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10 Benefits of Night and Day Video Security Cameras

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    Right now, security is more important than ever. The ability to view your property, building, or construction site remotely is invaluable in today’s times. Using security cameras lets you protect your assets at all hours of the day and night, even when you can’t be there in person. What companies should be using mobile video surveillance systems, and what are some of the benefits of having 24-hour night and day video security cameras and surveillance?

    What are the Benefits of 24-hour Video Surveillance?

    There are a lot of reasons to keep your commercial property secure with 24-hour day and night security cameras. 

    More Eyes on Your Site

    Let’s face it, a professional security guard can never be everywhere at once, no matter how many years of experience they have. Nor do they have eyes in the back of their heads or the ability to scan 360 degrees from above. A system such as Mobile Video Guard gives you more eyes and angles on your site than a person on the ground ever could. For example, a camera mounted on a pole has a 360-degree view of your property. Other mounted units can look in four different directions at once. A typical set-up has two or three different security cameras in strategic locations, so this gives property owners and managers eight to 12 unique fields of view. 

    View Your Property From Your Phone with Your Security Camera

    Modern video surveillance systems include an app that you can download onto your phone. This gives you an instant and real-time view of your property, from every camera that you have installed. This gives you peace of mind, knowing at any time of the day or night, you can pull out your phone and have a view of your property or site from many different angles. Seeing your property remotely in real-time is an invaluable resource for owners and managers.

    Recorded Video Evidence

    If anything ever happens on your property, Mobile Video Guard records it. This means facility managers, project managers, and superintendents can pull up the past 24 hours’ worth of footage for review. These recordings can be used for evidence if a crime occurs, workers’ compensation claims for insurance, and quality control issues such as safety checks. 

    More Useful Surveillance Features

    Several unique and useful surveillance features are standard on these advanced mobile video units. All feature 4 different camera views, up to a 360° view of the area from 20 feet up (mounted on a building or pole), and security cameras that record any motion, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional security features include:

    • A loudspeaker to talk remotely to the site through the unit
    • Live monitoring at night from 6 PM until 6 AM
    • Additional 24-hour coverage on weekends and holidays available
    • Red and blue police-style strobe lights on the unit to deter criminals
    • Alerts sent to your phone when someone or something crosses the perimeter
    • Optional thermal cameras
    • Optional license plate readers

    Who Should Have Day and Night Security Cameras?


    For a wide variety of businesses, 24-hour video surveillance with cutting-edge camera equipment is a very smart idea. Any time staff is going to be away from a site, there should be a video camera to monitor movement and happenings on the property. Here are just a few of the many businesses that benefit from having 24-hour eyes on the premises. 

    Construction Sites

    Anyplace under construction can be especially vulnerable to theft after dark. There are often expensive tools and equipment left unsecured around the job site, which is a big temptation for thieves. A Mobile Video Guard system gives you eyes on your property 24/7, and notifies authorities if there is any unauthorized activity. On a more positive note, the surveillance camera system also will provide a time-lapse montage of the construction process, which is a great marketing and promotional tool for companies.

    Storage Yards

    Equipment yards and storage yards should not be skipped when it comes to video surveillance. Owners of these businesses know that these facilities often have little to no staff, and there are often very valuable equipment and materials being stored. Any theft or damage can cause massive job delays and a hike in costs. These sites are ideal for 360-degree cameras mounted on a pole or on the side of a large building. They offer 24-hour surveillance that you can tune into at any time from your smartphone. 

    Utility Infrastructure

    Infrastructure sites for utilities and other businesses are often in very remote locations that are rarely visited. These are ideal areas for remote video surveillance with Mobile Video Guard cameras. Since these cameras give you a view from four different angles at all times, you can keep tabs on remote locations from your smartphone. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have a record of it safely recorded. 

    Scrap and Recycling Yards

    Junkyard, scrap yards, and recycling centers are always targets for theft, especially during trying times. To the untrained eye, sites like these may seem non-essential. However, there are many things of value to be found, and pricey scrap metal like copper is a well-known target for thieves. Car parts are also a hot commodity. A Mobile Video Guard system is your modern-day junkyard dog, complete with flashing lights and a siren when triggered instead of a snarling dog like you see in the movies. 

    Car Dealerships

    Even well-lit car dealership parking lots are not immune to criminals at night. Lots full of shiny, expensive cars that stretch on and on are very difficult to monitor with a security guard. There are many spots that can only be seen from above, making a day and night video surveillance system a crucial part of a car dealership’s security plan for high-end inventory. 

    Talk to a CCTV surveillance professional about how a 24-hour day/night video surveillance system can benefit your company, both in terms of peace of mind, cost, and efficiency. Contact us today for a free consultation on your property, and start reaping all the benefits of mobile video surveillance for your business or property. 


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