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How Farm Security Cameras Can Protect Your Assets

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    Installing surveillance cameras on your rural property can keep every corner of it safe.


    how farm security cameras help with protecting your assets

    Most farmland sits in remote locations outside city limits, leading many landowners to mistakenly believe their properties are safe. The problem is that farm equipment and animals are incredibly valuable, and thieves are becoming increasingly willing to travel to rural areas in search of a score.

    If you’re a farmer, it’s important that you take a few steps to protect your assets – and you might be surprised by the features that modern surveillance systems have to offer. The days of grainy footage and videotapes are long gone, as today’s cameras provide high-def images and offer a wealth of options you’re sure to find useful. Here’s a look at why you need a farm security system and some options to consider.

    Protect your animals

    Cattle rustling sounds like a crime straight out of the Old West, but it’s still alive and well in many parts of the country. The gist is that thieves will enter a farm and take off with some calves, selling them to other farms or at auction and keeping the profits. 

    In Texas alone, special rangers working with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association investigate over 1,000 missing cattle claims annually, many of which involve someone stealing livestock from a farm. There was even a case in 2022 where a county judge in west Texas and three other men were arrested for stealing cattle. Identifying suspects can be challenging because it could be anyone.

    Tagging or branding cattle can help, of course, but surveillance cameras can provide immediate and actionable evidence if rustlers come after your herd. Plus, just knowing that they’re being filmed can make some thieves think twice before coming onto your property. 

    Watch your farm equipment

    Balers, tractors, and self-propelled sprayers tend to hold their value over the years, making them a common target for thieves with the means to remove them from the farm. Thieves look for equipment sitting in unsecured barns or remote sections of rural property and can load it onto a truck in a matter of minutes. In some cases, it could be days before the farmer notices this equipment is gone, at which point recovery is unlikely.

    To protect property and your livelihood, you can register this equipment with the National Equipment Register, which will allow it to be tracked if it’s ever stolen. Even so, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever recover these items once they’re gone. Installing visible security cameras in areas you keep this equipment, however, will provide a way to identify thieves and deter them from trespassing in the first place.

    Receive live alerts

    Farm camera security systems offer an effective way to watch your property around the clock. Some systems provide live alerts when there’s a trespasser on the property, allowing you to intervene before thieves can remove anything of value. These camera systems are often equipped with motion detectors and can alert you of a breach via push notification or email. Some cameras even integrate AI to limit false alarms caused by animals walking on the farm.

    Your farm security camera system could utilize night vision, as well, ensuring you have a clear shot of any trespassers when it’s dark outside. After all, most thieves will strike at night when they don’t believe anyone is around, so investing in night vision cameras makes a lot of sense. 

    Selecting your cameras

    You’ll have a few options when choosing a farm security camera system, and it’s best to carefully consider your property’s needs before deciding on a setup. For example, long-range surveillance monitoring is often possible since farms have large wide-open spaces with unobstructed views.

    The gist is that you can watch large chunks of land with only a few cameras because each device can monitor hundreds of square feet in high definition. These setups make your system easier to monitor and maintain, adding peace of mind as you protect your farm.

    Remote sections of your farm might not have the power to run a security camera, but there are solutions to that problem, as well. For starters, you can install a battery-powered remote camera that doesn’t require electricity. This camera can send data via your 5G network, too, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi. 

    Solar-powered cameras are another good choice, especially since you won’t have to worry about changing batteries. Weatherproof cameras are also worth considering since wide-open spaces generally mean that your cameras will be exposed to the elements.

    Another option worth considering is remote video monitoring. When using this service, a trained off-site security guard will monitor your farm’s video feed and intervene whenever necessary. These remote monitoring services can take your farm security to the next level by minimizing the chances of your assets going missing. This result is a safe property that’s unlikely to be victimized by thieves anytime soon.

    As you can see, there’s a farm camera system for every security need you have as a rural property owner. And they’ll all give you greater peace of mind while ensuring that your farm is far safer than ever before.

    Take the next steps to secure your farm

    It might sound complicated, but farm security is simple once you invest in the right camera system. Video surveillance acts as a deterrent, too, because thieves are less likely to enter your rural property if they know you could be watching. 

    If you need some help getting started, Mobile Video Guard can help you find the perfect camera system for your farm. Our team will ensure you end up with the ideal setup, providing peace of mind as you protect your property. We also offer 24/7 monitoring services, so you’ll always know there’s a trained eye on your property. Contact Mobile Video Guard to learn more about how we can protect your assets or to get a quote.


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