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How Auto Dealership Security Systems Can Help with Understaffing Due to COVID

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    COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on just about every business, and auto dealerships are no different. Many of the latter have had to turn to online sales to keep themselves above water. At the same time, it brings big problems for car lots in monitoring security. Many car dealerships have had to cut their security staff as a result of the virus, leaving security vulnerabilities a daily possibility. With fewer people around to monitor things, someone could easily come in and steal a car or do other theft/damage. Rather than rely strictly on hiring physical security, hi-tech security systems help fill in the gap. Take a look at how this brings you numerous advantages.

    How Do Security Video Cameras Work for Car Dealerships?

    According to recent news reports from around the U.S., theft in auto dealerships is going up due to COVID-19. In the U.S. south, for example, numerous dealerships have had thieves break in, take keys, and drive off with cars on the lot.

    This was mostly unheard of before the age of quarantining. Your dealership may face the same risks if not already. And if having to lay off day or overnight security, it doesn’t help matters.

    Investing in security video cameras might sound equally expensive as hiring real security guards. It may be if you buy the cameras outright as part of your annual business investments. With state-of-the-art technology available now on these cameras, they are always expensive.

    When considering the option of leasing security equipment, a whole new path opens up on convenience and financial level. Being able to set these cameras up to monitor your dealership during the daylight slowdowns (and at night) will help you in myriad ways.

    The Benefits of Remote Monitoring From Your Security Cameras

    Thanks to wireless technology, all security cameras are able to be monitored 24/7 from a mobile device. This means if you have to leave your dealership grounds during an overly quiet day, you can keep tabs on what’s going on there through your phone or tablet.

    Things you can monitor in the process include:

    • Every inch of your lot, especially if your dealership is on a large expanse of land.
    • Your offices to make sure no one unauthorized enters.
    • Those who gain access to personal client data.
    • Auto repair centers you may have on the lot. Tools stored in there could be stolen.
    • Preventing tire theft off your new or used cars.

    All of these are typical theft scenarios in auto dealerships nowadays. Considering the worth of these items, having this happen on a regular basis could end up costing you multiple thousands of dollars in capital losses.

    Being able to have a digital window available to monitor your dealership at all hours is invaluable, especially when leasing the cameras costs so much less. How does it work, though, when you can’t always take time to monitor the grounds yourself?

    Hiring a Professional Security Camera Provider for Monitoring

    To make the monitoring work, you obviously can’t check your phone or tablet yourself at all hours of the day and night. This is why live video monitoring is so important if ultimately done by a reliable, outsourced team.

    If you never have enough time to check the camera feeds yourself, a security team doing it for you from day until night will ease your mind. When something does happen, someone will notice the suspicious activity and immediately alert you. Even better, they’ll automatically send law enforcement out so the person doing the theft can perhaps be caught in the act.

    Understaffed Due to Covid? Auto Dealership Security Systems & How it Can Help

    Now you can focus on running your car dealership business and not feel like you have to check your phone every 15 minutes when out of the office. What makes this more important is the team working for you goes beyond just checking foot traffic activity. They also look at analytics and use digital intelligence tools to help prevent as well as detect.

    As a benefit to you, it’s still possible to acquire cameras that give you the best possible quality. While some dealerships prefer CCTV security cameras with delayed DVR monitoring, using the latest live security cams becomes a bigger imperative for a busy car lot.

    The Technologies Available Today in Security Systems

    Having advanced security camera technology available nowadays is perfect timing during a moment of business crisis for so many dealerships. Being able to secure their business without being at the mercy of thieves should give everyone a better sense of peace. While you turn to doing more car sales online, that’s more important than ever.

    Technologies like better angular views on the cameras makes a significant difference in what’s seen on your property. Also, 4K imagery is now available to help see more detail than ever. Using multiple cameras, this gives you a hawk eye’s view from multiple vantage points.

    Added to these newer cameras are features like loudspeakers so you can speak remotely to either the suspect on the grounds, or to any nearby personnel. Many security services also offer additional live monitoring on weekends or holidays. Now you can spend time with your family without worry about what’s going on at your dealership at any given moment.

    Even more important on the improved optics is the ability to read license plate numbers and adding strobe lights as a warning system to anyone entering your dealership property.

    Why Leasing Cameras for Your Dealership Will Save You Money

    If you never thought of leasing before, now is a good time to consider it since it ultimately cuts capital spend costs a great deal. Being able to lease your dealership security cameras allows you to use them when you want, then return them when you deem it necessary.

    In addition, leasing will give you the latest upgrades so you can always keep your security systems up-to-date without having to spend more.

    To learn more about video monitoring during the day and night due to fewer customers and staff working from COVID-19 shutdowns, visit us at Mobile Video Guard.


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