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Shake Up Your Security Strategy

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    Criminals are always developing new techniques to separate you from your property. So even if you feel content with your current security strategy, it’s never a bad time to consider making a few upgrades.


    how to shake up your security strategy

    It’s easy to overlook your on-site security if you’ve never been victimized in the past. After all, why would you spend significant money altering your strategy if your current system has never been an issue? But keeping your business safe is a top priority, so figuring out how thieves could target you and eliminating their access points should always be at the top of your to-do list.

    The truth is that criminals are constantly evolving, and theft is a massive problem. Shoplifting alone cost retailers over $100 billion in 2021, and employee theft creates an additional $50 billion in annual losses. Here’s a look at how to shake up your security strategy to stay ahead of criminals and keep your company safe.

    Use mobile credentials

    Buildings that control access using keycards might think about switching to mobile credentials as part of a security upgrade. These days, everyone has a smartphone, and phones are easier to keep up with than key cards. Plus, if you do lose your phone, it’s probably locked, preventing thieves from opening your apps. What this all means is that running building access through a phone app is more secure than old-fashioned key cards.

    You can also make adjustments to a mobile credential system on the fly. For example, suppose an employee will no longer be working with you. In that case, it’s possible to wipe their credentials instantly and remotely, so you don’t have to worry about that person returning to access the property. With a keycard system, ex-employees still have access until you recover their card. 

    In short, mobile credentials limit the possibility of someone who shouldn’t be there gaining access to your facility. The result is a safer workplace for your employees and less theft.

    Consider cybersecurity

    When we think of security, we often focus on the physical property and the products and equipment it contains. However, cybersecurity is increasing in importance because criminals are now focusing their attention on the data you store in your on-site and cloud-based systems. 

    Every business needs a cybersecurity strategy of some sort because a breach can be costly. Cyberattacks cost global companies $8.4 trillion in 2022, and that number could surpass $11 trillion in 2023. If you aren’t doing everything you can to protect your data as part of your security strategy, now is the time to start.

    You don’t need a cybersecurity team or IT department to integrate some forms of cybersecurity, as software is available that can protect simple computer systems right out of the box. However, you might look into hiring a professional if your business is increasingly relying on cloud-based storage or e-commerce.

    Protect your merchandise

    Retail shops might consider some state-of-the-art anti-theft techniques to keep their merchandise safe. Hiring an on-site security guard could deter some theft, but using technology is far more efficient and should lead to better outcomes because it can alert you to issues the human eye might miss. 

    Electronic article surveillance involves attaching security tags to your highest-value products and equipping your exits with sensors. Then, whenever a thief tries to leave the building without paying for a product, an alarm will sound and alert your staff of the theft.

    Display locks, smart inventory management tools, and tethering systems are other simple ways stores can protect their merchandise. Even small changes to your security strategy can make a significant difference, especially if thieves are used to your location being an easy target.

    Integrate analytics

    Businesses that want to use a more advanced security strategy could look into analytics. The gist is that analytics can help you make sense of the data you’re collecting through your access control systems. For example, AI analytics make it possible to find data patterns and develop actionable solutions to any security issues you encounter. These systems notice which parts of your buildings are busiest at what times, determine whether this traffic is causing an increase in crime, and assist you in creating more efficient security solutions. So the more information you collect, the better. 

    Invest in remote monitoring technology

    One increasingly popular security solution is remote video monitoring. These systems involve installing surveillance cameras in strategic locations around your commercial or industrial property to deter and identify trespassers. 

    Remote security professionals monitor the feeds from these cameras 24/7, so someone always knows when there’s a breach. The business owner or other trusted employee can also monitor the feeds through a phone app, further increasing peace of mind. Remote video monitoring can also help identify cases of employee theft, uncover instances of time theft, and review any accidents or injuries that happen on a job site. 

    The benefits of remote video surveillance are nearly endless and worth considering as you rethink your security strategy. If nothing else seems to be working, one of these systems could provide far better results in 2023.

    Find the system to meet your needs

    Security solutions are never one-size-fits-all because every business is different. Only you know where your strategy is lacking, so the plan you develop should take your inefficiencies into account and attempt to address them in a meaningful way. 

    Mobile Video Guard offers remote video monitoring setups for companies of all sizes. We’ll ensure that an off-site professional who can intervene when necessary is watching over your property at all times, minimizing your chance of becoming a victim. Contact Mobile Video Guard for more information on how to shake up your security strategy or to get a quote.


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