6 Construction Site Security Tips

Around a billion dollars are lost every year around the country to construction site theft.

Construction site security is not only critical to saving money but also to saving time. With every asset that is stolen or vandalized, more time and effort is being put into repairs and retrieval than should be.

6 Construction Site Security Tips

If you’ve experienced theft at your job site, or are trying to avoid it, keep reading these tips on how to secure your construction site against theft or vandalism.

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Zero Tolerance Policies

According to experts, 30 percent of employees engage in workplace theft.

That means some of those items that can’t be found might have made their way home with one of your contractors.

The best way to overcome workplace theft is to outline theft policies and make it very clear to everyone what the rules are. Then make it clear what consequences they can expect if those rules are broken.

Keep Your Site Secure

Signs, fences, and lights are more than likely going to deter thieves from wanting to make an effort, especially if they’re after an opportunistic steal.

Keeping your site well lit and gated off keeps it safer than your average site, even if you don’t have the budget for more site security equipment.

Equipment Registry

Registering your equipment with a well-known company will help the police find your equipment if you become the victim of a job site robbery.

Secure Your Construction Site

Contact Mobile Video Guard To Speak To a Security Expert

Mobile Video Guard

mobile video guard system is a great way to incorporate technological security and monitoring for your construction site. Now there’s no more worrying about your tools and equipment because they’re being watched.

Your Mobile Video Guard representative should have experience in the security and law enforcement field.  He or she will be able to give you a plan that gets the most coverage for your site at the lowest cost.  On average sites protected with Mobile Video Guard pay 60% or more less than they would hiring security guards.  And the site has more “eyes” on it than one security officer can provide.

For Large Sites Add a Site Security Officer in Combination with your Mobile Video Guard

A security officer can help supplement Mobile Video Guard cameras on a large site. They will be able to communicate directly with those watching the video feeds and respond immediately to an area of the site where activity is observed. Because they are easy to see, they will deter thieves and robbers from trying to take something from your site.

Allow Only One Access Point

Another good way to establish site security is to allow only one entry and exit point.  When this isn’t possible make sure that all access points are secured at night with chains and locks.

By doing this, you reduce the chances that someone can sneak equipment in and out without being noticed. Don’t forget to monitor it, as well.

Work With Mobile Security Guard

Keep Your Construction Safe and Well-Monitored

Security Services and More

The security of your construction site and employees is critical to you, so it’s just as important to us. By investing in SMART Security Pros and our services, you make your company stronger and more secure.

Contact us for more information and get your Security Service Quote today!

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