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Warehouse Security: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Property

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    Protecting your inventory is vital, and an unsecured warehouse offers an easy target for thieves

    why are warehouse security systems necessary

    Storing inventory in a warehouse is convenient for many business owners because it creates an accessible area away from the storefront to keep stock secure. However, these goods are only as safe as your security system makes them, as thieves commonly target warehouses – and employees could victimize these locations, too.

    If you’re renting warehouse space for your business, there’s a good chance you’re storing a significant amount of stock in that location. And keeping that merchandise safe can make all the difference to the success of your business. 

    Because, let’s face it, once inventory goes missing, the chance of recovery is relatively low. According to the FBI, only 28.9% of all stolen goods are ever recovered – a number that’s inflated by the fact that authorities recover 56.1% of locally stolen vehicles. 

    For most goods, recovery rates are significantly lower than 29%. Police recover televisions and stereos only 4.3% of the time, household goods in 4.4% of cases, and clothing and furs at a rate of 8.1%. Of the more than $13.3 billion of property reported stolen in 2019, only $3.9 billion was recovered, and $3.2 billion of that number came from cars.

    It’s almost certain, then, that if inventory goes missing from your warehouse, you aren’t getting it back, which means that your entire business could be at risk without an adequate security system. Protect your valuable property – and the future of your business – by making warehouse security a priority. Here’s a look at some of the most reliable options available today.

    Security methods to consider

    Every warehouse is different, so your security solution should depend on your company’s individual needs. Considering multiple options ensures you make a decision that provides the best results for your business. 

    You might first look at installing fences around the warehouse’s perimeter. While this security method is hardly foolproof, it provides a physical barrier against intruders that could encourage them to move on to an easier target. A fence also makes it easier to control access to the property, as you can install gates that every visitor must bypass before heading into the warehouse.

    Lighting can also make your warehouse more secure. Most break-ins happen under cover of darkness, which you can eliminate by keeping the entire property well-lit. Lights triggered by motion sensors add another layer of security because the lights suddenly turning on could be enough to scare off trespassers. 

    An access-control system ensures that you know who’s on-site at all times. These systems track everyone who enters a building by requiring them to use a personal key or code. If employee theft is an issue at your warehouse, this method of tracking worker movements could deter such problems in the future. 

    On-site security guards are another excellent deterrent; many thieves will simply move on to another target if they know someone is at the warehouse around the clock. Hiring full-time staff to protect your warehouse may be expensive, but it provides results. 

    An alarm system is also a great way to keep thieves at bay. You can also integrate your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms into your security system, helping keep everyone on the property safe. And incorporating a video surveillance system with your alarm provides even greater protection.

    The role of monitored video surveillance

    Video security stands alone as an all-in-one solution for warehouse security. You can maximize your camera system by going with a monitored option, which means trained security personnel will keep an eye on your feed at night and intervene if they spot any suspicious activity. 

    Unlike an on-site security guard, a video surveillance system can monitor multiple parts of your warehouse at once – both inside and out – while recording the feed, so you’ll have video evidence in case of a break-in. Your camera system also enables you to keep an eye on your employees, helping minimize internal theft. 

    You can watch your warehouse video feed on your mobile device, as well, so you always know what’s going on. If you have a feeling something is amiss, or simply want to watch how your employees interact while you aren’t there, video surveillance is the answer.

    Upgrades such as motion detectors, thermal sensors, and license plate detectors are available with your camera system. These devices can catch and identify intruders you might otherwise miss.

    As you can see, there are many options available when it comes to protecting your warehouse from thieves, but monitored video surveillance takes security to the next level by ensuring that there are always eyes on your valuable property. Monitored surveillance can also save you money compared to on-site security because you won’t have to pay full-time staff to wander the premises at night. 

    Develop a custom solution

    Keeping your warehouse safe from thieves is an ongoing process that will evolve as you notice more vulnerabilities. Creating a custom solution for your property – which could involve a combination of fencing, lighting, alarms, and video security – will keep your warehouse as safe as possible from internal and external threats. The result is safer inventory for your business and greater peace of mind for you.

    Mobile Video Guard offers monitored video surveillance solutions for businesses of all types, from large construction sites to small retail stores and everything in between. We can help create a custom video surveillance system for your warehouse, enabling you to minimize theft moving forward. Contact Mobile Video Guard for more information or to get a quote.


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