording their actions. Night vision cameras provide a clear picture of the assailant, helping the authorities identify those responsible. 

    In the case of harassment, video surveillance cameras can help identify the responsible parties before the situation escalates into an assault. The result is safer workers and customers on your commercial property. 

    Adding video surveillance monitoring

    You can get the most from your night vision cameras by adding a surveillance monitoring service. Through these services, a trained surveillance agent monitors your feed at night, intervening via an intercom system when necessary. This agent can also alert police if the situation requires additional assistance.

    Having someone monitor your night vision cameras makes your employees and customers safer. It can also help mitigate liabilities by potentially identifying unsafe or fraudulent behavior in real time.

    Your video monitoring setup

    Every business is different, so you’ll want to identify the best places to install your video surveillance cameras before you begin. Putting night vision cameras in locations that provide the best view of potential criminals gives you the best chance of mitigating your liabilities and keeping the workplace safe.

    Mobile Video Guard can assist by creating an optimal night vision camera setup to meet your needs. The result is greater peace of mind because you’ll know you’ve done everything possible to protect your company and its employees and customers. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to get a quote.


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