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Enhancing Business Security: 7 Major Benefits of Adopting Mobile Security Systems

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    Business property security is critical no matter what industry you’re part of. However, many businesses, especially small businesses, do not take active steps to protect themselves from break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes.

    If you aren’t already using a mobile security system, now is an excellent time to start. These systems offer many benefits over older models and can help you shield your business from a variety of incidents.

    In this blog, you’ll learn more about how mobile security systems work and the top seven advantages they offer businesses like yours.

    Understanding Mobile Security Systems

    Many people are hesitant to invest in security systems because they don’t understand how they work or the different components that comprise them. Here’s a quick breakdown of the various elements of mobile security systems to get you up to speed:

    • Cameras: Of course, every security system should include cameras. Cameras allow you to record your business day and night and collect valuable footage that could serve as evidence if you fall victim to a crime.
    • Motion sensors: Motion sensors, as the name suggests, detect motion in your business and can alert you if someone is on the property after hours.
    • Loudspeakers: Loudspeakers allow you to converse directly with someone who has entered your business or the surrounding area and let them know they’re being recorded.
    • Lights: Many mobile security systems include lights, including strobe and motion-activated lights, that increase visibility and allow you to see what’s going on at your business, let an intruder know they’ve been caught, etc.

    Mobile security systems are also wireless, making them easy to set up and deploy. They are perfect for business owners who don’t want to spend hours getting tangled up in wires just to ensure their system is up and running.

    Advantages of Mobile Security Systems

    In addition to being wireless and easy to deploy, mobile security systems offer many other benefits to business owners. Here are seven of the most noteworthy ones to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you want to invest in a security system:

    1. Real-Time Monitoring

    Mobile systems enable 24/7 surveillance of your business. Even when you can’t physically be there (no matter how devoted you are to your business, you still have to sleep sometimes), you can trust that your building is being watched and that you will be alerted if something goes wrong​​.

    2. Flexibility

    Mobile video security systems are wireless and, thus, easy to set up and relocate as your business’s security needs change.

    For example, you might start with cameras only at the front of your store but then decide you need to focus more attention on the back alley. In that case, you can quickly move a camera to that part of your business to keep it protected.

    3. Leave No Trace

    Because they’re wireless, mobile security systems are also non-intrusive. They take up very little space and won’t interfere with your business’s interior or exterior decor. You can easily set cameras up in various locations, too. Hang them on the ceiling, mount them above the back door, or set one up near the register — the options are limitless.

    4. Proactive Deterrence

    Visible security features — such as mobile security systems — can act as deterrents to potential criminal activities​​. Research shows that the mere presence of a security camera can prevent people from entering your business and trying to commit a crime.

    5. Remote-Friendly

    The wireless nature of mobile security camera systems also makes them ideal for remote environments — such as the construction site where your business is currently being built — as well as sensitive locations where it might not be practical to set up conventional, wired cameras, lights, sensors, etc.

    6. Reduced Pressure on Personnel

    Mobile systems also alleviate safety risks for security staff​​.

    Employing a security guard is a good way to protect your business and deter crime, but one guard can’t be everywhere at once. They’re also only human and might miss things that a camera can pick up on.

    Knowing that cameras are recording all essential areas of the business can give you and your security personnel peace of mind.

    7. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

    Mobile security systems typically offer cloud-based monitoring and control​​. That means you can access the system to review footage, communicate with someone at the business, etc., directly from a phone or tablet.

    This increased accessibility can also offer peace of mind and help you ensure your business is always secure.

    What to Look for in a Mobile Business Surveillance System

    Are you ready to experience all the benefits mentioned above? If so, you must make sure you choose the right mobile security system.

    The following tips will help you vet your options carefully and select the best one for your business:

    Consider Camera Views

    Look for security systems with cameras that offer 360-degree views. This ensures that they can capture activity from every angle, providing you with a more comprehensive view of your business.

    Look for Remote Monitoring Options

    Ideally, your cameras will be monitored by trained security guards during the most vulnerable hours (i.e., overnight from 6 pm to 6 am). If you want them to be monitored on holidays or weekends, you should also be able to arrange for additional surveillance. Remote Construction Site Security Cameras

    Ask About Mobile App

    Look for a mobile security system that includes a convenient and easy to navigate mobile app. Ask to see how the app works and ensure it’s well-designed so you can figure it out quickly and get the most out of it.

    Request a Quote

    Always ask for a quote from a security company before investing in their mobile security system. They should offer a free quote so you can compare prices and consider the value you get for each price (remember that it might be worthwhile to spend more money to get a superior system that offers more features, better monitoring options, etc.). Request a free quote today.

    Check Out Customer Testimonials

    Don’t forget to look up customer testimonials, too. Reading about other people’s experiences can help you get a sense of how the security system will work for you and help you protect your business.


    There’s no denying the transformative role of mobile security systems in business security. Investing in a mobile security system allows for real-time monitoring, reduced pressure on your staff, and on-the-go accessibility so you can check in on your business at any time.

    If you want to experience all the benefits that these systems have to offer, Mobile Video Guard is here to help. We provide flexible security solutions to suit your business’s unique needs.

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