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4 Reasons to Have Cloud-Based Video Security Systems for Your Property

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    Investing in the Right Cloud-Based Video Security Systems can Save You Money While Providing Optimal Video Security Coverage

    Reasons to Have Cloud-Based Security Systems

    As you create a custom video monitoring system for your business, the question of how you’ll store your data will arise. Traditionally, companies would store their video footage on-site, as there weren’t any other options available. 

    Today, you can opt for a cloud-based solution where your system stores video files remotely, so there’s nothing tangible on your property. This option ensures that trespassers won’t have access to your data, keeping it more secure in case of a break-in.

    The benefits of video surveillance are numerous, but thinking about how you’ll store your footage is an essential piece of the puzzle. Here are four reasons why you should choose cloud-based security systems as part of your remote-monitoring solution.

    1. Ease of access

    The main benefit of a cloud-based security system is the off-site access you’ll have to your video footage. When you invest in cloud storage, you, your remote monitoring security team, and authorized staff will have access to this data anytime and anywhere, so you won’t have to head into the workplace to review it. 

    Cloud-based systems make all live and historical feeds available to anyone with credentials and an internet connection. The result is easier data retrieval and real-time updates for anyone who needs the footage. 

    The simpler it becomes for everyone involved to view the data, the faster they can create actionable solutions when there’s a breach at your business. Cloud storage also makes it more convenient to share your video with the police, lawyers, and anyone else involved in a potential investigation.

    2. Ability to scale

    Scaling a cloud camera system couldn’t be easier because the entire process is virtual. You won’t have to purchase larger storage devices and deal with installing them because scaling a cloud-based system only involves contacting your service provider and asking for more space. Of course, your monthly fees will increase as you require more storage. More info on Cloud Storage.

    Cloud-based systems allow you to subscribe to as much or as little storage space as you want, based on your current needs. If you purchase an additional building or property and require more space, upgrading your services takes a matter of minutes. All you have to do is install the extra cameras you need. Get a free estimate today from mobile video guard.

    You can also expand your storage needs if you save more video than expected. You could need this additional video when facing specific threats or if recommended by your security team, so it’s nice to have the option. 

    3. Simple to maintain

    Cloud security systems can be far easier to maintain than their offline counterparts. You don’t have to worry as much about hardware compatibility because this technology is highly adaptable. 

    For example, you might upgrade your cameras to include HD capabilities, night vision, thermal sensors, or license plate detection. In this situation, you won’t have to worry about upgrading your storage systems simultaneously because your cloud-based system is compatible with nearly anything you choose. The result is a smoother transition with minimal, if any, downtime.  Call mobile video guard today to learn more.

    4. Improved safety

    Investing in a cloud-based security system also ensures that your security footage is safe. In the past, criminals caught on video could destroy the camera or locate your storage system and damage it before leaving the premises. This scenario would result in lost footage that you couldn’t recover. 

    Since cloud-based systems store this footage virtually, there’s no way these criminals can access and destroy it after realizing they’ve been caught on video. 

    This feature also protects your data from internal thieves because the cloud servers will only be accessible via a password or two-step verification. Therefore, only those with adequate credentials can see the footage, and you’ll know who’s accessing it. 

    Possible Drawbacks of Cloud-Based Security

    Despite all the benefits associated with cloud-based security systems, some negatives are worth considering as you decide. Local storage options are still available and could be the better choice in some situations. 

    • First, cloud-based systems usually require a monthly subscription fee for storage. So you can’t purchase your space outright but will instead rent it from a service provider. This feature could make local storage a more cost-effective solution over time. 
    • Next, cloud technology has a slight learning curve because everything is online. If you’re used to dealing with video in a control room, getting accustomed to cloud-based surveillance could take a little time. You’ll have to train your security team as well.
    • Cloud-based solutions are also 100% reliant on your internet connection. So if your service goes down, the system won’t send your data to its destination. You can mitigate this issue by investing in an on-site backup storage system. 
    • Finally, your cloud storage system will require significant bandwidth. You might have to upgrade your internet service to ensure there aren’t any gaps in coverage, especially if you’re running multiple cameras at a large facility. This bandwidth consumption could also hinder internet performance elsewhere in the building unless you invest in a dedicated connection for your security system. 

    These minor issues shouldn’t be overly concerning, however, because the access and scalability of cloud-based systems more than make up for them.

    Investing in the Right Security System

    You know your business better than anyone and should be fully aware of your security needs. The benefits of video surveillance are extensive, and adding a cloud-based storage option as part of your custom solution could make a lot of sense in many scenarios. 

    Mobile Video Guard offers customized surveillance and remote monitoring solutions for companies of all sizes. We can help put the ideal security system together, ensuring your business has all the protection it needs. Contact Mobile Video Guard for more information on cloud-based security systems or to get a free quote today!


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