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8 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Security Cameras Effectively

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    Small business owners have put their heart and soul into building their businesses, and they deserve to have top security and peace of mind just like the big boys. A security and CCTV system can be a significant expense, but it is one that pays off in the long run for small businesses. What are some reasons that small businesses should use security cameras effectively, and what are some of the benefits for their business?

    Security Systems Prevent Loss

    The number one reason to have a system like Mobile Video Guard for your small business is to protect your inventory, assets, and property. Here are just a few reasons why extra security is an expense that will actually end up saving you money. 

    Keep Your Small Business Assets Safe

    Your inventory is the life of a business, and it is vitally important to keep it safe. Employees can do inventory checks, but it is not the same as having your eyes on your assets at all times. A security camera offers remote viewing of inventory and assets through your smartphone, and it records data if a theft ever occurs. 

    Prevent Crime

    Since there is no way anyone can be at their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your security system is a way to deter crime when you and your staff are not there. A camera system makes thieves think twice before targeting your business, and if someone does break the perimeter, there are strong deterrents like a siren and flashing lights. If you are notified of a perimeter breach through the phone app, you can speak to whoever is there remotely through the camera system. 

    Legal Proof for Claims

    If there is ever a liability or accident claim, you will have proof of what happened on your property with security cameras. The Mobile Video Guard system records video for 24-hour playback, so you can present evidence of events that occurred at your business with confidence. This will save you many headaches and expenses if someone claims something happened that is not true.

    Monitor Employees

    These security camera systems allow you to see what is happening at your business when you’re not there. That means you can have eyes on your employees at all times, monitoring their performance and behavior. This is helpful when deciding who to promote, and you can also see which employees are a drain on your business by not doing their jobs or acting inappropriately. If your managers have reported an employee being difficult or not doing their job, you can monitor the situation without having to be there in person. 

    Added Layers of Security

    Small businesses can add extra layers of security without spending very much money. Lighting is one important thing you can do to make your business more secure. Add floodlights over doorways and entry points, put lights in hallways, and add timed lighting to make the business look occupied. Another cheap way to add security is by using signs advertising your security system. Put these signs in prominent places both inside and outside your business so thieves know their every move is being recorded. Simple things like lights and signage go a long way towards protecting your business and are not expensive to add. 

    A man installing a security camera for a small business

    The Top Benefits of Security Cameras

    Both interior and exterior video cameras can keep your small business safe and secure with a 24-hour security camera system. Loss prevention and employee monitoring are only the beginning. 

    Eyes and Ears When You’re Not There

    You can set up a Mobile Video Guard system inside your business to give you the ability to see your space from many different angles. You can set it so you have a 360-degree view of your retail location, or mount a unit that can look in four directions at once. This means fewer expenses because you can use one camera to cover a large area.

    Smartphone Viewing of Your Business

    The Mobile Video Guard system is a modern surveillance camera system that is connected to an app. This allows you to remotely view your business from anywhere in the world with the touch of a button. This gives business owners instant access to a real-time view from every camera you have installed at your property or business. You will get alerts if the perimeter is breached, and you get a valuable way to keep tabs on your business no matter what time of the day or night. 

    Recorded Evidence

    If anything ever happens at your business, no matter what time of the day or night it is, the security cameras will record it. Managers and owners can easily pull up the footage of the last 24 hours for a review. Business owners can use these recordings for evidence of crime, workers comp claims, grounds for employee termination, safety checks, and quality control. 

    Additional Benefits of Small Business Security

    Today’s advanced mobile video units have several additional features to help keep your business safe and secure. Every camera features up to 4 different camera angles for a 360-degree view of what is happening. Cameras will be recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when there is any movement on the property. These are some of the additional benefits of installing Mobile Video Guard.

    • Live monitoring at night, 6 PM until 6 AM
    • 24-hour weekend coverage available
    • 24-hour holiday coverage available
    • A loudspeaker to talk remotely to people on the premises
    • Flashing red and blue strobe lights to deter any criminal activity
    • Immediate alerts sent to your phone
    • Optional license plate readers for outdoor cameras
    • Optional thermal cameras to detect fire

    There are many reasons and benefits of a small business investing in the Mobile Video Guard system. An efficient security camera system helps deters theft, lets you keep an eye on employee performance, and discourages theft. To learn more, contact us today or set up a free consultation to learn how the system can save your business significant amounts of money over time. 


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