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7 Trade Show Security Tips to Keep Your Exhibit Safe

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    Taking your company’s trade show security into your own hands can secure your products, even when you aren’t there to watch them. Here’s what to know.

    trade show security

    Trade shows are great ways to get your products and services out there for interested parties to see. You can drum up a lot of business in a hurry if you put together an engaging exhibit that attracts the right people, so these events can be extremely valuable for your company. 

    It’s also easy for items to go missing at trade shows, however, because thousands of people could interact with your display on any given day. There could also be people in the building after hours looking to get their hands on your valuables. Fortunately, you can utilize some common trade show security methods as you prepare for the event and organize your products inside the venue. 

    Here’s a look at seven exhibit security tips you won’t want to miss.

    1) Take a thorough inventory

    It’s a good idea to create a comprehensive checklist of everything you’re bringing with you before departing for the trade show. This inventory should include a list of the serial numbers of every piece of your display and other valuables you’ll be using. Taking photographs of these items is also advisable. This list ensures you’ll notice anything that goes missing during the trade show so you can review any video footage you have or make the necessary insurance claims.

    2) Buy insurance

    Items can go missing or incur damage during the event, so you’ll want to insure everything to protect your business. Remember that damage can occur during transportation to the event, too, so a door-to-door policy is your best bet. There could be multiple insurance policies available, including per-show options, so speak with your provider about the optimal coverage to meet your needs.

    3) Use non-working products

    Whenever possible, use non-working items in your displays. Suppose you’re selling phone cases, for example. You don’t have to include fully functional and operational versions of the latest cellphones in your presentation for customers to understand why your product is beneficial. A dummy product with a screen cover will work just fine. Of course, this isn’t always possible when potential customers want to try your products on-site, but this tip can help you reduce the value of the items in your display and make you a less likely target of trade show theft.

    4) Conceal valuables

    There’s a good chance your display will include some valuable items, even if you do your best to function without them. You might require monitors and tablets to give video presentations or keep products on-site for giveaways and promotions, for example. While you’ll likely have to place your monitors out in the open before attendees arrive for the day, it’s easy to keep promotional items hidden and secure until it’s time to give them away. Do your best to keep these items concealed for as long as possible before the show. Keep everything in locked boxes until they’re absolutely necessary to limit their time out in the open. 

    5) Mislabel expensive items

    Another possible way to keep expensive items safe is to purposely mislabel the boxes you store them in before and after the show. Thieves have limited time to enter your display and take off with valuable objects, so mislabeling items can waste this time and discourage them from trying to steal your goods. A box labeled “Phones” or “Monitors” is far more attractive to a thief than one with a “Miscellaneous” or “Supplies” label. 

    6) Remove what you can

    If you have small items around your display, try to take them with you at the end of each day. Tablets, phones, and other small electronics could go missing overnight, but removing them from the site and storing them in your hotel room ensures they’re safe for the next day. Bringing a roller-board suitcase to the trade show and filling it with small valuables at the end of each day allows you to keep a closer eye on all of these products while maximizing your trade show security

    7) Install monitored security cameras

    Perhaps the best exhibit security tip you’ll encounter is to install security cameras around your display. These cameras act as a deterrent and allow you to see where and when items disappeared. Here’s what to know:

    • Surveillance cameras provide real-time monitoring of your booth, offer clear proof of an incident for insurance purposes, and give you evidence of a crime for law enforcement investigations. 
    • A camera security system typically takes about five minutes to set up, but can save you all kinds of hassle in the future if your exhibit is victimized.
    • It’s also possible to have a security guard watch your feed after-hours when you can’t be at the trade show to protect your valuables. A trained professional will then monitor your feed between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM, and this person can even talk to potential thieves through the system’s speakers. 

    All of this comes together to create unparalleled trade show security that’s sure to deter theft from your display while helping you grow your business without worrying about potential crime.

    Enhance your exhibit security

    If the trade show circuit is a significant part of your business’s growth plan, taking your security seriously is essential. Investing in a system that deters theft and keeps your valuables secure will help you make the most of these shows while allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

    Mobile Video Guard offers monitored video surveillance at trade shows, construction yards, and other locations that don’t permit overnight access. Our team can install your surveillance system and watch the feed overnight, providing the highest level of trade show security. 

    Contact Mobile Video Guard to get a quote for your trade show security needs.


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