Your Tow Lot Benefits from Monitored Video Surveillance

When you own a tow lot, you often have millions of dollars worth of property sitting ripe for the picking for thieves and vandals.

Car lots are a mecca for thievery which is why you need to take extra steps to protect the vehicles on your lot.

Video surveillance can provide your business with a cost-effective way to manage theft and crime and even help you to avoid potential fraudulent lawsuits from people who are unhappy that their car was towed.

It can also replace or reduce the amount of on-site personnel you will need to monitor your property which can save you money.

Read on to learn more about this and the other benefits of using monitored surveillance for your tow lot.

Prevent Vehicle Theft at Your Tow Lot

The most obvious reason to install cameras is theft prevention. Whether it is the entire vehicle or the expensive components inside, theft can cost a car lot business time, money, and their reputation.

With well-placed cameras, no one will be able to access your lot without your knowledge. This allows you to quickly alert the authorities if someone unauthorized comes onto the property.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to have a sense of trust with the people they do business with.

If your tow lot has a lot of theft, then businesses will hire someone else to tow vehicles from their property.

Increase Onsite Survellience Efficiency

Modern security cameras allow your staff to efficiently monitor all parts of your business. They can be easily integrated into your existing security system to ensure that every angle of your lot is being protected.

With convenient features like mobile viewing and instant alerts, you will be able to keep up with all of the security needs of your business easily.

Save Money

By installing video cameras, you won’t have to hire as many people to monitor your property.

Instead of having multiple people roaming the site, you can have one person remotely monitor the entire area saving your employee’s time and you, money.

Reduce Liability

Accidents happen, but without the right video surveillance, you could be on the hook for fraudulent claims.

Reduce your liability by installing cameras around your lot.

Identify Prohibited Vehicles

When you run a large lot, sometimes a vehicle or two will be able to slip out the gate without notice.

While most lots have attendants that control gates to keep people who haven’t paid from leaving, this isn’t always a fool-proof solution.

Install cameras with the capability to read license plates.

That way, you can keep track of what vehicles come on and off your property so that you can press charges or take other punitive action against customers who remove their vehicle from the lot illegally.

Hiring a Professional Security Service

Keeping the vehicles on your lot protected requires the right security system with cameras and armed personnel.

If you are ready to take your business’ safety seriously, then contact us today and we will put together a plan that works.

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