Remote Monitoring for After Hours Car Dealership Security

Our solutions are designed to serve your car lot or dealerships with reliable, remote monitored surveillance. With eyes on your site at all times, your vehicles, property, and tools are protected against theft, vandalism, and trespassers.

Auto Dealers Are Frequent Targets of Theft

Whether you run a used car lot or luxury model dealership, your dealership is at risk for theft. Dealerships lose hundreds of thousands per year in theft, from high-end vehicles and cars in for service down to the tools in the shop. According to the Insurance Information Institute (IIS), while vehicle theft trended downward in the last 26 years, it’s become more sophisticated and harder to stop.

Keyless Entry Leads to Keyless Theft

Criminals constantly invent new ways to steal cars, including hacks for keyless entry models. Turns out, the modern tech that gives us the convenience of keyless technology also enables keyless thieves. In fact, four of the top five best-selling new cars are some of the most susceptible to keyless theft.
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Popular Cars are Popular Targets

The IIS has released an updated list of the most frequently stolen vehicles. The list is determined by whole-car theft claims submitted for 2016-2018 model year vehicles. 

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

  1. Dodge Charger HEMI
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  3. Infiniti Q50 4-door
  4. Infiniti QX80
  5. GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab
  6. Dodge Challenger
  7. Nissan Maxima
  8. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab
  9. Chrysler 300 4WD
  10. Mercedes-Benz S-Class 4-door

Chances are you’re selling several high-risk vehicles, keyless or not. And chances are, your security system can’t stop it from happening.

See it in action:

caught on mobile video guard security camera

No-Auto Property Loss

It’s not just vehicle inventory you need to worry about. While millions are lost per year to thieves driving cars right off the lot, dealerships in the U.S. have also lost hundreds of thousands in stolen tires and rims. Tools are vulnerable targets, too. And theft isn’t the only problem: vandalism is a high-cost concern. One dealership in California faced over $4 million in damage to over 100 vehicles due to vandalism. Don’t wait until your dealership has become a target. Take a proactive stance and invest in a remote monitored video surveillance system ASAP.
Video commercial Surveillance security

Enhance Your Auto Dealership Security with Monitored Video Surveillance

Car dealers carry high-value inventory daily. At night, is anyone there to protect it? Some lots hire security guards - but guard services often have a limited scope of vision, it may be impossible for guards to secure your entire property. Most lots have surveillance cameras on-site, but a quick glance at the news proves their security is ineffective. You need a security solution that combines trained security professionals with top-of-the-line technology to prevent crime and protect your business. Get security you can count on with Remote Video Guard’s monitoring service.

Superior Surveillance

Combines High-Tech and Human Training

Most dealership thefts occur at sites “secured” with surveillance cameras. The problem: security cameras alone do nothing. Surveillance on its own will not deliver the security you need. You need a mobile video surveillance system that helps prevent crime. Mobile Video Guard makes that happen with a 2-step crime prevention strategy:

  • Integrated Features Help Deter Crime Before it Happens

The average camera system simply watches your site. Mobile Video Guard is designed to help keep your site safe. That means we integrate crime-deterrent features including flashing, colored lights and one-way speakers.

Awareness of surveillance will deter most thieves and vandals. Those who persist will be verbally confronted as our Security Specialists loudly announce their appearance and actions over one-way speakers. If the trespassers ignore our warnings, you’re still protected – our Remote Surveillance Specialists have already taken action.

  • Highly Trained Surveillance Specialists Respond Immediately

With Mobile Video Guard, you have eyes on your site at it’s most vulnerable times with our mobile response centers. Our mobile response centers are manned by trained security professionals. All Mobile Video Guard personnel have at least 5 years of prior active law enforcement agency or security experience before hiring. Once hired, they go through rigorous security training tailored to our systems and standards. 

Our agents are trained to recognize suspicious activity of all types. As soon as any suspicious activity is detected, we call your local law enforcement immediately to apprehend the subjects quickly and efficiently before any damage is done.

Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage
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Mobile Video Guard Surveillance

What to Expect With Mobile Video Guard

Ready to secure the vehicle inventory and other valuables at your auto dealership? We’re ready to improve your car lot security any time with reliable, affordable remote video monitoring. When you call Mobile Video Guard, our security professionals will be glad to talk with you about your site. Be prepared for a few questions, including

  • Size of your site
  • Location of your site
  • Budgetary expectations
  • Any history with theft or vandalism
Based on your site’s size, location and unique needs based on your inventory and surroundings, we’ll recommend a system that’s perfect for you. Our solutions are always designed to minimize your security spend and maximize your security.

Advanced Monitoring Technology

We Take Care of the Installation

Whether you have cameras installed on-site already, or whether you need to start from the ground up with a brand-new system, we’re prepared to work with you. Our security specialists can generally connect your current system with our remote surveillance solutions. 

If that’s not possible, we can set up your site with a permanent surveillance installation customized to your needs. We can also equip your site with our totally mobile solution using our freestanding mobile units designed for outdoor or short-term use.

thermal video camera
why you need cctv for your construction site

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

You're Secure

As soon as we set up, your security service is ready to go. We monitor your site from the hours of 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. Our remote site security specialists watch your site closely with a trained eye, aided by advanced software that sends alerts anytime the set perimeter is crossed. Additionally, you can receive secure, live video feed from your site on your smartphone or other mobile devices – just download our app! Want a preview of our work? Click here.

Ready to Start?

Mobile Video Guard delivers fast, courteous service, whenever and wherever you need it. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, call us today at 844-701-5012 or use our easy online form to get a quote.

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