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Night Vision Cameras With 24/7 Surveillance After-Hours Business Security

Mobile Video Guard delivers night vision cameras with remote video monitoring services for businesses nationwide

Protect Utility Infrastructure

Keep Your Industrial Site Safe at Night With Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video surveillance with night vision cameras from Mobile Video Guard are designed to protect a variety of site types, from construction to residential to trade show security. Especially after-hours security, when there is no physical security present. Our expertise in industrial security is guaranteed to improve overall safety and security at your factory, warehouse, or other industrial operations.

How Can Remote Monitoring Improve After-Hours Security?

A worksite monitored 24/7 with night vision capability is a safer, more efficient workplace. Use remote video monitoring to improve factory efficiency and industrial safety in these key areas:
  • Night Vision Surveillance Cameras allow you to oversee what happens on your premises even when you’re not present. This can have the overall effect of improving protocol adherence among employees and staff. Additionally, you can review footage of your operations at work to pinpoint areas of improvement for increased operational efficiency.
  • Liability Improvement. With remote monitored surveillance cameras on-site, you can reduce your business insurance costs and decrease the likelihood and costs of claims as a result of improved safety. Plus, having recorded footage gives you reliable evidence> if you do need to file a claim or present legal defense.
Video commercial Surveillance security

Night vision video camera systems deter crime

After hours security is critical to prevent crime. Professional video security solutions protects your business, preventing incidental or intentional employee criminal involvement, including:

    • Violence
    • Harassment
    • Kidnapping
    • Illicit Trade
    • Employee Thef

Why Choose Mobile Video Guard for After-Hours Security?

Mobile Video Guards is a leader of remote monitored security in D.C., VA, and MD. While our specialty is outdoor and industrial security services, we’re well equipped for a variety of security needs. And if you can’t find the security solution you’re looking for here, head over to our parent company, SMART Security Pros for more. We think Mobile Video Guard may be the fit you need for factory, facility, and industrial site security.

Night Vision Cameras + 24/7 Monitoring

Superior Security for Less Than The Price of Security Guards

Have you been thinking of hiring security guards? Guards are right for some settings, but mobile video monitoring is better suited for your after-hours industrial security needs. If you’ve hired security guards in the past, the following may sound familiar:

  • High Costs: Hiring security guards to ensure site security can get pretty costly. Especially on weekends and holidays – times when your site may be most vulnerable.
  • Limited scope of surveillance: You’ll need more than one security guard to monitor almost any size area. A guard’s field of vision is pretty limited in comparison with a multi-directional camera. 
  • Conflicting priorities: While most security guards do their best, the fact is many security jobs are part-time gigs. Even the most committed security guards may fall prey to fatigue in a quiet, after-hours shift.

The solution? Mobile Video Guard. Our cameras do away with all the drawbacks of physical security. Our services protecting your site night and day with advanced yet affordable surveillance. We deliver real-time, total site surveillance for 60% – 90% less than it would cost to hire security guards.

Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage
New Construction site surveillance

The Surveillance Technology

Our Expertise: High-Tech Equipment, Strict Standards, and Experience

Our mobile video surveillance options are built tough, designed specifically to meet your security requirements in large or remote spaces outdoors. Our night vision camera system features include:

  • Several Camera Views
  • Pole or Wall Mount Options
  • Time-Lapse Video
  • Motion Detect Cameras
  • Speakers to “Talk To” the site
  • Red and Blue Strobe Light Alarm System
  • Cellular Modem for Secure Wireless Video Feed
  • Mobile App Syncs Feed to Your Phone

We have eyes on your site with secure live feed, and you can too. Our surveillance camera systems can transfer secure video feed to your phone once you install our mobile application.

The Team

Experts Who Truly Care About Your Site

Mobile Video Guard was founded by Shawn Scarlata, founder of SMART Security Pros, our parent company. He has been a leader in the security field for more than two decades, with over 25 years of committed law enforcement and security experience.  Shawn is a well-known security instructor in D.C. and is responsible for overseeing training of every security hire. We choose our team from law-enforcement trained individuals with proven commitment to integrity and safety. Each security specialist also goes through our own rigorous security training program before officially joining our team.  This combination of high-tech surveillance and dedication to quality personnel makes Mobile Video Guard an exceptionally reliable service.
Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage

Your Experience: Impeccable Service for What You Need, When You Need It, Every Time

Mobile Video Guard delivers excellence in 24/7 surveillance for your industrial security needs.

Mobile monitoring Systems

Surveillance System Options

We’re equipped to secure your site with one of our two mainstay remote surveillance options: Whether you have security cameras on-site already, or whether you need them installed, our security technicians can handle it. We’ll discuss your needs, connect your site to our remote monitoring service, and deliver the most reliable surveillance you’ve ever experienced. Remote Site Security Specialists will monitor your feed from our operations center to alert your local law enforcement personnel when we detect any suspicious activity on site. Our remote units are a unique solution to the problems faced by unprotected, outdoor sites with open access or poorly defended boundaries. Our mobile video units are portable, rugged, and equipped with crime-deterrent features. Perfect for short-term use but also available for more long-term projects, these also connect your site to our Remote Site Security Specialists for round-the-clock security.
Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage

Work With Mobile Video Guard

Working with us is the simplest security experience you could want. Just three easy (and fast) steps:
  1. Get a Quote: Call or use our form – you’ll be surprised by our quick response time
  2. Simple Installation: Regardless of your service choice, we fulfill your request fast
  3. Reliable Security: Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re on the job even when you’re not
And you pay for the service you need month-by-month: no contract, no commitment. Just up-front pricing for high-quality service. Contact us now to get started!
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