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What is a Commercial Building Security System?

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    A commercial security system can be made up of many different tools that keep your business safe

    what is a commercial building security system

    Commercial building security is a broad term that includes all the various methods businesses might use to curb theft, trespassing, and vandalism. Companies have different needs when it comes to security, so the measures they take depend on their security goals and budgets.

    That said, every commercial security system should include at least one deterrent of some sort to scare criminals away from the property. It should also provide a way to react quickly to security breaches and identify trespassers who enter the building or yard. 

    Developing a custom security solution is your best bet when attempting to keep your business safe from criminals. So what is a commercial building security system? Here’s a look at everything one of these systems has to offer.

    Alarm systems

    Burglar and fire alarm systems protect your commercial property from multiple threats. Not only do these devices warn those on-site about a potential security or safety risk, but they can be set up to notify local emergency services, as well.

    A burglar alarm utilizes sensors that activate when someone breaches the property. It can then notify your security team or even local law enforcement. You can install these sensors in various locations, including doors, windows, fences, and walkways, so there isn’t anywhere for intruders to go without tripping them. The only real drawback is the potential for false alarms.

    Fire alarm systems are essential to any commercial building because they notify everyone on the property about a potential hazard. You can also set these systems up to inform the fire department if an alarm is triggered, potentially limiting your losses if there’s an incident.

    Keycard access and smart locks

    Keycard systems allow only individuals with an ID card or fob into the building. Employees have to swipe these cards to get through doors, which prevents trespassers from entering. And since each employee has a unique card, these systems have the added benefit of keeping track of everyone who enters an area or room. So if something goes missing, you know who to ask. The biggest downside of keycard systems is the cost, which can be prohibitive. 

    You can also opt for smart locks at your commercial property, which you can change on the fly. So, if an employee loses their keys and believes they may have fallen into the wrong hands, you can quickly change the locks without completely re-keying them. You can also set an alert, and these locks will inform you if an unauthorized individual opens a door or if a door is left open at night. 

    Intercom systems

    An intercom entrance system ensures that no one can enter the property unless they have the necessary authorization. The idea is that every person who wants to enter through your front gates or doors will have to speak with someone inside via an intercom system, and only those with permission to be there can proceed.

    Intercom systems work well to keep unwanted intruders away from your buildings, but they don’t create a very welcoming environment for visitors. This type of commercial security system can make your business feel like a prison, which could turn off potential customers. For that reason, intercom systems are best for warehouses, factories, and other businesses that don’t really cater to the public.

    Automatic lighting

    A well-lit commercial building is less likely to be the target of crime. Thieves and vandals tend to work under cover of darkness, so adequate lighting can make them think twice about trying to break in.

    Smart lighting and outlets allow you to control the lights remotely using your smartphone. As a result, you can turn them on when you’re notified of a trespasser or at random times throughout the evening. You can also install motion detectors that turn the lights on whenever there’s a breach, potentially scaring trespassers away before they take anything. 

    You’ll want your lights to be as bright as possible, so there’s nowhere for these criminals to hide once they enter your commercial property. 

    Video surveillance

    A video surveillance system is perhaps the best way to secure your commercial building because you can use it in many ways. For starters, these systems record video footage, so you can see where criminals entered a building and potentially identify them. Video cameras also do an excellent job of catching internal thieves because you’ll have clear evidence to review once you notice something is missing.

    You can equip your camera system with an intercom so you or your security team can communicate with trespassers, letting them know that the authorities are on the way. This communication creates a sense of urgency for thieves, hopefully forcing them to flee before they get away with any of your goods. 

    Your video security solution can also include remote monitoring services, so trained surveillance agents will keep an eye on your property at night and intervene if anything suspicious happens. This method is perhaps the most efficient way to keep your commercial building safe because you won’t need to hire on-site security personnel to maintain these benefits. 

    You can set surveillance cameras up anywhere on your commercial property, and they’ll ensure you never miss anything that happens at your business, no matter the time of day or night.

    Developing the security solution you need

    Every business has different security requirements, so creating a custom solution is your best bet. Utilizing a few of these methods will give you outstanding coverage while ensuring no crimes on your commercial property go unnoticed. The result is a safer business with fewer thefts and vandalism-related losses.

    Mobile Video Guard provides monitored video security for our clients. We can help you develop a custom commercial security system that keeps your building safe and guarantees that someone is watching your video feed for trespassers. Contact Mobile Video Guard for more information on how to install a video surveillance system at your business or to get a quote.


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