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How to Vandal Proof Security Cameras

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    Wanting to protect your property is natural. In addition to alarming doors and windows, many homeowners and business owners opt to install security cameras. The cameras are a great way to deter things like vandalism, property damage, and can even prevent crimes from taking place near your property. 

    One of the most bizarre things about owning security cameras is that there have been instances of security cameras getting vandalized. There have been instances of both residential and commercial security cameras getting vandalized. Read on to learn how to vandal proof security cameras in our guide.

    Why Security Cameras Get Vandalized

    There are a few different reasons that security cameras draw the attention of vandals. The most obvious reason for damaging a security camera is because someone wants to break into your business or home. Damaging the camera means it’s not capturing any footage, which significantly decreases the odds of the person ever getting identified. Some thieves will even damage a camera several days before they break into a home so that they can assess the overall quality of the security system and determine if the possible gains are worth the potential risk.

    While robbery is the most obvious reason to vandalize a security camera, a surprising amount of damage is actually done by people, especially young adults who often vandalize security cameras as part of a dare or hazing process. The problem is that afterward, if the vandals aren’t caught, they often brag about the exploit and word gets around that your property isn’t as well protected as it should be, which makes it an appealing target for thieves.

    In the case of businesses, it’s not uncommon for a disgruntled employee to be the culprit behind a vandalized security camera.

    The end result of the vandalism is always the same. You’re forced to purchase additional security cameras to replace the ones that the vandals damaged, plus you start worrying about how you can possibly hope to protect your property when you can’t even protect the cameras you thought would handle your protection needs.

    Go as High as Possible

    Height is a remarkable deterrent when it comes to vandals and security cameras. The higher your security camera is mounted, the harder it becomes for vandals to damage it. The thing you have to keep in mind is that higher you mount the camera, the smaller subjects will appear which can make it difficult to distinguish them. The best workaround is first figuring out where you plan on mounting your camera and measure the distance from there to the ground. Using this information, you can choose a model that has the zoom and resolution to provide adequate identification of anyone who breaks into your property.

    Consider Hiding Places 

    If vandals can’t find your security cameras, they can’t vandalize them. Tucking your security cameras into nooks and crannies, or hiding them under the shadows of gutters is a great way to protect them from vandalism. What you want to keep in mind is that the places you hide your security cameras from potential vandals is that there is always a chance that the location will also restrict the area the camera is able to view. Hiding your security cameras might require you to install additional cameras just so you are confident that your property is properly protected.

    Going Wireless

    Your security cameras aren’t the only thing that attracts vandals, if you’re not using wireless cameras, there’s a good chance that vandals will attack and destroy any cords and cables they’re able to find. Not only does this force you to replace the cables and cords, but it can also result in your camera getting damaged.  

    The good news is that exposed cables and wires can be protected. One of the simplest ways of doing this is covering the cables with a durable metal conduit. Not only does the conduit prevent vandals from pulling on or slicing up the cables/wires, but the conduit also protects them from the weather damage.

    Be Diligent About Monitoring Your Security Feed

    A security system isn’t any good if it’s never monitored. Vandals and thieves have a knack for figuring out when a business doesn’t routinely check the security footage caught by their cameras. When vandals know that there is a good chance that they’ll get caught and even arrested they’re far less likely to come onto your property.

    Vandal Proof Security Cameras

    How to Vandal Proof Your Security Cameras
    A close-up of three security cameras installed on the corner of a building.

    One of the best ways to protect your security camera from vandals is by installing vandal-proof security cameras. Vandal-proof security cameras are encased in either a sturdy dome cover or fitted with metal housings that enable them to continue working even after they’ve sustained an enormous amount of abuse. They are also designed so that they take a remarkably clear image, even on extremely dark nights, which increases the odds of catching anyone who steps onto your property without first getting your permission.

    Vandal-proof security cameras are a great choice for anyone who finds themselves struggling to find a security camera that can withstand a great deal of inclement weather, dust/debris abuse, and construction/road vibrations.

    Routinely Check Your Security Cameras

    Failing to replace or repair a damaged security camera is almost as bad as not having any at all. Would-be vandals and burglars are adept at noticed a camera that is damaged or has simply stopped working and will take that as an invitation to disrupt both your property and peace of mine. The sooner you deal with the damaged equipment, the sooner you’ll enjoy peace of mind.

    Reviewing the footage captured by your security camera is something you should plan on doing every day or two. It’s not uncommon for vandals to spend a few nights checking out the property while they decide to violate your rights. Frequently reviewing your security footage and making note of any suspicious behavior not only helps the authorities apprehend the individuals if they do violate your property and attempt to vandalize your cameras but also helps you prove your case against them in court. 

    What steps are you taking to protect your security cameras? Whether you’re worried about the possibility of vandalism damaging your cameras or concerned that your property isn’t adequately protected, feel free to contact us with all of your security camera concerns and questions. We’re looking forward to helping you!


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